Are Your Life Choices Creating Vibrant Energy In Your Body?

Are Your Life Choices Creating Vibrant Energy In Your Body?

There are more aspects to creating health energetically in the human body than just movement and nutrition. Are you living with integrity?

You could be consuming an amazing nutrient-dense food profile, and still not absorbing the nutrients properly in the gut if you’re stressed, if you’re moving too much or multi-tasking while you’re eating, if you’re not masticating your food enough through chewing to break it down for absorption, for example.

So let’s touch quickly on a big energy enhancer or detractor in life: being truthful with yourself.

Because in this crazy non-stop world many people rarely take time daily to reconnect internally themselves, they’re constantly looking and focused outwards.

Look  inside – what are your deepest truths, desires, dreams? Are you living with integrity in your word, your work, those undeniable truths of yourself? This is a hugely under-estimated part of creating “health”. If you’re not living from a place of integrity, you’re creating emotional & spiritual imbalance in your being that leads to physical illness.

You may think you’re avoiding this, but your body always creates a counter-balance naturally in an attempt to adapt & return itself to balance as a reaction to what you’re doing to it. For every action there is an equal or greater reaction.

So you’re living the consequence right NOW, most people just aren’t connecting the dots that they’re chronic skin issues or their headaches could possibly be the fact that the life choices they’re making are dishonest or untruthful.

You cannot disconnect the mind & body.

  • Are you working a job you hate?
  • Are you being forced to do unethical things in your life?
  • Are you in a relationship or working a job that is incongruent with your belief systems?
  • Are you unsure who you want to show up as in this world so you’re faking it by trying to be someone else, instead of just becoming a better you?
  • Are you lacking integrity in your word, your commitment to yourself, or your loved ones?
  • Are there things you’ve always wanted to do that you keep putting off until next year?

It all matters ….stop kidding yourself that there are no consequences to “creating stress” or energetic unease by disconnection from your inner being or truth.

Live with integrity, speak your truth, share your passion and watch the wellness in your physical mind & body soar to a new level of vibrant endless energy everyday that you’ve never knew was really possible. True story.

We speak from experience, having left our entire lives behind after healing my auto immune illness, Hashimoto’s disease, and adrenal fatigue naturally, and making the hard choices and doing the hard work to recreate our lives and begin our e3 Energy Evolved mission for others together.

It’s also how I’ve managed 70 + hour work weeks building e3 Energy Evolved, coaching clients, while training to prepare to compete naturally as a natural national level athlete for over a year.

Part of my healing from Hashimoto’s disease and chronic fatigue was not just nutrition, environmental or integrative health.

It was also taking a very deep honest look at my life and the choices & who I was being that was making that wer481552_428789423859436_1174114933_ne draining my energy. This was a big one.

I had to face the mirror and look at Heather in her early 30’s for the first time.

I had to realize my adrenal-draining fire drill ad agency job was not healthy for MY body. Maybe someone else’s – but not how MY BODY handles stress. And the only body that mattered at that definitive moment if I wanted to heal naturally was MINE.

I had to stop trying to place the expectations on myself as a women that I could do it all, I should be able to do it all as a newly married, and I should be 200% perfect at all of it to be a “worthy wife”, no matter what I had to sacrifice of me to do it. I was worthy right now, even if my house wasn’t spotless clean all the time. We are united in our imperfections, not the illusion of perfection.

I had to realize that just living for a successful career and 401k’s was leaving some HUGE things out of the picture that weren’t resonating in my heart, that I knew deep down I was put here to serve people in coming to a greater naturally healed and balanced understanding and experience of the human body, and I had to be willing to sacrifice whatever it took, and take action to give that gift back to the world. I couldn’t go on holding the skills, experience and knowledge that Damian and I were gifted with because they weren’t ours alone to have or know. We had to speak up for the human body.

I wasn’t being fully honest or transparent with my mind or spiritual side, & my body was talking back.

Now, I’m not saying that there weren’t huge physical aspects to why I experienced this level of physical imbalance I did – there most definitely were.

What I AM saying is, the path to healing a stress or energy related illness requires we look at all the ways our mind and body are using energy, and we adjust to place our bodies health and ability to create energy #1 above all else.

Part of how Damian and I made it back naturally drug-free was changing how we lived our lives as we began to learn more about these areas of human body health & energy.

So I left a stressful, successful career behind, I started using my gifts everyday creating and educating freely, I began working to serve others for more than a paycheck & for a long time that meant letting go of ANY paycheck, I let go of what I had once believed were needs that were nothing more than possessions realizing what living this way was costing me, we completely changed our life goals and how we viewed money, we let go of our financial safety net & the security of things like insurance, savings & retirement planning for awhile to start a business in our purpose, we returned to school to further our education in our passion & teach, we starting placing what creates health daily on the TOP line item in our budget every single month, we brought back a regular spiritual practice, and I now use everyday to experience my own unique self and develop that more fully.

Ask yourself honestly right now – where are you denying your truth? …which is nothing more than denying the one thing of greatest value you’ll ever have a change at knowing & that’s who you’re meant to be in this world.

Are you feeling this way as a women? Are you pushing yourself too much, over doing, over compensating, not giving enough self-care to your own mind, body, spirit, over working, not creating breathing room? Ask yourself… who is that serving? what are you sacrificing? who else expects it other than you (no one!)? …and are you ready to let go of those choices to allow the space for health in your life?

And be honest with yourself, and share your thoughts & comments below.


Because before I became sick, I wasn’t. However, after I became very skilled at clearly communicating regularly to Damian what I needed help with for the household, what I needed in my life that created health and how he could support me to have that as a team, and he stepped to the plate.

But many women often are not saying verbally what we need. Instead we’re doing it all, not expressing our needs, expecting our spouse to understand what we need without asking, and getting stressed out and pissed off that they’re not mind readers helping, or that they don’t have the same expectations as we do.

Guess what – they never will. So stop expecting that. That’s the first step. This is part of living your truth too.

Here’s the catch: Time is not a guarantee, so you better get to figuring it out quick. But you don’t have to do it all today, have patience with yourself – however, you do have to START taking daily committed actions towards these changes. And remember, the things in life that give us the greatest joy always require the greatest sacrifice and work. This is something Damian and I started in early 2008 and we are still recreating our story and working at, it’s taken us over five years so far, but we have ZERO regrets, it’s been the hardest, yet the BEST choice we’ve made for our lives ever.

Everything is “energy“, and we are either creating or negating it. Pay very close attention.

Your health and energy will never be defined simply by movement & nutrition.

Author: Heather Dubé, HHC, AADP, ACSM CWC, NASM CPT, NC Cand. & BA Psychology, is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, US National-Level Natural NPC Figure Bodybuilding Competitor & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with 24 years experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System.

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