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Off the Grid: Disconnect to Reconnect

My Sag Rising reading yesterday was “I trust myself to lead from a place of Love” …time to reconnect

.. how perfect as I pack today to leave tomorrow on an “off the grid” retreat into nature, silence and further Energy Medicine study with my spiritual family to magnify the vibration of love.

I won’t be “connected” to tech for 7 days; how freeing that feels after a decade of incredible energetic output for others to build our online business E3 Energy Evolved and our self-healing energy mission to help end thyroid & autoimmune disease.

The last time I went on an off the grid trip I was bouldering, hiking and rappelling off massive cliffs with 8 other crazies deep into the most unseen parts of Joshua Tree National Park in California with Outward Bound in my 20’s.

I had an 80 lb pack on my back, no showers, no bathrooms, and the same clothes for 8 days. It was a life changing adventure mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, when I was a hardcore 20-something Pitta adrenaline junkie.

What a difference two decades makes. From male energy to female energy, through the doorway of self-healing my thyroid and autoimmune disease naturally & drug-free also “off the grid” and outside the “system”.

Grateful to disconnect from all the noise to reconnect to and hear from my soul.

We forget that space & silence are the answer to all healing, as this is where we feel God’s presence at the deepest level.

When we stop crowding our minds, bodies and lives out with noise, clutter, distractions, unnecessary burdens, consumption of things we don’t need, unreleased emotions, unspoken words, we will finally discover our soul’s deepest healing & peace.

“May God himself, the God who makes everything holy and whole, make you holy and whole, put you together – spirit, soul, and body.” 1 Thessalonians 5:23


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