22lbs lost in 8 weeks with no exercise & more energy than in YEARS

 Paula’s 8 week E3 Restore Transformation

Meet Paula E3 Energy Evolved Private “e3 Restore” Member.

“I tried every diet in the book. I have eaten pretty clean for close to ten years…. High fat, low fat, low carb, paleo, zone are among just a few. Nothing seemed to work and if it did it was very short term.”

Finally on her e3 Restore Program with us, her body had begun its journey back to the way it was always meant to be for her.. happy, transformed, well, healed, peaceful & lean.

Paula is a competitive CrossFit athlete who came to us struggling with very progressed symptoms of thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic imbalance.

No matter what she tried, no matter how much she worked out or exercise, no matter how well she ate an extremely committed whole foods Paleo nutrition program, or what resources she reached out to for help with her body, nothing worked, she felt horrible, hopeless that change would ever be possible, and the weight was progressively climbing on.

We assured her none of that mattered, because she hadn’t tried our e3 Energy Evolved e3 Restore Program yet, and we could quickly and e3 Energy Evolved Member 8 Week Progress Before After_PMillercomprehensively change all that for her naturally.

That our programs are so strategic, they actually generate physical, measurable results quickly & effectively for our distance members for immediate return on investment, and to the point they create sustainable and complete resolve that is forever life-changing so they can stop living with and chasing a dis-ease, and get back to living their life at their full potential mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

Just 8 weeks into her custom program, we led Paula’s body to lose 22 lb’s with NO exercise, that’s right ZERO exercise while eating very healthy amounts of food. Her inflammation naturally reversed, her internal pain lessened & her energy improved to the point she described having more energy than she’d had in years, and without use of coffee and with no exercise – just energy the human body is capable of producing for our mind, body and spirit when it has what it needs to thrive.

And, for the first time in many, many years, Paula was able to stop taking her sleep medications and experience healthy, restful sleep.

All of this amazing, restorative transformation was possible for her in just 2 months time of our highly targeted, comprehensive lab-based programming.

“I didn’t realize how poorly I have felt until now, experiencing how good we can actually feel, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg! I am trilled to know that it’s just the beginning and can’t imagine how good I will feel 6 months from now. I can’t wait! You have awakened a “beast”!! Hear me roar!!”

Increased Energy, Decreased Insomnia, Bloating and Headaches

On her custom e3 Restore Program, Paula finally started experiencing increased energy without coffee, which she previously relied on TREMENDOUSLY and her insomnia, bloating, headaches, ache and pains got better.

This is just the beginning of Paula’s recovery, she still has a long journey of healing from the inside out ahead of her, but her results don’t lie. Paula’s transformation has already begun, and she will continue to recover and feel amazing with each day of her program, naturally.

“I have felt horrible for quite awhile and the more strict I follow my program the quicker my results will come and the quicker I’ll feel better.”

You can restore your thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic health together, and lose weight with no exercise, but most importantly thrive in your body with an individualized, strategic, consistent methodology to correcting function & fat loss in our e3 Restore Lab-based Functional Nutrition & Metabolism Restoration Program.

Due to the highly bio-individualized & multi-layered support aspects of our private programs, only a few new private members are invited to enroll in our private e3 Restore Programs every month upon application review through our professional consultation, to ensure our members receive the highest level of individualized mind, body and spirit support to ensure their greatest outcomes & success.

PLEASE NOTE: With the number of applications we receive for distance support from individuals struggling with thyroid, autoimmune and metabolism imbalances from around the world who cannot find these unique forms of lab-based restoration programming where they are located, we can at times have an enrollment wait list depending on availability. Reach out to our team for our current e3 Restore Program availability & to schedule a consultation to apply to enroll in our programs.

If you desire potent, comprehensive change quickly and completely for your mind, body and spirit, so you can take your life back from your thyroid and metabolism imbalances and thrive, it’s just as possible for you (as it was for Paula) to discover a completely new way to experience your lifetime best wellness and metabolism naturally for the very first time in your lifespan.

Life is too short to accept experiencing your body as “less” of who you were put on this earth to be to live fully, deeply, and well.

We are so proud of & happy for you, Paula!

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