It can feel like a host of forces are working against you when you’re facing autoimmunity, metabolic damage, thyroid disease or chronic fatigue. That’s how we felt when I became seriously ill in my early 30s. Here’s our story.

My drug-free natural recovery from Hashimoto’s, autoimmune disease and chronic fatigue

I lived in a human body prison from 2006-2008. I was only in my early 30’s but suffered from painful, debilitating symptoms—and repeatedly got no accurate diagnosis from a multitude of doctors and natural practitioners. I ultimately discovered I was dealing adrenal/chronic fatigue, Hashimoto’s disease (thyroiditis), Lupus, candida and pancreas toxicity brought on by an extended period of extreme stress. It was a frightening time.

My body and life were in chaos.

I had to leave my job to focus on healing—and save my life

Every day served up a new issue. My symptoms ranged from weight gain and extreme hair loss to lost sex drive, dermatitis, mind fog/inability to focus, debilitating burning sensation of my eyes and neck and swelling of my face so severe my eyelids were almost completely shut. I was plagued with overwhelming exhaustion and frequent bacterial infections. I couldn’t get through daily tasks and felt trapped in a body at war with itself.


After months of digging, answers came

Knowing I was being misdiagnosed repeatedly by numerous doctors and that my lab tests were being read wrong, we searched high and low for an expert who could get to the root problem and solve it in a targeted diagnostic manner. Many 10’s of thousands of dollars later casting a wider net and traveling around the country, we never found the one professional that could resolve my issues in a highly targeted diagnostic manner with bio-individualized nutrition, and we knew there had to be a much more cost and time efficient path to healing results.

Only by pulling together a vast range of advice, studying Functional & Diagnostic Nutrition professionally, and calling upon our own professional nutrition science, metabolism and psychology expertise—did we achieve complete drug-free healing.


To wholeness again

Over the course of a year and half, with no medications or synthetic hormones, we had restored my health. Using only nutrition, psychology, lifestyle, movement, detoxification and spiritual changes, my body and metabolism revved back to life and I was able to return to athletic training for a natural figure competition by spring 2010, reaching US national-level athlete just over 2 years from my illness. I had gone from a debilitating disease and total despair to overwhelming elation — physically, mentally and spiritually thriving.

What we developed over this very long, spirit-breaking 4 year journey of hard-earned costly discovery that put us through medical bankruptcy was an integrative, natural approach to self-healing that completely reversed my symptoms through powerful cost and time efficiencies, and became our e3 Energy Evolved™ System.


So many of us are going through this

Millions of people worldwide are struggling with thyroid, autoimmune and other inflammation-based, stress-aggravated health disorders, such as weight gain and  fatigue. Our modern diets, lifestyle, a host of environmental factors—and a medical establishment, including natural practitioners, who are operating at least a decade behind the data—are contributing to these vitality-depleting (and sometimes life-threatening) illnesses.


Our bodies want to heal—and thrive even—but we have to support them

What we discovered is that once you know what regenerates life, metabolic balance and energy in the human body, you can recreate optimal health, no matter what you’re up against. And the best part is that these nutrition, psychology and lifestyle skills are powerful for all forms of health imbalance because they nourish so many body functions—from the digestive and immune systems to the endocrine and nervous systems.

We were so amazed by what we learned about the human body—and by how few “healers”, nutritionists and doctors really understand what our bodies truly need to thrive—that it became a transformational awakening for both of us.

We felt called to serve others to help them avoid the same forever life-changing health and financial pitfalls we were subject to due to gross medical and practitioner error, while fighting on my road to drug-free thyroid and autoimmune disease recovery.




Sharing our science, psychology and spiritual healing expertise with others, and sparing them the health struggle and medical bankruptcy we went through due to misdiagnosis and limited treatment modalities, became our life’s mission as husband and wife.

Years in the making, we gratefully share the gift of our e3 Energy Evolved™ System with you and the world, in celebration of the human body’s power and deep desire to thrive—and become naturally well, metabolically balanced, and live in peace at any age.

Let us help you significantly shorten your heartbreak, cost and path to deep restoration.

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