3 Steps To Build Better Body Intuition

3 Steps To Build Better Body Intuition

As I turn 39 in a week or so, I find my pensive moments increasing, my search for wisdom growing & I’m considering more often the gifts of time, life, and our mind & body that we are given to explore & experience on our path.

It saddens me how few consider this “journey” as a part of their lifes work or what it means to “live fully”, to come to know their unique self more through their body & make it a part of their daily work & commitment to themselves.

My body journey in both natural healing & competition has taught me so much the last 22 years, and continues to every day.

Human body self-discovery is not a choice, it’s an outcome of a total sum of daily committed multi-faceted actions of building our body intuition, patience, trust & listening, and creating layers of experiences that continue to increase these, as well as our human body skills.

Waking up with a rare neurological condition at 17 years of age taught me this because it was at that point I realized, I could either chose acceptance & gratitude for my body “as is”, are continue to try and pursue the illusion that we are in control.

If you asked me the biggest thing that most are missing that holds them back from achieving better results in their body, and a better health and body experience in natural healing, fat loss or fitness, I’d say they lack gratitude for the gift their body truly is, and awe for the incredible underworld of integrated function going on within them at every moment to keep them alive, safe and well.

I realized this past week on my continued personal healing work of my neurological condition after 22 years

working at it naturally as somewhat of a “human body natural healing explorer or experimenter” doing something that is a “first” in natural healing outside the allopathic medical community for people with my condition, battling to rebalance a rare condition that can sometimes limit your mind & I’m now healing from, … I realized that, all we need to strive to be, is who we are already naturally designed to be.

If we just put our focus on that fact of our body alone and made that our daily goal, most outcomes and health experiences would shift significantly. And I mean this in the mental, spiritual and the physical.

All the answers we seek exist within us and in our bodies, but most never hear or experience them because they don’t take the first step, which is to accept the daily evolutionary responsibility to “take the journey” of exploring their body daily through their lifetime.

Imagine what this world would be like if people just chose the path of “experiencing themselves” and their bodies daily with curiosity & gratitude, vs. just worrying about fitting our bodies into some universal ideology of what “human body perfection” should “look”  like on the outside.

There would be much less dis-ease, more mind-body peace and more natural healing.

See, what most are missing is, your bodies “perfection” IS… it already & always exists inside you, and it’s going on right now.

But you will only develop your ability to hear and feel it by developing your body intuition over your lifetime through intentionally working at this goal daily.

Human body perfection is not defined by what the outside of your body looks like. And when you dive into further learning your bodies internal natural design of perfection, the outside of your body will naturally transform as part of your journey too.

When we do this, we hone our focus on our own unique bodies needs, how it feels, how it produces and manages our energy and best health, so we can naturally and easily fall into a more harmonious and supportive relationship with our body.

3 Steps To Build Better Better Intuition:

Here is something I began in my early 20’s about 17 years ago now when I decided to work at solving my own rare neurological health condition with my bodies help naturally outside the symptom-focused allopathic medical world, and it was the beginning of a transformative journey….

1. begin journaling daily at least 3 things you notice about how you feel each day

2. consider each day your activity, nutrition, natural cycle, energy output, location, lifespan & stress levels

3. take it up a notch over time & do this when you wake, mid-day, and pre-rest

But, remember, you can’t listen unless you get silent and create silence. We only listen inward when all outward distractions are eliminated and “noise” comes in many forms.

See what your body has to tell you, it’s talking to you all the time. I think you’ll be surprised at what you learn.

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Author: Heather Dubé, HHC, AADP, ACSM CWC, NASM CPT, NC Cand. & BA Psychology, is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, US National-Level Natural NPC Figure Bodybuilding Competitor & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with 24 years experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System.

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