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A Walk Down Memory Lane

Earn It Know Your Value… When I applied and got my first marketing & events agency job as an Account Coordinator in Northern NJ, …Totowa, NJ to be exact 30 mins or so outside NYC..

…the second most expensive & highest job salary county in the nation.. after college in 1998, with a degree in Psychology and Visual Art from an excellent & expensive private college in upstate New York,

I was offered a salary of $22,000 for my first year,

… which is apx $10.50 an hour… and, that was only after I was willing to intern for 6 months to earn the opportunity.

And, I had plenty of college loans to pay off because no one paid for my college tuition except me and my single-parent mother,

So I personally don’t resonate with the idea anyone’s tuition should be paid for except by themselves as we paid mine off over decades, and I’m the daughter of a father who risked his life for the military to earn his tuition.

What we earn, we value.

I took the job happily, because I was thrilled to earn my first job on that career path and I was raised that earning your chops on a resume was what those who had strong work ethic did.

That we didn’t come out of college in the 90s and have little work experience and expect a high-paying salary.

And, at that job, I also happily did my work with excellence everyday, showed up excited & eager to take on whatever I was asked to do.

I was excited and grateful to be a part of something someone had worked hard & invested to build.

Whether it was making an event summary binder for a client program, or running to get the Account Management teams lunch orders or coffee because it needed to be done, I did it and no work task was below me, as part of a team, nor would I ever think that way in a million years because my parents raised me to value the opportunity to work, period.

I knew that what made me valuable to my company and team was showing up with deep presence, being dependable, taking initiative, creating movement and growth in the company, making my bosses jobs easier & our client results more successful, showing up when deadlines had to get met even if it meant overtime & becoming a valued team member,

It’s why I was promoted after 6 mos into the salaried position, and from there built a successful 13 year career in branding, marketing communications and events, before starting my own company, E3 Energy Evolved.

Ever thankful I had parents that raised me with a strong example of what grateful, hard working work ethic willing to earn something shows up like.

It has carried me in many areas of my life for decades, where I had to be willing to show up and work hard to earn something, including my health and saving my life from autoimmune disease naturally, becoming a national-level athlete after almost dying, and taking a company through start up.

A willingness to work extremely hard to be a part of and earn opportunity and work skills vs. just expecting a check and often a check that’s higher than our work experience.

It’s an energy that’s lost on generations today.

At 46 yrs old, this is what strong work ethic will always look like to me.

Today, we are suffering as a society greatly in countless ways, including health & disease, because we’ve been taught culturally now to expect we deserve things without working hard & investing ourselves to earn them.

But, it will always be dedication, devotion, worth ethic and commitment that births the greatest blessings of our lives.

A walk Down Memory Lane
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