Off thyroid medications & lost 40 lbs with no exercise in just weeks to months

 Another spirit freed to be who she was naturally designed to be…. Her own e3 Restore Program.
Here is a lovely gratitude note from our e3 Restore Member Heather O. sharing her story and results from working under our direction on her custom e3 Restore Program we designed for her unique bodies natural restoration needs.
“Besides my weight gain over the last 14 years from medications, I lost myself and slowly lost my confidence. My adrenals were nuts because of years of high dose steroids doctors had me on. To think all those years they called that “normal”. I knew I wasn’t crazy!
I had developed a nervousness from the medications, I had never known. As the years went by, it developed into something much more worse than I realized. It affected my clarity of speech, my thoughts would get mumbled and I found myself stammering and twisting my words. I was nervous of what others thought of me, what I looked like, what I sounded like….. It became who I was.
Today, for the first time ever, I went into the first day of my class as just ME. Just NORMAL (well). And normal is AMAZING!
Thank you Damian and Heather for a gift no one can ever out give ME! You helped give me ME back! I will forever be grateful. AMAZING!” – Heather O.


Just some of her natural results in 3.5 months on her e3 Restore Program on complete REST, no exercise, eating a ton of food …
– Lost 6 inches in waist, 4 inches in thigh
– Lost 40 pounds body weight by eating more than double what she was & with no exercise – on complete rest
– Chronic acne vulgaris and psoriasis, which the doctors said she’d have the rest of her life, are now gone
– Energy and mood greatly improved
– Sleeping better than she has her entire life
– No more headaches
– No more hot flashes
– Digestion drastically improved
– No more body aches & pains
– Insomnia gone
– Healthier skin & hair
– Eliminated brain fog / improved mental clarity & work productivity
Reach out to our customer service team if you’re struggling to obtain similar results in a similar reasonable timeframe of just weeks to 6 months for your own thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic health naturally to optimize your wellness and fat loss while resting, doing zero exercise, and eating a ton of food.
They will provide you with the details on purchasing & scheduling a Functional Health Assessment with our two-practitioner team with personal and professional scope of work in functional medicine, functional nutrition, psychology and resting metabolism.
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