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Spiritual Reflection: Reconnecting With A Spiritual Source

This is a spiritual reflection on the way life in the U.S. has shifted over the past 4.5 decades.

People simply are not thinking holistically big enough yet, which is typically the case in all things.

In our history, our morality and our value for human life has always been something we’ve found through knowing our spiritual source that gifted us and others human life.

As a society continually departs from its spiritual source, it continually loses its way and respect for the value of human life, and eventually breaks down into unrest and chaos.

It is undeniable with the increase of violence and killings over recent decades.

We also see this play out in the way millions today do not comprehend their personal responsibility for the wellness of their own human body, the vessel of their spirit, over other non-needs in their life, as a commitment to their spiritual source.

The only path to heal what we are experiencing in our society today is that we each seek more time and focus as a society finding and connecting with our spiritual source individually, as communities, and as a society.

Instead of over-focusing on removing our spiritual source and influence from our lives, our society and schools in all its forms, or on the symptoms of violence and mental breakdown when it’s far past too late.

Where did it begin vs. where did it end?

If we can return to the beginning, healing becomes possible.

We are losing the strong sense of regard we once had culturally for the value of our own and others human life, as well as acting morally to one another, and our individual responsibility as humans to an infinite spiritual source of giving and creation.

When we decide to reconnect with a spiritual source regularly, and understanding the totality of our full commitment to and relationship with source as spiritual beings, everything in our lives heals.

The violence, anger and hatred prevalent today in our society is a reflection of a problem so much bigger and deeper spiritually than most recognize.

It is not just a cultural problem, it’s a spiritual one.

We have become a society disconnected from spiritual source in a way we once knew it, to the point knowing infinite love and joy is now rare, disregarded, and even shamed or persecuted.

If we want to “do something” to end this we need to think bigger than just how to respond in the immediate after brothers and sisters are lost.

It is time we all make more efforts to disconnect to reconnect to our “self”, our spiritual source, and one another.

And we have to allow those who desire God or their choice of spiritual source to be present in our lives – and attempt to learn from one another and accept it can be all ways.

When we isolate as a society and choose social media vs actual connection in person, we are less likely to identify hurting individuals, yet when we come together regularly in groups seeking spiritual source we are more likely to heal those hurting.

Why do we expect people to act morally when they’ve long lost the source of the moral compass?

We are expecting people to regard the immeasurable gift of human life when they’ve long lost a connection with who gave it to them, or the understanding that it was a gift to them in the first place at all, a gift they’re responsible to nurture? Why?

Why do we expect that as we continue to depart culturally from the source of infinite love as a regular part of our daily lives culturally in some regular form and practice, that we won’t experience more evil, hate, anger, sadness?

We need to question ourselves and our own expectations societally, to measure where we once were, where we are, and where we are headed.

Today I feel sad, but as I do everyday in my gratitude and commitment knowing who I have to thank for all my blessings, I will spend time with my spiritual source, as an individual and with my family, and I will go to do my work in this world to keep creating more individuals who are self-healed.

I pray others will choose to also take time with spirit and reflect.

Spending time every day with spiritual source matters individually and collectively, as this is focus and time spent in “love” and co-creating love…Spiritual reflection matters.

We cannot know “love” unless we are putting ourselves regularly within the presence of love – “we” being all of us – the collective WHOLE. Spiritual reflection makes us whole.

We cannot just lament and sit on social media and say this needs to stop – because we are the ones co-creating our world, and we are the ones who will collectively lessen it by reevaluating the source, and making changes towards love and spirit in our communities.

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      Hello Kim, I am a Spiritual Christian if you’re asking about my personal spiritual beliefs. And, we have many Christians as our patients seeking healing freedom because they believe the Truth that God didn’t want His children to suffer, and, that it is their personal responsibility to Him, as the giver of their Life, to get their lives and health in order in a way that honors Biblical truth which clearly states how we are to honor our bodies as the Temple of the Holy Spirit. I have found as a teacher and Spiritual Counselor with thousands of patients who’ve achieved miraculous healing success through our team’s body of work, philosophies and leadership in ways humbly millions have not, that embodying the Word in a spiritual sense is the most expansive path to our freedom, joy and abundance God intended for us all. And, there are many Christians seriously missing the mark on this, as well. However, if you’re asking the spiritual or religious beliefs of our E3 Energy Evolved community, you’ll need to ask them about their personal beliefs. Those are not mine to define, nor impose on others. We welcome all Faiths and all Souls who are seeking to know true healing & human potential. Our inner circle and patient community tends to draw Souls who have a highly committed Faith presence in their life. Bless, x

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