Our 18-page Guide + Recipe Book is a great natural thyroid, autoimmune & resting metabolism restoration starter kit of actionable nutrition & lifestyle tips, skills-building & recipes you can begin quickly & easily to nourish your best wellness and thyroid weight loss today.

All our e3 Energy Evolved original recipes included for you combine natural thyroid health & fat loss nutritional properties in amazingly tasty, easy to make food pairings, and they’re sugar-free, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, chemical-free. 

Let self-healing experienced Diagnostic & Functional Nutritionists do the work for you instead of trying to figure it all out yourself!

We take the food stress & obsession out your way so you can just de-stress & focus your mind on restoring your health, enjoying your food, and feeling, looking & living better (no heavy-nutrition-lifting required to figure it all out!).

In our guide, we also give you a sneak-peek into our very-own e3 Energy Evolved System that we used to heal my thyroid, adrenals & metabolism drug-free & synthetic-free from advanced Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, chronic fatigue syndrome, auto immune illness, candida, pancreas toxicity & partial Lupus & return to naturally compete as a US national level NPC figure athlete in just 2 yrs time.


YOUR BODY has a deep desire to be well & function in balance for you (no matter what anyone has told you).

BELIEVE… and start today.

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