Our Greatest Disease Today: The Psychology of Sickness

Our Greatest Disease Today: The Psychology of Sickness

We have become a world of human beings that don’t know who we are anymore or our own personal identity unless we have an illness, addiction or dis-ease to attach to our name.

We are deathly subconsciously afraid of NOT living with a label. We are decades removed from what the well, balanced experience of the human mind and body naturally was always meant to be.

I Am …

I’m Jane with breast cancer…

I’m Dominick with Lupus & Crohn’s…

I’m Maria, a lifetime sufferer of chronic migraines…

I’m Dave with seasonal allergies, athletes foot & I had my gall bladder removed…

I’m Sharon and I live on Prozac because I can’t deal with my life…

I’m Jack and I couldn’t make it to work without my sleep medications…

I’m Frank & I got bariatric surgery to my GI tract in order to lose weight…

I’m Gina and I live on Synthroid for my “incurable” thyroid disease because my doctor says I have to so I adopt his/her belief system without question, thought, or putting any effort or investment into creating my own path to health…

We have completely disconnected from what the JOY of our spirit & body was meant to be.

We live in a culture that has wrongly taught the entire human race the journey of the human body HAS TO BE one of “suffer” & sickness.

That it is completely “okay”, “normal” & expected to abuse, cut open, distort & medicate the human body, as a path to “joy“. (not quite)

We are 5-6 generations deep into complete distortion of the perception of what our journey of a lifespan in the human body was always meant to be.

Well, I’m Heather Dubé.

And, that’s it.

This Is What Culture Has Taught Us, But That Doesn’t Mean We Have To Follow

Today, I don’t take or need medications, I don’t see or need doctors, and I have no labels or health imbalances.

I know who I am in full mind, body and spirit.

I live courageously free of any illness because I took my neurological, thyroid & autoimmune illnesses head on through my 40-some years with full ownership & responsibility to end them drug-free as the #1 priority in my life, no matter what it took, no matter what I had to invest in my “self” above all else (my greatest possession) to make that happen.

I have found my way back to my true mind-body-spirit essence, which is living in complete healing, power & love.mind body, mindset, spirtually

Because I was willing in my early 20’s to believe in a different reality than society and the medical system was presenting to me, & take action, prioritize my life, and invest in myself over years to create a different reality.

I am spiritually, emotionally & mentally free, because I’ve achieved physical peace in my body. (homeostasis)

And, you can join me if you choose to make your journey with your mind-body-and spirit more important than anything else in your life, too.

And, that is what I’m called to share with you. The path to a new possibility of experiencing your “self” that no one has told you is in your hands right now.

A path to physical restoration, spiritual freedom & limitless joy.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Because until you accept the human body truth is that our sickness is a choice, we will never be ready to take full responsibility for doing what it takes in order to release our thyroid, autoimmune or any form of disease to live “awakened”: truly physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually free.

Heather Dubé
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