Food Psychology: Energy Imbalance & Eating Disorders

Food Psychology: Energy Imbalance & Eating Disorders

I am a total goofball for food photography! I love this behind the scenes shot from a food photography shoot for Experience Life Magazine. [see picture below]

When I worked in the agriculture business managing an US national nutrition marketing in-store consumer education program on fruit and vegetable consumption, I would handle food photography shoots for recipe cards and other consumer marketing and events materials we developed on a monthly basis to support our program.

This capturing of the timeless beauty of real, natural food effected me so much, that I often observe people today taking pictures of food in their own lives and find the food psychology absolutely fascinating.

There is often a clear energy present in each food image people take and share with others, as well as what they say about the food itself, indicating whether they’re in a place of healthful food appreciation, or unhealthy or uncontrollable fixation.

You sadly see this rampant throughout the athlete community, which is fraught with unhealthy eating disorders when athletes or coaches use too generalized or unsafe and outdated nutrition programs are used, all too common in an industry where nutrition education is not yet mandated or controlled yet in the weight loss industry, as well as in the athletic coaching industry.

It makes me truly sad to see a person trapped in this controlling form of energy imbalance with their mind and body, much like a prisoner.

Experiencing the unique emotional and physical battle of an eating disorder (an eating imbalance in the mind and body) in someone very close to me that I care deeply for was my first experience with the food psychology at a very, very young age in my lifetime.

Being someone who was always a good fit to pursue psychology for education and did, I observed the situation from the outside in quite an analytic and observational way for a young kid, than an emotional way, and it helped me to develop understanding and interest in exploring further education in the unique relationship between food, stress, our emotions, our body, and our mind as I got older, as well as addictive qualities of food and healthful qualities of food.

When your body is properly satiated and hormonally balanced nutritionally, so are your mind and your emotions.

You don’t feel emotionally or physically uncontrollably compelled to fixate on or crave food in an unhealthy way because your brain and body are in healthful balance. This is even possible naturally for fitness athletes who take their body fat % low to compete. It is incredible to experience your body this way at its peak natural potential with no physical, emotional or mental imbalance.

There is a very intricate relationship between your digestive wellness, endocrine system and brain balance that is undeniable.

People with eating disorders so often sadly mistake the entire imbalance as only emotional and only unique to them, but consider that every human body works very much the same scientifically.

Please don’t misunderstand, as I’m not saying that stress or stressful situations around food will not be a part of things at all, as in some instances we can associate stress with food and this may play some part in imbalance.

However, there are very real ways the digestive tract works in order to function in balance and th


Photo Credit: Experience Life Magazine

at we generate wellness in our bodies, common to each of us.

Physical imbalances are a often hugely over-looked as part of root cause of emotional and mental imbalances. This is why the top eating disorder clinics employ means of holistic nutrition detoxification, and some of the students in my first holistic nutrition school I attended while residing in California were headed to work as counselors in holistic nutrition detoxification strategies at eating disorder recovery centers post-graduation.

When we generate physical balance through our nutrition, we generate emotional wellness and balance in the mind and body. A body in energy imbalance experiences emotional and mental imbalances as a natural consequence.

Here are just a few examples….

  • Every body without consumption of quality healthy fats will run into imbalance in hormones, cells, fat metabolism, neurological function and more
  • Every body consuming digestive and endocrine disruptors such as gluten and soy can run into imbalances in thyroid, adrenal and gut health
  • Every body that consuming addictive and toxic chemicals like sugar and sucralose (Splenda) will experience imbalance in pH levels, bacterial wellness, and more

The list goes on.

Correct your energy imbalance by correcting what we are putting in our bodies that is scientifically proven to generate health imbalances for every human body when we are consuming a nutrient deficient diet, fraught with unnatural disruptors of proper internal systemic function. As we heal the physical and restore internal balance, the emotional and mental, such as an eating disorder, can often heal naturally on their own, or at the very least will heal naturally and safely drug-free much quicker. We cannot disconnect food, the physical, and psychology, the mind; they are uniquely intertwined in holistic human body function.

Have you had experience with emotional imbalance related to food? Share your thoughts below.

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Author: Heather Dubé, HHC, AADP, ACSM CWC, NASM CPT, NC Cand. & BA Psychology, is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, US National-Level Natural NPC Figure Bodybuilding Competitor & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with 24 years experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System.

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  1. I set out in 2009 to become healthy. No more dieting, I wanted to change my relationship with myself and with food. I have always been an emotional eater and highly addictive to sweets. I eliminated processed foods and ate whole foods almost entirely. I lost the weight through changing my diet and exercising, but became exercised obsessed in order to not regain the weight I lost. I wasn’t sure how to maintain my new body and I thought I needed to continue a rigorous schedule of exercise. I started to have cravings which of course led to binges. Then a series of emotional upheavals in my life including marriage loss, loss of home, loss of job, new job, and both my children graduating high school sent me back into a negative emotional state which led to increased emotional eating. I couldn’t keep up with my rigorous workouts so I began purging in order to counteract the intake of foods. For the past 15 months I have been trying to re-stablize emotions and eating but my body seems to be in a survival mode. I don’t know how to get things back in sync so that I feel good physically and emotionally

    1. Post

      Hi Kim, sorry for the delay, thanks so much for sharing your story. I feel your struggle through your words. There is a very intimate connect between our mind, body and food as women, and I have a background both in psychology and some experience with eating disorders, although not in myself personally, so I find the psychology piece fascinating. There is a very true power and freedom in coming to understand how food drives the mental, physical and emotional effectively or not so effectively, where we free ourselves up to be in a healthier relationship with our bodies and food, and just a place of harmony and awe for what they body do for us. I wish that discovery for you on your continued journey! If you have more questions, you can send them into us on our website contact form. – Heather, e3ee

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