i am overwhelmed

I am Overwhelmed

“And suddenly you know, it’s time to start something new and trust the MAGIC of new beginnings.”

– M. Eckhart

Reflecting on this last decade, I AM overwhelmed with AWE, of what’s transpired in our lives.

Our path unfolded in unexpected powerful ways through faith, intuition, work ethic, & fearlessness,

Today, we’re reborn in ways we’d never ever expected, a decade ago,

All the miracles witnessed, the moments God made it clear His hand is on our lives, I wish I could share them all,

Because the thing I want most in this life is for people to know the Power of living aligned with Spirit, & Soulful purpose,

Here are just a few Miracles, from our last 10 years…

– I overcame a Near-death experience
– Healed my Hashimoto’s disease & chronic fatigue naturally
– Experienced a transformational Awakening,

– We aligned our life path & purpose with Spirit, putting the Life He gifts us all 1st, over money & things,

– I channeled the E3 Energy Evolved System to Energetic mastery and healing,

– Became a self-made Entrepreneur, building two brands, & starting a global online company, E3 Energy Evolved, to free other souls from thyroid, autoimmune & fatigue conditions

– Grew that same company to employ my Husband, expanding the impact of his God-given gifts

– We were asked to contribute as Expert Writers to top educational pubs for practitioners, athletes & consumers,

– We surrendered our house, savings, and community to trust God’s call on our lives to heal others

– I became a US National-level competitive Figure athlete in the toughest division, two years after I almost died

– We increased our education to 13 degrees & credentials in Functional Nutrition, Psychology and Energy Medicine

– We took yet one of many huge risks and put our former investments into our company development costs

– We’ve healed 1,000’s of humans around the world from life-threatening autoimmune, thyroid & fatigue conditions,

– We created and hosted an online summit that cost us $10k+ and 5 months of work to gift the world, that educated & healed thousands of practitioners & consumers for FREE

– We built a community of over 35,000+ practitioners, doctors, and patients seeking greater healing

– We’ve logged in countless Expert interviews teaching

– We’ve freed patients from Thyroid & Autoimmune diseases after seeing the “top” Thyroid Doctors from the “Top Doctors” magazine in Scottsdale, Phoenix, NYC with no results..

– My husband has been honored by his peers & colleagues as “brilliant” in nutritional healing, & earned the top performing final grades in some of his programs, performing higher than Doctors, DC’s, etc. .. a man who claims he didn’t read much in college

– I’ve had the humble honor to travel the world mentoring with a world-renown leader in Energy Medicine for 3.5 yrs

– After 3.5 years of deeply committed study and integration, only my husband saw, while working, I became an Energy Medicine Practitioner further

– I have healed decades of Energy, lineage & trauma as a Healer & EnMed Practitioner

– We opened an office that came to us without seeking it

– And, I became truly free as a soul Energetically, at 45 yo.

And, NOW, finally after decades of work to arrive at this place, it’s finally time to share it.

Why do I mention all this in Awe??

Because all of this was created from the power of one single massive Energetic turning point in my life, and our lives…

A forever, life-changing decision of great surrender & faith…

My decision at 32 yo to make Healing #1 at the Highest Level in my life from that point forward forever, to walk away from the “system”, bet on myself, & Align our lives with Spirit’s intent for our Expansion.

To live fully from Soul (Intuition), vs. the Mind (Ego).

I am deeply humbled & grateful for what we’ve created, and manifested for our live path this past 10 years.

It has taken a relentless amount out Soul outpouring, and I AM grateful to God that Source has provided.

But, mostly, in this moment – I AM overwhelmed with JOY for what is coming through next, into the NEW decade.

Here’s to our next e3EE Creations, & NEW beginnings!

Two powerful pieces of WORD & potent TRUTH that have gotten me through tremendous challenge in this decade…

“For with God, NOTHING shall be impossible.” – Luke 1:37

“GIVE, and it shall be GIVEN unto you.” – Luke 6:38

In Joy & Victory, 💫🙏⚡️✌️👣

– Heather, E3 Energy Evolved xx
Founder, e3EnergyEvolved.com & OwnYourEnergy.com

I am Overwhelmed
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