3 Ways Calorie, Fat and Sugar-Free Foods Sabotage Your Best Health and Body

3 Ways Calorie, Fat and Sugar-Free Foods Sabotage Your Best Health and Body

As a functional nutrition practitioner who competes as a natural women’s figure bodybuilding athlete nationally, you see a lot of athletes & professionals telling their clients to use all sorts of calorie-free, fat-free or sugar-free processed food items for caloric reduction as a weight management technique.

As someone whose suffered from serious thyroid & adrenal illness, and been healed naturally through functional nutrition, when mainstream doctors failed my health & body, I can promise you these chemical food products and non-natural sweeteners actually limit the potential of your body & health to be at its best.

What is in, and what is not in your foods, that your body needs or doesn’t need, is determining your quality of health daily. The problem is most people don’t know have the knowledge of what their internal body systems are doing daily, or what they require to be well & function properly.

While balancing your “energy in” verses “energy out” does matter, it’s not quite that simple. Producing your best natural wellness and fat loss through energy is about clearing the path so your body can function at its best resting metabolic rate.

Part of this process means removing chemicals you challenge your immune system with by ingesting them that slow it down, and these include the synthetic chemicals found in sugar-free, fat-free & calorie-free food products.

Some of the top coaches & fitness professionals still recommend all sorts of metabolically destructive results-stealing food products like these even on a fat loss path such as sucralose pumped drinks & toppings, chemical filled so-called “healthy” protein bars, post workout sugar filled treats like pop tarts, slathering every food in digestion-disrupting sugar-free foods. It’s pretty mind-blowing with as far ahead as most think we are as an industry in fitness, that the top fitness professionals in the industry are actually who are regarded as the top pro athlete coaches, even a few PhD’s and RD’s in nutrition, still recommend these products that actually metabolically delay fat loss and overall wellness.

An important e3 Energy Evolved™ Rule: Just because what you ingest doesn’t carry a calorie energetically, doesn’t mean it doesn’t disrupt your body energetically.

Damian, Co-Creator of e3 Energy Evolved™ & my husband, lost 7 lbs in just under 2 weeks in 2008 when we made the decision to remove all sucralose / Splenda products from our bodies together as part of my natural healing work to eliminate my metabolic damage and auto immune illness successfully with no medications. Not to mention the quality of our health in BOTH our bodies achieved “homeostasis”, something we both never knew possible for 30 some years of living prior, which is essentially completely balanced & functioning in wellness, with no health issues, since we removed these forms of chemicals and toxins from our bodies.

What is best for the inside of your body will always matter more than what appears to be best for the outside of your body, and this approach will always create better results than just taking a basic sports nutrition or calories-based nutrition approach that has been referred to in the industry to as ‘clean eating’ known around gyms, fitness, The Biggest Loser type shows, and various publications, and yet is not clean eating if you asked your body what its perspective is on what you ingest.

If you aren’t using a functional nutrition approach that takes into account what feeds the internal body systems for optimal function & avoids health conditions such as cancer coming on in your lifetime, etc. than you’re missing out on the opportunity to…

  • be healthier
  • avoid dis-ease
  • heal dis-ease & health imbalances naturally – from allergies, to skin conditions, to depression, neurological problems, diabetes, digestive disorders such as IBS, acid reflux, to high cholesterol
  • and to have a lean body at any age with ease vs. force, that blows away the potential results of those using calorie, fat & sugar-free foods in their diet, and with putting in a lot less effort at the gym

Sadly, I’d estimate 70-80% maybe even more of professionals as a nutrition coach, fitness coach, doctors or RD recommend calorie-free, fat-free & sugar-free products because they’re not aware of the health, fat loss & metabolic health and wellness downsides of these fake food products.

Here are 3 Ways Calorie-Free, Fat-Free & Sugar-Free Foods Are Sabotaging Your Best Health & Body….

1. All of these foods are sweetened with artificial sweeteners, the biggest culprit being sucralose/Splenda. Newsflash, Splenda is not a food – it’s a chemical created by Johnson & Johnson, yes the company that makes shampoos, medicines, cleaners. Sucralose is a chlorine bleach molecule which is how these chemical companies essentially make it a calorie-free food because the GI tract will not allow that molecule to pass through the large intestine wall as a matter of your survival as it’s a dangerous toxin!! So that is how it becomes calorie-free because your body simply won’t digest it. Your liver has to purge that from your system to keep your human body safe & alive, but anytime you up your toxic load you are lowering your body’s ability to have a higher metabolic rate to be healthier, in better shape & lose weight.

2. All of these foods also have other junk chemicals in them that disrupt your internal health unfortunately…excito-toxins, neuro-toxins, chemicals, on top of the artificial sweeteners. Here it is sweet & simple…if you can’t pronounce it or it didn’t come from nature, it is of no use to your body or health as a nutrient, so all you’re doing is adding stuff into the works that slows your metabolic rate & body from functioning as it’s best, while potentially welcoming illness down the road, and disrupting your bodies key systems such as its neurological system, hormonal, etc.

3. Fat-free foods are loaded with sugars and sweeteners which weigh down your immune system & metabolic rate, while ratcheting up your daily carbohydrate intake typically way over the % that your body needs to function, therefore storing extra k-cal [calories] on the body & making weight loss harder. What many don’t understand is fat is most key macro-nutrient for optimal brain, body, cellular, neurological and overall health function, as well as hormone production – the key is getting the right fats, in the right amounts, at the right times based on your individual health & body needs & goals – most people are fat phobics & it’s leading to many health imbalances from neurological disorders, to depression, to miscarriages, to skin disorders, etc. and also weight & fat loss problems. If you remove a key nutrient from your food intake that the body needs to survive, you are wrongly cuing your body that it’s not going to get ample levels of fat, so as a survival response it will slow down your RMR [Resting Metabolic Rate] & begin to store fat & food on your body as a defense mechanism so you’re not getting as lean as you could be if you were approaching fat as a nutrient in a healthy manner.

BONUS TIP – all of these foods components disrupt & delay your digestive processes, and anytime you disrupt your digestion you’re getting less of a lean body than you could be naturally & easily, as well as welcoming in health problems.

No matter what any “expert” tells you, fake chemical filled calorie-free food products that people use for weight management don’t come with a “free pass” — they actually delay your wellness, fat loss, metabolism, and welcome the risk of other health imbalances.

It’s why our country has ever-growing cancer rates, thyroid problems, allergies, skin issues, headaches, and so on. Your quality of health begins and ends on the inside of your body & no calorie-free, fat-free or sugar-free food products will ever circumvent the nutrient-driven truths & principles by which your human body functions.

Work to remove artificial or toxic sweeteners, and move towards natural sweeteners that are safe. Some examples are stevia, xylitol, fructose, raw honey, agave, maple syrup, & rice syrup.

But be mindful— you still want to choose natural sweeteners with a low glycemic load & low calories most often, such as stevia, as the alternative will lead to needless calories and immune-suppressive properties, which still can lead to wellness issues, if taken in too frequently or in too large amounts.

If you’re struggling with finding the unique nutritional and wellness balance & solutions that work for your body and produce the wellness and fat loss results you’re looking for, contact our lab-based functional & fat loss nutrition team to schedule your complimentary distance assessment & consultation  via phone or Skype, so we can help you to uncover the metabolic health & wellness opportunities you’re most likely still missing to create the change you’re wanting to feel & look your best at any age. We’re almost 42 & 41 years old, it’s entirely possible for all of us. Our age is not keeping us from our wellness and metabolic potential; our lack of wellness and nutrition experience, education & bio-individualization in our approach is.

Author: Heather Dubé, HHC, AADP, ACSM CWC, NASM CPT, NC Cand. & BA Psychology, is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, US National-Level Natural NPC Figure Bodybuilding Competitor & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with 24 years experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System.

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  1. Thank you for the info about these sweetners. I knew they weren’t great but at least it wasn’t pure sugar. For those of us with a sweet tooth is stevia or Luo Han (natural sweetners) okay? It will be hard for me to not have anything sweet. Fruit and other sweet things like, agave, honey etc., are not options for me. What do you do to satisfy a sweet tooth?

    1. Post

      Hi Lisa, that’s a great question & we just added some suggestions to the end of the article for everyone to share what we recommend, which is choosing natural sweeteners that are low in glycemic load and calories for everyday use, and using natural sweeteners that are higher in glycemic load and calories in a more infrequent use, like a treat, when baking, etc. to avoid the extra weight they can cause, as well as the immune suppressive qualities that will drag your body down metabolically. Hope that helps!

    2. Post

      …another tip here, we’ve also learned over the years to pair natural foods that offer health properties, like certain oils, herbs, seasonings, fruit, in ways that offer great flavoring combinations. We’ll be posting some of our original recipes for download on our website & our facebook page, so keep an eye out for those helpful resources.

  2. Thank you for the great post! I recently “quit” Splenda and I am hoping to feel better at some point as a result. Do you recommend some type of detox or cleanse to get that stuff out of my system? Consequently, my caffeine intake has decreased as well, as my morning coffee isn’t my sweet treat anymore. I am so grateful for your knowledge – thank you!!

    1. Post

      Hi Aimee, you’re more than welcome. Congrats on making this move. Up your deep green fibrous veg intake to aid in detox and/or you can add in a greens powder & a liver support micronutrient product for a bit, but don’t worry too much about it, as you eliminate it, your body will take care of the work. Also, with your commitment to your fitness, you will detox faster.

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