Why Diets Don’t Work and What To Do

Why Diets Don’t Work and What To Do

We’re approaching two months into the new year, well, I guess it’s not new anymore.  How is your resolution working?  Have you stuck with it?  Are you on your way to reaching your goals?  If not, what do you feel is missing or preventing you from attaining those goals? Diet

Fortunately/unfortunately, this is a busy time of year for us. Fortunately, because it allows us to keep our doors open so that we can help you restore your adrenal, thyroid and metabolic function. Unfortunately, because we’re contacted by so many women who are frustrated that their diet and exercise programs recommended by their friends, fitness professionals and doctors just aren’t producing the health and weight loss results they’re desperately seeking.

“I’ve been to dozens of practitioners, nutritionists and trainers, tried every diet and exercise program on the planet, and still cannot lose any weight or regain my energy, and just feel foreign in my own skin” is something we hear all too often. Well, it’s no fault of yours, you just haven’t been provided the appropriate recommendations for your body’s physiology at this point in time.

Fad diets don’t work! 

Juicing, The Raw Food Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, Paleo, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Atkins, HCG, gastric bypass surgery (not really a diet, but terrible none the less)… Fad diets, and the list goes on. Sure, some of them may have some good principles behind them, while some are outright harmful.

Just the other week, I saw a news program on the Cotton Ball Diet. You soak cotton balls in liquid, then swallow them down.  The idea being that they’ll fill your stomach so you desire less food.  Cotton is one of the most genetically modified and pesticide filled crops in our country, but that’s the least of your worries.  News flash, the human digestive system is not designed to process cotton.  Complete insanity. Oh, and many of these fools had to go to their doctors to have the cotton balls surgically removed.

Most fad diets are based on deprivation.  Deprive yourself of calories, or fat, or carbs, etc.  Sure depriving yourself of calories might induce some weight loss at first, but our bodies are much too intelligent to continuously fool.  The body will eventually recognize that it’s being deprived, sense it as danger, and respond by storing those calories as fat.  Not to mention, depriving yourself of calories also deprives yourself of nutrients, which will in no way help your chronic fatigue, hypothyroid and autoimmune disease.

Every time you implement a new diet, you’re lowering your set point.  Have you ever started a “diet” with your husband, where he lost 20 pounds and you lost 1, yet you were eating identically?  That’s probably one of the reasons, jumping from diet to diet just continues to lower your metabolic rate, making it more and more difficult to lose.

Eat less & exercise more or eat more and exercise less? 

If you’re constantly fatigued, have trouble sleeping, have hypo-fuctioning thyroid, or have digestive issues like constipation, contrary to what the fitness industry and medical system has been telling us for decades, eating less and exercising more is likely not the answer. In fact, there’s a good chance it’ll make you feel worse and gain weight.

One of our e3 Energy Evolved private members had come to us after seeking advisement from a number of medical doctors, endocrinologists, ND’s and nutritionists.  When she told her last practitioner what she was eating, he accused her of lying, then proceeded to tell her she needed to eat less and exercise more, that would solve her weight issues and heal her Hashimoto’s. Oh how he was wrong.

In her first three months in our private program, she was eating two to three times more than she was, removed all exercise and managed to drop close to 40 pounds.  Why?  Because when you’re in a fatigued state, your body is trying to conserve all its energy in order to help you heal.  Exercising is only going to take from the energy your body needs for restoration, and reducing calories is going to also reduce the nutrients your body needs in order to restore its function.

Cross Fit, HIIT and marathon training are a huge take on your body, when your body is asking you to give to it.  Instead, as difficult as it might be to read, remove the intense exercise from your program and add in more passive modes like yoga and walking.

Individualized nutrition is the key

Everyone’s body chemistry is different, everybody’s life experiences are different, everybody’s health challenges are different and everybody’s digestion is different, so everybody’s nutritional needs are different.  Therefore, your nutritional program needs to be tailored to you and nobody else.

Just because in theory, Paleo sounds like a good idea, which it does, doesn’t mean that all foods that are permissible on the Paleo plan are permissible for you at this time.  Even though chicken and broccoli are both healthy foods, they might not be healthy for you.  If your immune system views either of them as a threat, it’ll create an inflammatory response, causing you to not only gain weight, but increase your toxic load which negatively impacts liver function, impairs digestion and nutrient assimilation, and can in turn negatively affect your thyroid.

I get asked regularly for nutrition advice, “What diet do you recommend?”  In good conscience, I cannot recommend a diet without first knowing your detailed health history and taking a snapshot of your insides through proper lab testing, nor should your trainer, nutritionist or doctor.  In order to lose weigh in a healthful manner, as well as correct internal imbalances like thyroid issues, chronic fatigue and autoimmune disorders, there is no other way.

What’s at risk?

Continuing to jump from diet to diet and practitioner to practitioner to solve your health and weight issues can be very costly, not only financially, but costly to your family, your relationships, your work and your emotions.  Yes, being overweight can increase risk of other diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  It can also affect how your body metabolizes your adrenal hormones like cortisol, which can directly affect your thyroid function.  However, being overweight itself is a sign that there are health imbalances, some you might be aware of, some you might not.

The truth is, you’re not sick because you’re fat, but rather fat because you’re sick.  The human body wants to be in balance. Part of being in balance is being at a healthful weight and body composition.  If you’re not at a healthful weight and body composition, then you’re very likely not healthy inside.

Jumping from one generalized diet to another and working out intensely are not going to correct the true cause of your weight problem. The only way to correct your weight problem is to first correct your health imbalances.  The most cost effective way (cost in time, energy & money) to correct those internal imbalances is to work with a practitioner who will take a look at the inside through lab testing and create an individualized program for you, no one else.

If you want to combat your weight and health problems once and for all, we can help.  We only have a couple spots available through June for our private program.  Book your consultation now.

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