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If Life Is a Battle, Become a Warrior

We have had a busy, busy few week coming back from Cancun. With so much going on it brings us back to reflecting on our time in Mexico. While we were on vacation, we spent a lot of our days in prayer & talking to God to open our mind space & listen for source and creativity.

There were many thoughts about our tribe while sitting there in silence, listening to the wind, the ocean, surrounded by God’s amazing creations. It was an amazing experience and some much needed reflection. There is one moment that really stood out that we want to share with you. It was a moment of clarity that came through very strong, as we sat and looked back on our last decade of trials and perseverance through health, life, and financial trials, that yes, even created struggles for us both at times, as we had to battle together to come through it all.

HERE IT IS….”Life is a battle. Become a person who expects the battle, prepares for the battle, and does the work necessary to earn our greatest gifts through running into the battle head on with courage & faith in the unseen, and watch your life transform into Life Is a Battlelimitless joy and greatness you could never envision or create on your own.”

The reason so many fail and fall, is they don’t expect the battle, nor do they prepare their minds & bodies sufficiently for the battle, and when it gets challenging to retain our greatest gifts… our marriage, our health, our relationships, our job… be it fights, sickness, hard work, most give up.

Because their mind WRONGLY expects it to be easier, to receive these gifts.

But, the truth is my friends, if you want to receive GREATNESS, and great joy, in your greatest God-given gifts, you need to shift your expectations towards them all, and EXPECT the fight…expect the challenge, expect that you will have to work hard, and long, over time, to nurture and grow them.

And, if you tap into your warrior spirit and take on those challenges, the good, the bad, the ugly, with great faith, then you will find your way to great joy in all your God-given gifts.

Our Wish For You

But, you will find no one on this earth that has earned their greatest victory in thriving wellness, marital union, professional success and so on, who hasn’t fought like a warrior with every ounce of their being over extended periods, and not turned away from the battle for them, but chose to take it on firsthand & never give up, no matter what it took, even when it took everything in them far beyond their own individual measure.

We wish for you all these powerful mindset shifts, which only you can choose to implement….just as we and so many in our community have and did. 

Strive to become a person who expects to battle for your greatest gifts, expects to fight for them, and does what it takes to become a warrior WILLING to fight for them,…

If you are ready to battle and take your life, health and relationships back then we invite you to book a Functional Nutrition & Metabolic Restoration Consultation + Labs Review with us today.

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