Restoration Milestone: Ken Kotch at 49 years old

I received a reassessment from one of our E3 Energy Evolved e3 Restore clients, and WOW, he’s owning his energy ⚡️⚡️⚡️…

Wanted to share these results with you…

49-year-old male suffers from lupus, fatigue/energy issues, digestive/stomach issues. After only 5 weeks on his bio-individualized functional nutrition 🥦 program, and only 2 weeks of being fully ramped up, he’s…

  • Down 3 pounds in the past week, 6-8 pounds total
  • Able to run 5 miles per day & working out with weights (ran a 10K once 10 years ago, never more than that… now he’s running 5 miles and feel like he can do more)
  • Stomach feels so much better, constant grumbling has diminished.
  • Rheumatologist ran labs and they look “excellent”. No indicators beyond the normal range.
  • Wife noticed he’s way less irritable.
  • More mental focus, thinking much more clearly. “no misplaced keys, not messing up appointment times, taking Spanish lessons & the courses are clear & following along with lessons & homework.)
  • Sleep patterns have been very solid
  • A huge positive energy shift

This is the power of working with the right practitioner team, who understands & practices truly bio-individualized functional nutrition 🥬🍒🥕.

Big shout out to Ken Kotch! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Awesome work. We’re super proud of you!!!

If you’re struggling with thyroid, autoimmune or fatigue-related issues, or anything else for that matter, and want to get the healing that you deserve…

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