Letting go to trust your thyroid restoration journey

Letting go to trust your thyroid restoration journey

Sometimes the universe takes you places you never planned to go, but your heart finds a peace there you never expected, and you fall in love anyway.

In 2009, while still working on my natural thyroid & autoimmune illness restoration, we were forced to leave California to find work for Damian & landed here in Arizona together, not by choice as we lost our home in California while I was out of work focusing on reversing my illness drug-free & Damian lost his job three times back to back, throwing us into a financial and life tailspin.

At the time having loved working in nutrition marketing in the agriculture industry in branding and marketing communications and then beginning my journey studying to become a Functional Nutritionist in the beautiful area of Napa, California to finish my own natural thyroid, autoimmune & metabolism restoration by becoming a professional, I thought Northern California was the only place for us.

I hated being uprooted from our home there out of our control, “control” being a common theme of my type A BH-life ((before Hashimotos dis-ease)).

What I discovered is the Southwest, and what we now lovingly know as the Sonoran desert, has an “old soul” spiritual energy, earthy tones & vibrant joyful colors that makes this “intense 12119075_10206535077149818_1362573685190891339_nbeing” feel grounded and energized in a healthy balanced way all at once, and it was incredibly healing to find, furthering the completion of my thyroid journey.

12107838_10206535077389824_4486280285404789745_nI can just sit in quiet peace outside here, and I feel so connected, I feel the energy of spirits and culture that vibrates through the earth here, and extends far beyond us and our time in this lifetime on this earth, something I never felt while living in New Jersey or California because neither are “still” enough or spacious enough as environments to connect at another level.

I’ve grown to love it here in Arizona in ways I never expected, and I know it was part of my karmic path to come full circle in my mind-body spiritual healing, for the amazing colleagues and professionals in integrative wellness & functional nutrition I continue to meet in our time here.

Arizona is a lifestyle this former Jersey girl loves the healing energy of.

Ever grateful the universe is smarter than me on where my journey should lead.

Heather Dubé
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