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Giving Yourself Permission to Rest

This past weekend I took one full Sunday off and completely rested. I didn’t think about work, I didn’t look at work, I didn’t open or respond to emails, customers, my team or partners.

I watched three movies, napped with our dogs, and got a glitter blue pedicure plus a greens drink at Nekter Juice Bar and sat relaxing by myself in silence.

I can’t remember the last day I did something like that for myself. It was last Christmas actually.

One of the movies I watched was an animation flick called Coraline which I highly recommend if you’re an artist / right-brainer / lucid dreamer like me. You’ll get it. Total creative soul food for those of us who dream in stars and colors.

I see more naps and play in my future.

Even though we teach the importance of rest to our clients, I have to work at it. And I have to work at it constantly.

I don’t have to work at being driven or committed to hard work over long periods, I have to WORK at REST, as ironic as that sounds.

But many of our E3 Energy Evolved clients find they have to work at this as well.

Women feel guilt if we nourish or spoil ourselves. We forget that spending time by ourselves, nourishing ourselves, as the “center” of our families, is how we are made by God’s design, and that nourishing our divine feminine is not only how we thrive, but how we give our best to those we nurture and care for in our families, and in all areas of our lives – our careers, our education, our home, our goals, our health.

I don’t take time off from our e3 Energy Evolved mission often, or easily.

But, when I’m struggling to rest… I remind myself that God calls us all to rest, & to rest in Him.

Here’s to serving your SELF with more rest, soul-sister.

Put rest at the top of your list this week. You are worth it.


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