EMFs: The Invisible Energy Pollutant Keeping You Sick & Fatigued

No one can argue that the technological advances this country has seen over the past century are anything short of remarkable. Several decades ago, you’d be deemed as a witch if you said you were able to, in the middle of the Mojave desert, make a phone call, watch the NCAA basketball tournament, send someone a quick note, pay your …

Two Weeks, Zero Exercise, Seven Pound Weight Loss

I wanted to celebrate our new patient’s immediate restoration results! In just two weeks, Kristal has experienced seven pounds of weight loss while resting (no movement or exercise), and working on fatigue reversal, appetite restoration, and digestion correction. She came to us as an airline stewardess with: Constant fatigue Inability to regulate energy or digestion Thyroid issues Inflammation Inability to …

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Why You Won’t Heal Your Thyroid & Fatigue With a Few Supplements

Do you know somebody who’s taking six, eight, or ten different medications?  I know people who fit this description, and it frustrates us to no end. When you ask them what they’re for, they respond, “Well, this is my thyroid med, this is to lower my cholesterol, this is for my joint pain, this one’s to help me sleep, this is …

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Ayurvedic Approach to Natural Fat Loss and Energy

Ayurvedic medicine believes the answer to healing is quite simple: harness your body’s natural ability and internal power to heal itself. They believe that personal health is an evolutionary, creative process that we must be engaged in at all times to create our best health and life through balance. Ayurveda suggests that it is best to eat according to foods harvested in a respective season. It also makes suggestions on when to eat and how to eat.

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5 Types Of Professionals That Reverse Metabolic Damage

Is it just us, or does anyone us find it highly ironic that “metabolic damage” is becoming this ridiculously HUGE marketing trend now in the fitness/coaching industry online and on forums, and some of the same d*mn coaches and fitness professionals who cause metabolic damage in their athletes, are now scrambling to claim they can help athletes naturally correct it? …

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The 1st Reason You’re Stuck In a State of Metabolic or Auto Immune Health Problems

We already received a number of questions from women struggling with the journey of trying to conquer their metabolic dysfunction and auto immune health issues, and we want you to know, this is going to be an important area of sharing for us. It’s the core reason we began E3 Energy Evolved TM, because the vast amount of time and …