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Fighting for your thyroid & fatigue healing

I used to fight for people’s restoration when they’d come to us for leadership and be at their decision point.

I don’t anymore.

Because the truth is you are the Conscious Creator of your life.

The truth is you are getting and living exactly what you are choosing, in every millisecond of your life, at every choice point… we create our own reality – even the thyroid, autoimmune and fatigue conditions we live with.

The truth is it’s your job to fight for yourself, just like I fought like hell to save & recreate myself, … if you want your soul, body & mind back badly enough…

God endowed us all with the power to step into the Energy of “Spiritual warrior” as His children.

And, as a team, we can show you the way to physical & spiritual peace, quickly.

But, only when you’re truly ready to step onto the path, and into warrior status.

Only when you’re ready to make your healing a #1 or at the very least #2 priority in your life, for at least a little while.

Or, you can stay where it’s comfy.. or just chose another “schtick” in the online wellness world that may seem “easy”, .. another one-size-fits all wellness program in our industry that’s marketed well, but will never work and just keep you standing in place.

When you’re ready-ing… you’ll become aware that the real solution to true thyroid, autoimmune, and fatigue freedom is deep work and it has to be bio-individual to you. Period.

Nothing else works.

If it was easy, everyone would be well, free of their thyroid and autoimmune diseases and off all their medications, including their thyroid medications.

It’s not easy, BUT it’s possible – and quickly. In just months, everything changes.

But, I won’t fight for you as a sovereign soul for your own expansion.

You have to choose your own freedom.

I’ve learned over now 12 years of uplifting patients that I fight for them by NOT fighting, but by being STILL.

In doing so, I reclaim my Energy (power & peace ☮️ ) and I give their Energy (power) to decide to create something new back to them.

And if at that point they step in power, we can walk then to peace.

But, a shift into your power has to precede your healing. And, when you’re ready we as guides LIGHT the way.

Today, speak and affirm this truth by saying this mantra aloud as a form of prayer…

“Whatever I am experiencing right now in my health as a soul, in a body, that also has a mind as a tool, .. is something I have created, and continue to create. I AM capable of creating a new experience, should I choose it by choosing my power. And, I AM open to letting go of coming from the mind & control, so that I can receive leadership in the way to free myself from all of my diseases, instead of coming from mind control and thinking I can do it all on my own. Thinking I can do it all on my own is a paradigm that called my dis-ease into my life in the first place, because of my unwillingness to surrender. And, I receive the truth that I will never heal my dis-ease coming from the same paradigm that created it. I must be ready to come from a new paradigm in order to free my soul from my thyroid, auto and fatigue dis-ease fully and completely.”

May you receive the truth at some point in your journey that your soul, and the body it’s in, are worth fighting for.

And, when you do, book a time into our calendar to speak with us about the path to thyroid, autoimmune and fatigue freedom… http://bit.ly/OwnYourEnergyApply

– Heather, e3EE x #OwnYourEnergy ✌🏻⚡️Functional Nutritionist, Positive Psychology, Energy Medicine Practitioner | Founder, E3 Energy Evolved

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