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Why Transformational Healing Begins with Creating Space

I wrote this for you a few months ago, and I’m just getting to share this with you now.  It’s a topic of conversation that’s dear to my heart for many reasons related to the steps we need to take in our minds and hearts to become successful at producing greater healing in our lives.

At a pivotal crossroads in my life once before in my early 30’s… I made a deeply courageous decision to create a period of massive unending SPACE in my life to take my body, mind and spirit back from my thyroid and autoimmune disease, and chronic fatigue that doctors misdiagnosis left me in for 2 years, …by leaving my marketing/branding career of 13 years behind, and heading into complete silence & *peace* to find myself again, restore peace in my body again, and win the war that was going on inside my body that the medical system clearly had no clue how to resolve.

My body is reminding me once again as I listen to it, that if we want to achieve any form of greatness in our lives, including disease-free medication-free health in today’s world… it doesn’t happen in a few hours of dedication per week outside squeezing it in around everything else we “want” in our lives, or what we feel is “expected” or “normal” because everyone else is doing it.

It doesn’t happen even happen often in only a few months of focus.

Transformational, forever life-changing healing is created in a mind, body, and spirit that you’ve given the gift of massive SPACE FIRST in order to co-create it with your efforts.

It requires stepping back from a 50,000 ft view, seeing everything in your space, and placing huge boundaries on your life, your time, your energy… eliminating the energy drains, the root of all stress in your life, the things that feel incongruent with your truth, the things or people in your life you feel lack integrity, the people in your way, the commitments or non-needs that are only societal “wants”.

It also requires taking massive action to conserve every bit of your ENERGY (E3 Energy Evolved) possible in the massive SPACE to REBUILD your mind, body and spirit to a place where it can thrive.

BOTTOM LINE… you want something bigger for your life?? Bigger like self-healing your disease naturally in 18 mos, and having your butt on a stage competing in your sport naturally against the top female athletes in the world by month 24 after you were fighting for your life?

Start by making your mental commitment & life space available to you ginormously bigger to begin to create your goal.

Why did I know to do this intuitively to take my life back and heal my own thyroid and autoimmune disease on my own?

Because truthfully my life began as an artist and an athlete, and an artist knows what’s the first thing you do to create something amazing? You find the tabula rasa” … the “clean slate” in Latin… the open, big beautiful canvas of SPATIAL possibility to create something completely NEW and beautiful – whether it’s building a new body, a new healing outcome, or just balancing it – it’s all the application of multiple sciences to a bio-individual body as an art form.

One of my favorite all time quotes, which came into my life not surprisingly while I was working on healing my thyroid & autoimmune disease , and chronic fatigue, is a quote from the artist Picasso: “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.”

We cannot build a castle on a broken foundation, and nothing massively important & valuable to us can ever be created in a “small container” of space.

Much the same as I did then, I’m carving out massive space once again in my life even now for different but equally important “greatness” goal, because my thyroid & autoimmune disease taught me loud & clear that massive space is where the greatest transformation is generated, and the most amazing unexpected gifts are created in our lives.

We all only get the same 24 hrs in a day, the same 7 days in a week, the same 365 days in a year.

What we aren’t guaranteed.. is the quality of your life in that time, or that you’ll be here on this earth as long as me or someone else.

That decision is up to you. And, it starts with the SIZE of the SPACE you make in your life to create what you desire for yourself.

Take a look at your life. Be honest with yourself, truly honest.

What is taking up space in your mind, your soul, your spirit, your body, your life, your work, your environment right now, that is prohibiting you from reclaiming the massive space you need, to find and restore your inner peace?

If you feel deeply courageous, as I once had to be, speak your truth by sharing what you’ll commit to ‘eliminating’ from your space below to ‘conserve” as much of your energy & peace as possibly in your mind and body to support transformational healing to be created with time & space.

With love, understanding, empathy for the healing journey with your body, and a desire for you to take the massive hunk of space you deserve and need to find YOU inside again, dear sister.

She’s in there, she’s dis-ease-free, at complete peace, thriving and full of a spiritual joy… and, she’s anxiously awaiting for your return.


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