[Podcast] - How to Reclaim your Metabolism and Finally Lose Weight

[Podcast] – How to Reclaim your Metabolism and Finally Lose Weight

In this video, we talk with Ben Brown of BSL Nutrition about our unique approach to individualized healing and metabolic health enhancement. 

How to Reclaim your Metabolism and Finally Lose Weight?

What You’ll Learn In This Interview (1 hour)

  • Hear about Heather’s experience of  suffering from Hashimoto’s disease and how her natural healing journey was the catalyst for the e3 Energy Evolved program
  • How our functional medicine approach to “diagnosis” is so much more comprehensive than other programs, and how we begin to design a custom healing program for each client
  • We talk specifically about the negative effects of stress, and how eliminating stressors can be the first step in creating lasting healing in the body
  • How over-exercising can actually be a detriment to your healing and hinder your progress and results
  • We offer some of our favorite resources that we’ve learned from and continue to glean information and insight from that we use to help clients succeed

The full video interview is one hour long and is a great introduction to our program and how we approach healing a total person. Enjoy and Reclaim!

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