Your foundation of continuous healing

No matter how long you’ve experienced dis-ease or metabolic imbalance, your body retains its innate capacity to restore itself. Our task, as client and healers working together, is to remove the barriers that are blocking that natural restoration process.

We developed the e3EE System over decades of client and self-healing work. It’s our root cause-focused methodology for eliminating all the stressors that inhibit recovery from thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic dis-regulation.


Through the e3EE System, we’ll discover:

  • Your personal stress profile, including the hidden demands draining your energy and wellness
  • How your diet, lifestyle and environment are affecting your mind, body, mood and metabolism
  • What your core body systems actually need from you in order to thrive

How it works

Our natural, bio-individualized recovery system is a treatment approach designed to eliminate all stress from the body—so that all bodily energies can be devoted to complete functional and metabolic healing.

We enable transformational healing by working through  three interconnected areas, in our carefully timed, managed healing methodology:


Your Energy IN – What does your mind-body need more of to increase your restoration results?

  • Functional nutrition
  • Targeted supplementation
  • Rest & stress management
  • Spirituality

Your Energy OUT – What’s draining your vitality and taxing your body’s defenses?

  • Psychology: Mind-body stressors
  • Exercise physiology
  • Lifestyle
  • Health imbalances

Your Energy ENVIRONMENT – What elements of your environment are limiting detoxification or elevating stress hormones?

  • Environmental stressors
  • Endocrine disruptors
  • Detoxification strategy



Discover how E3 Energy Evolved can support your restoration goals and help you build lifelong wellness.

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