Seeking the Spiritual Medicine in Your Toughest Times

Seek “spiritual medicine”. Divinity is in everything.

My Father’s birthday is on 8/10 during Lion’s gate portal. My Step-Father who I grew up with left his body on 8/10 9 yrs ago during Lion’s Gate Portal astrologically.

Despite the grief of losing him when I was 35, there is so much divinity in the timing.

He was a deeply potent, caring and intense man who choose to transition at a deeply potent spiritual time.

He wore a HUGE powerful gold masculine energy ring with a LION on it all his life. 😌🙏🦁

He left when my heart felt I needed him the most.

I was going through losing my home, out of work desperately sick with thyroid and autoimmune disease & holding out for my healing, returning to school to study Functional Nutrition to become professional and heal myself, all while starting our company, e3 Energy Evolved to heal others.

With zero warning, this potent person in my life with all the mentoring and answers, a successful entrepreneur I could lean on, was GONE. Why now when I needed you the most??

It came through me so clear.   He was as committed to teaching & growing me as his daughter in death, as he was in life.

Without him, I would have to do all that was ahead for me alone and learn how strong he’d made me – beat my disease naturally, become a National Athlete, and achieve a successful mission healing others with fatigue & thyroid disease.

Without him, I would raise my gaze even higher, for the spiritual fortitude I’d need for the challenges that still lied ahead for me and husband Damian.

Love you, Dad. I feel your powerful presence each time this year. 🦁🦁🦁

Celebrating this Lion’s Gate Portal, & the powerful shifts upon us astrologically.

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