Restoring functional and metabolic peace to a body in chaos is not a matter of “fixing” a health problem. It’s about hearing and honoring the physical, psychological and spiritual messages of the body and then leading the whole system back to balance.

That’s where most doctors and health practitioners miss the mark—and it’s what makes our E3 Restore Program unique.

Our E3 Restore Program treats the root causes of your dis-ease and enables the lifetime of wellness you deserve—no matter how impossible that may feel right now.



  • You’re running after symptom relief but never feel truly healthy.
  • You’ve worked with countless practitioners.
  • You’re constantly trying to be heard, but feel like your voice is not listened to and your feelings are never truly empathized with, believed in or validated by your practitioners.
  • You haven’t experienced the continuous individualized nutrition leadership and mentoring you need to heal your unique body.
  • You feel fed up and wonder if your vitality will ever come back.

Then we’re so glad you’re here.


Transformational healing is our difference

Every day we’re asked how we’re able to achieve remarkable results even for patients who’ve “tried it all” and struggled for years with thyroid and autoimmune dis-ease.

Our diagnostic nutrition and holistic health practice blends clinical expertise with so much more. Not only do we offer a comprehensive understanding of thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic imbalance based on our professional and personal experiences, we also stand apart in these ways.

  • Total continuity of care including diagnosis, a treatment roadmap and continuous guidance and reassessment until the healing goal is achieved
  • A two-clinician model, designed to heal the physical and emotional root causes of illness, that centralizes your leadership and protocol in diagnostics, nutrition, psychology, metabolism, stress and exercise
  • Proven methods for recharging the body’s stress-defense system—the most critical step in reversing thyroid and autoimmune disease
  • A recognition of dis-ease as a teacher and catalyzer of personal growth
  • Expertise in the conscious healing required to resolve autoimmune chaos



  • Prescription medications and lots of supplements
  • The same general food & supplement plan everyone gets
  • Disconnected lab results with spotty interpretations
  • Guesswork
  • No case studies to evaluate your investment
  • No personal experience or education in thyroid or metabolic disorders
  • Frustration and fatigue
  • Symptom-focused thinking
  • Money wasted on wrong and misread labs
  • Incorrect or too general nutrition and metabolism recommendations
  • No listening or deeper investigation
  • No lasting results
  • Expensive repeat visits and travel to various offices
  • No clear end in sight to your treatment


  • Custom program design for your body
  • An individualized food & supplement plan for targeted results
  • Mentoring and program implementation management
  • Strategic diagnostics
  • 50+ years personal & professional experience
  • Centralized Two-practitioner support model that replaces your nutritionist, practitioner, psychologist, trainer and gym – save your time and money!
  • Proven, results-based nutrition, healing & fat loss leadership
  • Functional medicine
  • Natural metabolism healing
  • Weight loss with no exercise
  • Elimination or reduction of medications
  • Empowerment skills for a lifetime
  • Complete, lasting physical, mental, and spiritual transformational outcomes – you’re done after your program!

The E3 Restore Program: uniting the body and mind for deep restoration

STEP 1: E3EE Functional Health Assessment

Working with E3 Energy Evolved begins with this comprehensive, holistic one-hour phone or Skype session between you and both health practitioners in our practice.

During the E3EE Functional Health Assessment, we’ll dive deep into your “body story,” current nutrition, psycho-physiological, & energy stressors and history of healing efforts. We’ll offer an assessment of your current health, explain our recommendations for going forward and give you an estimate of the time and cost involved in healing your specific imbalances.


If we find during the E3EE Functional Health Assessment that you’re a good fit for E3 Restore, our bio-individualized mentoring and treatment program, we’ll offer you one of the limited spots in the program.

Here’s what you can expect from the program:

  • Initial testing and clinical assessment from a diagnostic nutrition and functional medicine standpoint
  • A comprehensive, holistic treatment plan that treats the physical, emotional, psychological and environmental factors that affect healing
  • A comprehensive, bio-individualized food and lifestyle-based healing protocol you can complete from home, without travel to our clinic
  • Regular follow-up via phone or Skype calls to assess progress towards your goals

We bring science, energy & psychology together for true healing.



Clinical insight

Your lab results are only as good as the person interpreting them. We see physical markers of imbalance and connect dots that few other clinical practitioners understand.

Bio-individualized treatment

Treatment plans tailored to your unique constitution and imbalances.

Healing from home

A completely online clinic, clients work with us remotely from the comfort of home—conserving their energy and maximizing rest.

Emotional clarity

Discover the deeper why behind dis-ease and release emotional patterning that can stall healing.

Rapid improvement

You may see changes within days of starting your restoration program, while other improvements will require weeks or months.

Lifetime results

Gain knowledge and tools to protect your health for years to come.


Your mind-body is fully supported here

Our E3 Restore Members are supported by a two-practitioner model, featuring a Diagnostic + Functional Nutritionist and a Mind-body Psychology Coach with expertise in functional and metabolic optimization.

This pairing of skills allows us to support you from the clinical aspects of natural thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic restoration as well as nutrition, mind-body psychology, wellness, detoxification and spirit-based healing.

We’re driven by our vision of ideal care and want our clients to expect and receive exceptional care from our time. You deserve greater outcomes than you’re currently experiencing and can count on us for the care and leadership you need.


DAMIAN DUBÉ – Functional Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Damian Dubé, BS, CNC, FDN, CES, CPT, FMP Candidate, is a Functional Nutritionist, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Functional Medicine Practitioner (pending), retired NPC Bodybuilding Athlete & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with almost three decades of experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System. 


HEATHER DUBÉ – Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology Practitioner

Heather Dubé, BA, INHC, CWC, CPT, NC Candidate is an Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology Practitioner, Functional Nutritionist, US National-Level Natural NPC Figure Athlete & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with almost three decades of experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System. 



  • Lost 14 lbs without exercise & naturally reversed her fatigue, insomnia, digestive imbalances & inflammation in just 6 weeksLost 14 lbs without exercise & naturally reversed her fatigue, insomnia, digestive imbalances & inflammation in just 6 weeksKrista Nebeker - Idaho, USA

    "As soon as I felt a shift in my health on your program in the right direction for the first time in years, I dug in! I watched my inflammation disappear with less exercise and the right foods for my body. What you guys do is essential! You are a blessing to me. It feels really great to thrive with less. I am grateful you are alive today to share your story, and are doing this work for others! It is incredible how far you have come in your own health recovery. I am seriously amazed at your own transformation and the work you did, now doing this work myself. I have watched my inflammation finally disappear with less exercise and the right foods for my own body. That chronic cycle of diet and over exercise is such an unhealthy place to be!!"

  • Naturally reversed her amenorrhea (irregular menstrual cycle), fatigue, eczema & weight loss resistance with no exerciseNaturally reversed her amenorrhea (irregular menstrual cycle), fatigue, eczema & weight loss resistance with no exerciseDiane Nishwitz - Nevada, USA

    "I feel AWESOME! I came to you for weight loss, but what you offer is so much more! I'm no longer fatigued. I have the energy to workout again.  All my health annoyances are gone. I no longer have dandruff, or my ganglion cyst, eczema or depression symptoms. I would go 3 months without a period. Doctors told me I needed drugs to get pregnant. Now I have a regular period again. I can't believe how easy it is to lose weight with what you've taught me, and no deprivation. I lost 8 lbs resting! And, I thought I already knew 'enough' about nutrition before I came to you! This program was worth more than I ever imagined for my entire family. The greatest gift you gave me is knowing it's not about weight loss."

  • Naturally reversed autoimmune illness, inflammation, and rare eye conditionNaturally reversed autoimmune illness, inflammation, and rare eye conditionMargie Mullins - Arizona, USA

    "I cannot thank you enough for creating an individualized program for me that healed my body from 2.5 years of steroids & 4 years of immunosuppression (due to medical treatments.)  I've been in autoimmune remission now for 2 years now & grow stronger daily."



  • Lost 40 lbs in 14 weeks with no exercise & off her thyroid medications & all medications naturally in just 6 monthsLost 40 lbs in 14 weeks with no exercise & off her thyroid medications & all medications naturally in just 6 monthsHeather Orr - Texas, USA

    “Besides my weight gain over the last 14 years from medications, I lost 'myself' and my confidence. My adrenals were nuts because of high dose steroids doctors had me on. To think all those years they called that 'normal'. I knew I wasn’t crazy! I developed nervousness from the medications. As years went by, it became worse. It affected my speech, my thoughts, I found myself stammering my words. I was nervous of what others thought of me, what I looked like, sounded like. My sickness became who I was. Today, for the first time ever, I went into the first day of class as just ME. Just NORMAL. And normal is AMAZING! Thank you for a gift no one can ever out give me! You helped give me 'ME' back! I will be forever grateful.”

    [Also naturally eliminated her psoriasis, acne vulgaris, fatigue, asthma, headaches, hot flashes, insomnia, brain fog, digestive issues & internal pain.]
  • Lost 23 lbs in 12 weeks with no exercise; Reversed adrenal fatigue & thyroid disease naturallyLost 23 lbs in 12 weeks with no exercise; Reversed adrenal fatigue & thyroid disease naturallyKacie Berkel - Oklahoma, USA

    "This lifestyle change has changed my life! It was a step I will forever be grateful and thankful that I made!"





We know what it’s like to feel trapped in a chaotic body. Read our story here to learn how we walked that winding, exhausting road ourselves. We’ll create a simple, cost-effective, direct path to healing—and help you protect your health for life.

Don’t wait to apply for the E3EE Functional Health Assessment—the first step to working with us – and miss your opportunity this year to let true healing begin.

Because we work in such a close and continuous way with each patient, we can accept only a limited number of people into our E3 Restore Program each year. As millions worldwide are now grappling with thyroid,  autoimmune and fatigue-related disorders, available spaces fill quickly.  

E3EE Functional Health Assessment – $594 

$297 *First-time Guest

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