I Lost 12 Pounds in 6 Weeks with Little to No Exercise

This e3 Energy Evolved member story just came in and we want to share with it you. Kacie came to us not in a great place with her health, as a busy mom, wife, and interior designer.

No matter what she tried nutritionally and for exercise, her weight was either stuck or gaining. And even though she was reading up on all sorts of wellness and nutrition resources online, she was getting nowhere.

Her fatigue forced her to stop taking clients, she had chronic headaches, poor sleep, stress, brain fog, inflammation, and low sex drive. Her body’s imbalances were bleeding into her work, her relationships with her spouse and kids, and her SELF. She was trapped and disconnected from what and who she loved the most.

With the foundation of our custom e3 Energy Evolved program, which was designed to potently give to her body what it needed functionally and metabolically all along – in combination with LESS exercise – she shares her exciting wellness and metabolism restoration transformation over the last 6 weeks!

Kacie’s 6-week e3 Energy Evolved Transformation Story

“So far my e3 Energy Evolved journey has been great!

Is it hard? Yes. Is it a life change? Yes. Is it worth it? YES.

In the 6 weeks I have done my custom program I am sleeping better, I’m not as irritable, and I have fewer headaches. Still have work to do, but the one thing I have genuinely not focused on is my weight.

My weight the last couple of years has bugged me to no end, mainly because I have worked so hard exercising and ‘eating right,’ and my weight has always just stayed the same or I gained.

When I had my e3 Energy Evolved practitioner meeting to review my individualized wellness and metabolism restoration program, Damian asked me what one of the biggest things that was bothering me with my health right now.

I answered that my energy level was number one, but my weight a close second. As we were going over my lab results he said though my weight is important to me, we had to focus on healing my body.

Of course, I really wanted weight off now, like most. They recommended little to no exercise for me, which made me hesitate more.

But, since I’ve never been able to get the results I’d hoped for before no matter what I tried, I trusted their advice and expertise, and I let go of focusing on my weight the last 6 weeks, and it is liberating!

And, as it turned out, I just weighed myself and I have lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks on my custom program with little to no exercise, focusing on my healing! My clothes are baggy. My hubby thinks I’m sexy ;)

On top of that, I have had compliments from others who’ve said to me, “you look refreshed, healthy, and glowing.” I know I am doing something right because I see it and so does everyone else!

My skin and hair are improving and people are noticing. I’m getting healthy, again! And, I am going to focus on that! My body is FINALLY starting to have positive change after so long, and that’s exciting.”

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