The 1st Reason You're Stuck In a State of Metabolic or Auto Immune Health Problems

The 1st Reason You’re Stuck In a State of Metabolic or Auto Immune Health Problems

We already received a number of questions from women struggling with the journey of trying to conquer their metabolic dysfunction and auto immune health issues, and we want you to know, this is going to be an important area of sharing for us.

It’s the core reason we began E3 Energy Evolved TM, because the vast amount of time and money it took us to beat the 5 imbalances & auto immune conditions that took over my body, is not something we feel anyone should have to go thru.

It was the single biggest challenge of our lives to beat together, & the most defining — as it changed the course of our lives forever, professionally & financially.

Instead of letting all the “I don’t know’s” from doctors beat us, we got angry and fought back, and literally traveled 3000 miles across the US to a practitioner who supported Olympic athletes, learned from his expertise, and then began my healing journey back for 1.5 years of aggressive, comprehensive changes in nutrition, environment, lifestyle, stress management, and energy use, which we learned as I returned to school to learn more about the art and science of holistic nutrition.

Which brings me to our first tip: the biggest mistake we see people making, whether you’re an athlete in metabolic dysfunction, or a person with a health imbalance you’re working towards finding successful healing on naturally, is you’re trying to point the finger at ONE thing, and it keeps you stuck.

This outdated mindset in medicine that, if you have a health or metabolic imbalance, there is one thing causing it, and you need to pursue test after test, to identify that one thing is ridiculously outright incorrect. While there may have been one thing that initiated your health problems, it’s usually actually a combination of many causes, which becomes a health issue, which then becomes a variety of a few health imbalances that need to be addressed, not one.

It keeps you in a health cycle of stuck & sick if you go in circles looking for the only one thing, convinced you will find it, when you’re missing the human body truth that actually your health & metabolic imbalance is caused by more than one thing, and often it’s MANY things out of balance that need to change.
A core reason we successfully beat five auto immune/metabolic imbalances naturally at once in such an effective, definitive way, is we accepted that the body is a comprehensive, connected unit of multiple integrated systems that effect each other & work together.

When one is weak, the next one compensates. Recognize that the human body is a sum of integrated systems all supporting each other, and acting together in very intricate ways at all times.

It’s the exact same concept as in strength & muscle development; your body addresses growth in healing in the same manner.

As you sit there getting no answers, or looking for that ONE thing, all you’re doing is allowing ONE more system to get weaker & fail, so it has to defer to the next one.

Please don’t misread our words or intention. We are not saying assessment isn’t a relative and importance process, we’re saying let go of the mindset

that you will find the one answer, and everyone with your health problem is suffering from this same one issue, and there is one solution that will meet that need for everyone. This is not how the human body works.

Instead, accept that there are typically MANY imbalances going on internally.
Accept that you may NEVER identify ALL the causes.
Accept that MANY change

s need to happen in your life to create natural healing in how you may be or may not have learned yet to support your body f

or better health, energy and metabolic function.

In your lifestyle, your stress management, your nutrition, your energy use, and your environment.

There is more to learn when it comes to integrative health of the human body. There is no way around this truth. Until you accept this part of your journey, metabolic and health imbalance may always be a part of your human body experience.

Your NEW Body Mindset:

If my body has gotten to a point that it is talking to me through imbalance enough where I am suffering, than it’s past the point of being “1 cause”.

I need to accept that there are multiple areas I need to learn, change & grow in how I’m caring for my body, & I accept the responsibility of what my body is asking me for help with.

Share below if you are experiencing some of these health imbalances, how long you’ve been experiencing them, & what shifts positive or negative you have noticed about your life, health & energy since they came on.

Author: Heather Dubé, HHC, AADP, ACSM CWC, NASM CPT, NC Cand. & BA Psychology, is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, US National-Level Natural NPC Figure Bodybuilding Competitor & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with 24 years experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System.

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  1. Wow. This article definitely reads true to me. A few years ago i moved to Denver, CO and experienced new pains and energy reductions i had never experienced before. Granted i was doing more work, biking nearly 50 miles a day at altitude, I just never felt more run down. After my blood work, the doctor said i had lupus but wasn’t certain and wanted me to admit me to find out more. I had never been admitted before and was scared. The next week i moved back to CA to get a second opinion from the DR. I grew up with. They also noticed autoimmune activity but they weren’t sure if it was lupus.. I ended up going from DR to DR looking for a solution and in the meantime was experiencing rapid weight fluctuations eventually going form 220 to 320 in one years time. Eventually my doctors came to an agreement. I was labeled with active Srogen’s Disease, Ulcers, and dormant Lupus.

    Trying to fix the solution was complicated. Granted, my activity level isn’t were it used to be but neither is my energy level. So i thought to attack my diet first. I’ve limited the amount of junk food that i eat to an all time low but i still haven’t got the macronutrient’s down to something that actually worked. I tried steak and potatoes, vegetarianism, failed attempts at veganism and paleo. Removing junk food from my life has brought my vitals down to their pre-sick levels 120/60, 55bpm, chloresterol–normal… but i still weigh 300 lbs and i haven’t found a diet that we can stick to that works.

    Now i’m just looking for a system to use. A way of eating, a way of exercising that is efficient, and a way of reducing stress(to heal my ulcers).. Obviously, these problems are connected somehow and i assume the solution must be connected as well. I just have no idea what it is.. but i’ll keep searching for it.

    1. Post

      Hi Jonathan, I’m sorry to hear of your struggles, all too common today. When we went thru my own battle, partial Lupus at 60% was part of my diagnosis as well, among 4 other auto immune imbalances, although I finally went the route of a non-allopathic practitioner out of frustration at numerous misdiagnosis leading up to that point.

      I’m glad to hear you’re still working at your journey of natural energy recovery. Keep your activity and energy demands lower til your body answers you with better energy. Great move on your nutrition shifts, start in the right direction. We are glad you’re here, you’ll learn a lot on our blog about what produces energy naturally in the human body & what negates your energy to avoid. Please read actively and experiment with our suggestions on how to use holistic nutrition & integrative health strategies to further improve your health, healing & energy naturally.

      There is a lot you can do naturally by using food & environment in your healing. We were so affected by all that we learned on my natural healing journey,and what’s available to all of us, that we left all of our entire lives behind, I returned to school for holistic nutrition, and we began our work here to share this with others. Make sure to connect with us on our updates page so when we get further along in our launch you can receive our free gifts & downloads too! But you’re in a great place for learning more strategies to naturally heal your imbalances.

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. We understand your frustration & desire for more reasonable solutions & learning.

      That’s exactly why we created e3ee; we didn’t feel the process we went through to find our way back to life in my body naturally, and what we lost on that path, should be something others should have to battle through, and wanted to create a resource for others to learn & share!!

      In healing – Heather, e3ee

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