Frequently Asked Questions

General Health & Support Inquiries

Legally we cannot advise you on your personal health matters clinically until you have signed our Informed Consent paperwork and entered into a consultative relationship with our practice which occurs when you purchase and schedule your initial e3 Energy Evolved Functional Health Assessment. At that point, we will have the full clinical assessment picture of your current state of health and unique imbalances in order to give you informed answers to your health questions.
Unfortunately, while gluten is a common gut irritant, eliminating it from the diet, and/or going on a whole foods or Paleo diet without other changes, typically doesn’t resolve autoimmunity or other health imbalances. Often even an autoimmune Paleo diet is insufficient for permanent healing, as it’s not individualized nutritionally to your body. After assessing your unique health challenges through lab work and discussion, we will help you shape a bio-individualized nutrition program that supports your body as a client in our e3 Restore Program.
We help faith-based, positive-minded, wellness-committed women solve their thyroid, autoimmune, energy & metabolic imbalances naturally, efficiently & completely so they achieve fat loss while resting in just weeks, eliminate medications to live drug-free, & thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for a deeper connection with “self”, loved ones, & life experience.

When people experience dis-ease in their bodies, they fall into one of two mindsets (or waffle between the two). The first is that of the victim, who is preoccupied with blaming others for their illness and feels angry that they must now attend closely to their health. Victim thinking dampens personal power and slows healing.

Alternatively, the hero mindset belongs to a person who keeps negative feelings in check. The hero sees illness as a challenge, but also a teacher—and an opportunity to learn, grow and transform. The hero realizes the body is a mirror of the mind and spirit. They’re willing to question themselves, adapt and learn new ways of being. We find that people with a hero’s mindset excel at our programs more swiftly.

We have a clinical application process called the Functional Health Assessment that must be completed by all applicants in order to be considered for enrollment in our high-end results-based clinical program, e3 Restore, which includes support from a team of professionals in Clinical Nutrition, Bioenergetics, Metabolic Health, Fat Loss & Positive Psychology.

While we welcome all applications, only qualified applicants are selected and offered entry to our e3 Restore Program during limited enrollment periods throughout the year.

We only work with women who are grateful truth seekers that take full ownership of their health path, value our wisdom, expertise and results, and are willing to follow leadership direction while taking massive action to succeed.

We absolutely reject clients who are ungrateful for their health, negative or victim-oriented, do not trust experts in their field for leadership, are unwilling to invest more energy (time, focus, money) into their health over non-needs, or before expecting greater outcomes, and who don’t show up fully engaged in or committed to their process.

We have a clinical application process called the Functional Health Assessment that must be completed by all applicants in order to be considered for enrollment in our high-end results-based clinical program, e3 Restore, which includes support from a team of professionals in Clinical Nutrition, Bioenergetics, Metabolic Health, Fat Loss & Positive Psychology.

While we welcome all applications, only qualified applicants are selected and offered entry to our e3 Restore Program during limited enrollment periods throughout the year.

The list is extensive and includes general practitioners, endocrinologists, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, functional medicine doctors, integrative medicine doctors, holistic nurses, women’s wellness doctors, OBGYNs, hormone replacement therapy practitioners and nutritionists. Their treatment has included online and in-person visits as well as extensive travel around the U.S or even overseas.

One reason for all this wasted time, money and effort is that most doctors and practitioners are completely missing the mark on bio-individualized nutrition (and best practices) as a primary healing tool for their clients.

It’s also important to understand research shows us that 85% or more of U.S. medical doctors take only a single, introductory level nutrition class in college. They are therefore often not prepared professionally, or experienced personally, in nutrition to advise, and often give inadequate and outdated dietary advice.

Medical doctors, natural (alternative) medicine practitioners and nutritionists also rarely understand how your current diet, exercise, mindset and lifestyle habits have already disrupted your body systemically in both function and metabolism—or how to heal these imbalances and restore your healthy resting metabolic rate.

Sadly, no. We’ve heard this many times, despite the fact that we don’t currently train other practitioners on our methodology. Our proprietary system is not available to other healers at this time. Whenever we follow up on such claims, we encounter a practitioner we’ve never even heard of.

While many health providers are familiar with us, having read our articles or seen us through various media, that is no substitute for professional training in our e3 Energy Evolved System. This proprietary methodology—and the remarkable results we are known for—is delivered only by our two practitioners, Damian and Heather Dubé.

While in the future, we may offer a professional e3 Energy Evolved certification program for functional medicine doctors, natural practitioners such as ND’s & DC’s, and nutritionists with qualifying credentials, there are currently no other practitioners qualified to deliver our e3 Energy Evolved System or e3 Restore Program.

No. We’ve designed our healing practice to require only phone and Skype calls. This enables our patients to save time, money and precious energy. They can maximize their time resting at home—which is often critical to the healing process.
Listen to your body. We find so many people have been through lab tests that are ineffective, inaccurate, misread or even false negatives. If you don’t feel well and your body is obviously speaking to you through imbalance, then there is healing work to do yet. So yes, our e3 Restore Program can help you discover what’s really at the source of your symptoms.
Yes, absolutely. We help people with a full range of symptoms to better understand what their bodies need and to transform how they look and feel. You likely have underlying health issues that have not been diagnosed correctly, or through standard lab tests. This is extraordinarily common. We can help you get the more definitive tests and analysis you need to accurately understand the source of your discomfort. This is an area of professional expertise for our team from both personal experience and professional success with our clients.
I never took synthroid, any form of thyroid medication or other pharmaceutical drug when I had thyroid disease, autoimmune illness and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I chose to believe in my body’s natural ability to heal and in my personal responsibility to the gift of my body and human life from God to do what was necessary and make all the necessary decisions and actions to self-heal naturally. Gratefully, I was able to achieve that goal.

I healed myself entirely naturally through the nutrition, lifestyle, environmental, psychological and spiritual changes I pursued on my own over a lengthy, costly and extremely challenging period in my 30’s. This is why as a team we are highly motivated to help others avoid that same health and financial struggle by significantly shortening their path to healing.

e3 Energy Evolved Functional Health Assessment

If you are interested in booking a Functional Health Assessment you may do so by filling out the request form on our Contact Page, after which our customer service team will send you an email with the links and information to purchase and schedule your assessment.
Our initial, one-hour assessment with you and both health practitioners in our practice is a powerful launching point for healing your body. During the session, we’ll tap into your “bodies story,” current lifestyle and previous healing efforts. We’ll offer an initial assessment of your health and explain our recommendations for going forward together. You will also get an individualized estimate of your e3 Restore program costs and duration of treatment at this time.
Labs are not necessary to receive a full clinical assessment with us where we cover review of their opportunities in their personal nutrition, psychology, metabolism, stress, detoxification, movement & spirituality. If they have prior labs they are welcome to forward them to us through our customer service team at to receive our additional clinical opinion of their labs and lab results, to uncover possible missed opportunities and why they’re still held back yet in their results – but, to be clear, pulling new diagnostics and our assessment of them for the purpose of developing a program is highly bio-indiviualized time intensive clinical work, therefore that service is not included in our 1 hour Assessment time together. If you are interested in that level of clinical support, that is offered through those offered enrollment into our e3 Restore Program during their initial Assessment.

e3 Restore Program

Our E3 Restore Program is based on an understanding of the human body as an interconnected set of systems that unite our brain, body and spirit, and either limit or enhance our healing outcomes. We understand how to activate the foundational healing mechanisms that influence these systems. Through this holistic, root-cause approach, our online clinic repeatedly gets fast, effective healing results where other professionals do not.

Our team’s strategic, potent results-based and bio-individualized approach to functional medicine, functional nutrition, energy medicine, diagnostics, stress and metabolic health gets the job done time and again, after many of our clients exhausted countless doctors and practitioners over 8-10+ years, and $10’s of thousands of dollars, and our clinic has them on their way in just months with the complete healing results they have always deserved for their investment of time, energy and money they’ve been making.

We feel it’s our patient responsibility as a team of practitioners to get our clients fast, effective physical, measurable outcomes that permanently change their life and human body experience, period.

Bottom line – this is why clients come to our clinic from all over the world seeking excellence in outcomes and human body restoration results leadership that offers them finality for a lifetime once and for all to their unending, costly journey of failed, incomplete approaches to complete healing offered by their prior practitioners.

Some issues resolve faster than others and involve fewer tests and a shorter treatment cycle. Some clients work with us for as little as three months while others are engaged with our program for up to a year.

Thyroid, metabolic and autoimmune imbalances sometimes need time to resolve fully. It takes many years for your body to develop these conditions and it will take a few weeks or months to coax the body’s healing systems back out of them.

We’ll be able to give you an estimate after our initial e3 Energy Evolved Functional Health Assessment, which is a prerequisite for entering our limited-availability e3 Restore program.

We pride ourselves on getting to the root of dis-ease quickly, thereby saving our clients years of frustration, expense and diminished health.

We believe you are your primary healer and that no practitioner should promise to “fix” you from the outside. Instead, we will guide, mentor and support you physically and emotionally every step of the way as you complete your healing program. We’ll help you tap into a deep wellspring of inner wisdom to support your health on multiple levels. From that place of self-awareness—married with our clinical and holistic healing expertise—profound and rapid healing can occur.
Our work does not replace having a medical doctor but our clients do find healing and rejuvenation through food, psychology and lifestyle changes only, often eliminating the need for pharmaceutical interventions. While most doctors will work with you to patch symptoms, our practice is built on identifying and treating the root cause of thyroid, metabolic and autoimmune disorders.
This depends entirely on the individual. The fact is, you will not heal your body from thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic imbalances drug/synthroid-free simply by following a whole foods diet. An expert, individualized clinical-grade supplement program is a key piece of a multi-part individualized program that produces our life-changing client outcomes.

The key difference between our approach to supplements (nutrients) and that of most doctors and natural practitioners is that we use science to identify unique nutrient imbalances and root causes of illness and build a highly potent, body-specific supplement program including critical nutrient timing aspects and continuous bio-individualization.

We focus on your unique needs, while employing best practices in nutrition program design—informed by our clinical nutrition expertise as well as work in high performance professional athletics— to hasten optimal results for our clients, versus giving all clients the same or similar supplement plan that they’ll never be able to get off.

In our e3 Restore Program, the goal is to be on supplements for a period of time. As we produce life-changing results for our clients in measurable time frames (as evidenced by our case studies), we’re able to taper supplementation down to a basic maintenance program.

Yes, we can still help you optimize your health, vitality, weight and feeling of wellbeing. Our program is designed to allow you to tap into your body’s natural healing and self-balancing systems which can improve your moods, hair, skin, metabolism, digestion and so much more even while you continue your thyroid medication program.
Because we are not medical doctors, we cannot legally give advice on medications. If getting off medications is important to you, we will help to create a plan to reduce and eventually eliminate your medications, through a collaboration effort with your medical doctor. As we create physical restoration, it is not uncommon for lab markers to shift rather quickly, and for medication needs to diminish over time.
Yes, we do not intend to replace your medical doctor, but will definitely collaborate with your current medical practitioner. We do this regularly, and as lab markers shift and symptoms subside, we will collaborate with your doctor during the medication elimination process.
Yes, we can still support you. The “need” for thyroid surgery or radiation is typically a symptom of dysfunction elsewhere within the body. Removal of the thyroid does not address the root cause of why the gland was malfunctioning in the first place. We will help to uncover healing opportunities, and address the root cause through our e3 Restore program. If the root cause isn’t addressed, disease will likely manifest elsewhere within the body.

Pricing & Insurance

Our initial e3 Energy Evolved Functional Health Assessment between you and both of our practitioners is available for a one-time affordable investment comparable to the telemedicine industry standard. After this session, a complete e3 Restore treatment program, including all follow-up testing and regular meetings with our practitioners, varies in cost depending on your unique plan.

Our clients tend to achieve full realization of their healing goals for far less than they’ve been spending on a fleet of doctors, health-related travel and supplements—all while resting at home, the best place for rapid healing.

Learn more about the cost of poor health here.

Unfortunately, no. We encourage you to submit a reimbursement request to your insurance but please be aware that, depending on your provider, you may not be covered for our services. We are a self-pay, self-empowerment practice. This means willingness to take complete ownership and responsibility for our quality of life and personal health, and no longer giving our power away to relying on systems outside ourselves. This is often our first & most powerful step to elevating our quality of life, and reversing our dis-ease.
Yes, you may either pay in full or choose a monthly payment option.
Unfortunately, no. This is a clinical health program that requires you to implement our clinical recommendations in order to receive outcomes. Just like you wouldn’t ask your doctor, practitioner, nutritionist or trainer to guarantee their services, the same applies here.

However, we are confident that the client success stories we provide featuring detailed, measurable outcomes, are attainable for many people. This healing is possible for you too if you apply yourself fully to the e3 Restore Program—the vehicle through which you’ll receive our clinical leadership, mentoring and direction.