What should they cost?

Every day, people ask us about pricing for our program and we wish we could quote a simple flat fee. This isn’t possible because our bio-individualized e3 Restore program is tailored to each person—and our clients vary radically in the nature and severity of their health challenges.


When will I know my treatment cost?

After your E3 Energy Evolved Functional Health Assessment, a one-hour, two-practioner phone meeting, we’ll evaluate your health status and goals and give you an estimate for the time and treatment components we foresee.

Imagine if you were coming to us to build a house. You wouldn’t expect an estimate without careful project scoping. A similar process is required for us to generate a treatment estimate for a comprehensive custom program that will restore your individual vitality and wellness for decades to come.


Quantifiable costs

  • Supplements: $1,500

  • Coffee (just to get through the day): $950

  • Therapy (@ $150/session): $5,400

  • Antidepressants: $850

  • Other medications: $400

  • Two weeks of annual vacation for stress relief: $5,000

  • Lost workdays/compromised work performance due to stress and fatigue: $10,000+

Total cost: $24,100+

Life-quality costs

Relationship strain

Decreased marital connection

Isolation as we disengage socially

Diminished energy to play with children or grandchildren

Pain of misunderstanding and judgement from others who call you “lazy” or “crazy”

Difficulty supporting family members

Time lost working on your health problems

Decreased concentration/inability to listen

Body image issues

Low libido and diminished intimacy

Decreased confidence

Personality and mood shifts

Feeling trapped in and at war with your body

Inability to start new projects or change careers

Difficulty with memory

Feeling older or limited too early in life

Constant struggle to stay organized and manage life

Risk of chronic and/or life-threatening disease




At our initial e3 Energy Evolved Functional Health Assessment we’ll discuss how long your treatment program will take and how much it may cost—based on your unique imbalances and health goals.

Many feel they’ve already invested time and money on doctors or other practitioners (most of which produced no results) and that they shouldn’t have to spend more.

Unfortunately, they’ve been looking for help in the wrong places and that’s why they’re still paying too much—financially, psychologically and emotionally—to chase after health.

Our e3 Restore Program changes that.



When you join the e3 Restore Program and work with us to reclaim your life from thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic disorders you can expect  . . .

  • Stronger digestion and detoxification systems
  • A healthy, peaceful weight with little to no exercise
  • Vitality and restored joy for life
  • Energy for self, family and work
  • Stamina
  • Healthy libido
  • Radiant eyes and skin
  • Deepened confidence
  • Emotional stability and sense of wellbeing
  • Less time and money spent running to different practitioners, doctors, trainers, gyms and nutritionists
  • The convenience of a centralized clinical model
  • Greater ability to focus on family and friends
  • Improved productivity and clarity
  • Healthy habits and skills for you and your entire family for a lifetime of better health



We started our online clinic to help other people not go through the personal, emotional and financial devastation we suffered due to illness. Please don’t waste the money, time and life energy we did in order to heal.

Let’s get you started on true physical restoration, with the e3 Energy Evolved Functional Health Assessment—a powerful, one-hour, two-practitioner session that will launch your recovery.

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