5 Types Of Professionals That Reverse Metabolic Damage

5 Types Of Professionals That Reverse Metabolic Damage

Is it just us, or does anyone us find it highly ironic that “metabolic damage” is becoming this ridiculously HUGE marketing trend now in the fitness/coaching industry online and on forums, and some of the same d*mn coaches and fitness professionals who cause metabolic damage in their athletes, are now scrambling to claim they can help athletes naturally correct it?

When did being a fitness professional or athletic coach become equal to being a trained professional in understanding integrative human body health, nutrition, energetic systems and healing?

Please understand, there will always be a very few exceptions to this rule, but in a huge industry, you can count them on one hand, maybe even less.

This is highly upsetting to us, having gone through the massive time, money and effort it cost us to heal Hashimoto’s disease, adrenal fatigue, auto immune disease and candida, naturally. As someone who had this back in ’08 before anyone was talking about it really in the fitness crowd, we’ve seen a huge shift in that just in the past 12 mos and it’s highly disturbing, and, worse, it’s putting women in more danger, delaying them from getting to qualified doctors and practitioners that can help them.

Watch the heck out, ladies! Use your intuition. And choose wisely in your recovery paths. Because there are people out there looking to jump on this trend as a money making scheme, with zero experience in healing it, and just an interest in making money of the demand & need they’re creating in the first place.

People need to stop making untruthful claims that are just about their “bottom line” and allow the people that can heal these issues naturally, and have a community of doctors and practitioners in their circles to refer to as needed to heal these issues naturally, to help women that are ready to invest in the process of reversing their imbalances naturally. Those who break down internal systemic function through sub par nutrition & training methods for athletic or body composition goals are not formally trained in how to fix what they break in the first place.

What you’re doing is not right, and in all honesty you’re risking people’s lives, whether you realize it or not.

And if you don’t like our honesty, oh well, because someone whose been through this and has vast experience on both the unhealed and healed side of this journey, and I mean completely healed, needs to sound the alarm of what is possible for people financially and health-wise who don’t get their metabolic damage corrected, and corrected safely, effectively, efficiently, and comprehensively.

We’ve gotten a $40,000 front-row education in wisdom and experience of being dragged through this misery and back to figure out how to heal it, enough to know what uneducated coaches are risking these women by trying to heal them. MD can advance to life or death situations.

Advising in areas of holistic nutrition and corrective integrative health work without education can be what gets people into this mess in the first place, what makes you think that approach will get them out of it? Because it won’t, it will only make them worse, costing women more time, money and risk.

I can’t even go on some fitness forums to discuss this topic because I know I will absolutely lose it on some of the people talking about claiming they can help suffering women and athletes. I keep praying women have the sense and intuition about them to find their way to the right and honest people.

A fitness professional or coach, even the “best” coaches in the industry, aren’t formally educated in non-negotiable integrative health, detoxification, stress management, energy recovery, systemic healing, lifestyle & environmental changes, or anything that can naturally and correctively address key non-negotiable human body health issues such as pH, bacteria, digestive wellness, or yeast, just to name a few, that effect your body’s ability to heal drug-free, and your overall metabolic health and energy.

If professionals are unwilling to “stay in their lane” because they are more concerned about making a buck then you’re life and welfare, then you need to be smart enough to know how to weed out the unqualified people who are treating a very serious and dangerous health issue as a marketing trend that feeds their pipeline of clients, because that is where the demand is now because untrained and ill-prepared coaches in nutrition and fitness, or coaches and athletes choosing to use synthetic vs. natural means of changing their bodies because they don’t know how to use advanced nutrition to produce that same result or may not have wanted the work of doing so at the time, have created a mess of women with internal imbalances that have led to their metabolic damage.

There will be some exceptions to the rule of coaches who are trying to be helpful and may just not realize they won’t have all the training necessary to be able to assist you, and even still there will be a few exceptions to the rule of coaches who can genuinely help you, but in a massive industry, you can count those people on one hand. So be smart.

And unless the person you’re working with can offer you some form of actual diagnostic assessment involving lab work that looks at things like your urine, saliva, blood and stool for key markers, then you’re just getting generalized information, which never heals as effectively as looking under the hood of your own body.

So, if a fitness professional or athletic coach isn’t the right professional to heal your metabolic damage, then who is?

Here are our suggestions….and it should be common sense that they should have at least ONE or more examples of successfully healing metabolic damage either in themselves or in a client.

AND, here’s the catch… that most people are missing.

Listen carefully to us, because this is a huge human body wisdom nugget we can offer you from personal experience successfully healing these imbalances naturally, drug-free.

A successful “healer” is not someone that applies enough protocol til your symptoms disappear; instead, they’re someone who understands that the human body is never fully healed until your body is in homeostasis – this means, EVERYTHING heals all at once, just like it did for me, just like it did for Damian on my way back from my metabolic damage when we created the e3 Energy Evolved system or “lifestyle” that help me beat it.heather-v7

The human body when it is truly healing and returning to balance, heals ALL imbalances, so unless all your other health issues like allergies, skin issues, frequent yeast infections or colds, etc. go away, then guess what? You’re NOT completely healed, and your metabolic damage could just be muted and lying dormant getting worse inside.

The practitioner who can actually assist you to beat this naturally drug-free will know it has to be addressed aggressively, comprehensively, and bio-individually, and it cannot be solved by simply popping pills, even practitioner grade therapeutic nutraceuticals.

They absolutely must have formal education in some form of integrative medicine, health, and/or functional nutrition. Sports nutrition doesn’t qualify. Being a world class athletic coach in no way qualifies you nutritionally to heal metabolic damage also.

The 5 Trained Professionals Who May Be Able To Heal Your Metabolic Damage

  1. Some form of integrative health / functional medicine that can offer you all of the above knowledge, experience, results & credentials
  2. A functional, holistic, diagnostic or clinical nutritionist that can offer you all of the above knowledge, experience, results & credentials
  3. A DC (Chiropractor) that can offer you all of the above knowledge, experience, results & credentials
  4. A ND (Naturopath)  that can offer you all of the above knowledge, experience, results & credentials
  5. There also can be other forms of doctors such as a PhD in Nutrient Biochemistry that can offer you all of the above knowledge, experience, results & credentials

WISDOM TIP: These practitioners are doctors are not easy to find. And you probably will end up spending money and time on a few before you get to someone that gets you more than just “some” metabolic damage recovery.

And the even tougher part is, there are still “alternative” practitioners and doctors who don’t know how to heal metabolic damage because their approach is too generalized, not comprehensive enough, relies only on things like nutraceuticals & B-12 shots, doesn’t address the core foundation of healing naturally drug-free which is and will always be holistic/functional nutrition, and doesn’t account for all the things the add to and detract from human body energy.

When I was going through this, at first I flew over 3,000 miles away to work with a DC for a week who treats Olympic athletes and people from all over the globe.

But at least now you’re path to heal metabolic damage can be SO much more cost effective and accessible than ours was, because you can work with formally trained practitioners and doctors like us who offer forms of lab work and metabolic testing for distance-based clients, so you can be supported by qualified people and don’t have to invest in the incredible cost of medical travel, as we did at one point.

Some people who are advanced enough, may still need to go to someone in person. Everyone is different, and you won’t know that answer until you 1 – get to the right type of qualified practitioner & 2 – get assessed to know where you stand today, so you can get qualified professional recommendations on your options, the best next steps to take, and what is the most efficient, safest and fastest path for you to correct your imbalances drug-free naturally.

If you have questions on what is your best bet or who to go see, post them below & we’ll do our best from our professional experience and education to help you.

If you’re ready to get well today & start taking your life back, send in an e3 Energy Evolved programs enrollment application to share your interest with us in our unique energy recovery support programs, including metabolic testing, to reverse metabolic damage safely, effectively, COMPLETELY, and drug-free.

Please understand, we were not able to figure out how to reverse and completely heal my metabolic damage naturally drug-free either from simply reading information online and trying to piece things together, and you never will either. And you’re risking your life, a lot more potential sickness and a ton of money fixing it, by putting off the inevitable.

I had to get to a professional initially too, then both my husband and I became holistic health/nutrition & functional diagnostic practitioners to continue to learn more about corrective health and energy recovery work.

No one will get the answers they need on their own, or from sources that have no formal education to offer you in blending the sciences and arts of integrative health & nutrition to generate restoration and healing.

Author: Heather Dubé, HHC, AADP, ACSM CWC, NASM CPT, NC Cand. & BA Psychology, is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, US National-Level Natural NPC Figure Bodybuilding Competitor & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with 24 years experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System.

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  1. Hi. I am 33 years old and I have been struggling all my life to lose weight. And I actually did lose weight by dieting. I lost 30 kilos then I reached a plateau so I decided to take diet pills. And it made me lose another 10 kilos, but every time I stop taking them I gain the weight back, so I go back to taking them. I have been on this cycle for the past 5 years!! So now I completely damaged my metabolism, I never lose weight even when I diet and exersice. I am really frustarted cause I don’t want to take these diet pills ever again cause I know they are life threatening. So I really need to fix my metabolism in order to be able to lose weight naturally. Please help me and tell me which doctor I need to go to. I need a professional who knows what he/she is doing. Thanks in advance

    1. Post

      Hi Sarah, you’re struggle is quite common, but there is simply no reason that should be the human body experience anyone is stuck in, because the body can change and repair quicker than you’d often expect if given the proper tools & leadership. It sounds like you’re unaware that you’re on the company website owned and operated by a Functional Nutritionist & Diagnostic Nutritionist that offer clinical level customized distance programs utilizing labs that have proven results in reversing metabolic damage and functional health issues naturally, showcased in our case studies on our website. Please go review the case studies of our client natural transformations/restorations on the work with us page of our website. Then contact our company on the contact page of our website to purchase and schedule a consultation to receive professional help. Our staff will get back to you with information in 24-48 business hours. Our company is one of the top recommended tele-medicine providers by one of the top labs in the US for providing innovative results-based diagnostic-driven programs online to people around the world. Currently, we have 3 private mentoring spots remaining until June 2016. In restoration, Heather

  2. Hi- I am facing metabolic damage and been working with a functional dr since August but have continued to gain weight and nothing seems to be improving except that i finally got my cycle back after 11 month hiatus. I Have gained 11lbs in 7 months by slowly increasing calories from 1200 to 1550. I have very high cortisol (24 dry urine test), low t3 and t4 and meds are not helping w levels, low testosterone, chronic inflammation, tested high for toxins and i am taking something to bind toxins now. I had issues with my gut but we were able to get rid of the bacteria and candida. But the weight gain and resistance is the biggest issue right now and it isnt improving. Any ideas of what else I can do? How long does it typically take to fix this? Thanks in adance for any advice!

    1. Post

      Yes, but to get “ideas” we need to ask your body what it has to tell you through our diagnostics strategy, that your resources are still missing, because if all your imbalances were resolved, you would not still be struggling with metabolic resistance. That’s what our company does professionally. Unfortunately, there is no way to give an estimate over the internet in a blog comment thread how long it takes to correct their clinical health imbalances. They need to be assessed by our team in order to provide you with an estimate during a professional consultation. Also, everyone’s restoration journey is individual, and your results depend on the accuracy and strategy of the plan that is mapped for you by your guiding practitioner, as well as many other physiological & psychological aspects in relation to implementation of your program. What I can tell you from both professional and personal success is some paths and strategies are quicker than others. Please contact our company for further assistance so we can help you make progress. This is work we do professionally for our clients in diagnostic nutrition, wellness, metabolic health, human body change and psychology. We cannot make personal health recommendations of the nature you’re asking over the internet legally, nor would we, until we are in a patient client relationship and have clinically assessed your health to protect your safety, and you should be highly wary of any clinical health professional who does otherwise. Our staff can be reached for consultation purchase and scheduling at hello@e3EnergyEvolved.com. Have a great week.

  3. Good read. At the end of the day, any type of metabolic damage/adrenal fatigue is going to take time. I’m happy you pointed out how there’s some people that can help and some that can help not so much. Heather I’d love to have you on my podcast to discuss all of this and more. Can you email me so we can set this up?

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