Welcoming a New Era For Our e3 Energy Evolved

Welcoming a New Era For Our e3 Energy Evolved Family

On the heels of my last post about energetically attracting what is yours.. It’s my great joy to share BIG NEWS 💓 …we are welcoming a new era for our e3 Energy Evolved offerings and community.

Our new office, yoga & retreat center

We are opening an E3 Energy Evolved office in Scottsdale at Shantiful, at the base of the gorgeous PHOENIX (rising) mountains ⛰! We are welcoming a new era by coming out of HIDING to play with our e3EE AZ tribe and online community + clients.

Shantiful means “peaceful”. After 11 years of deep committed work to attain my physical, spiritual & Energetic peace and power, we’ve been led to our new peaceful home at the perfect time to EXPAND our creations.

Expanded education, expanded services, expanded home

For months, I’ve felt a call to find a home to begin advanced e3EE seminars in thyroid & fatigue recovery for consumers & Practitioners; and our new Bio-energetic offerings, bringing all our work together in ONE space,..

I made an energetic decision on the plane ✈️ home a few weeks ago after being asked to speak impromptu at an event in Texas on Bio-Energetics to a roomful of entrepreneurs. It was time to find this home and expand our services into seminars, healing retreats, and the Bio-energetic teachings, yoga and integrative breath work I’ve dedicated the last 3.5 years of my life studying, integrating and becoming a practitioner & Master Trainer of, and one of the first-ever of as a $50,000 investment in my credentials and education, as I approach my graduation!

And, God was about to bring me everything I needed.

How I manifested Shantiful energetically

So I wrote out my intentions and a few days later connected with her via email.

Turned out her new center wasn’t hers alone, but a gorgeous sacred co-working healing space. There are highly elevated healers in their energetic practice in a corporate office park in Scottsdale. It has 7 offices named after the 7 chakras she was working in with a yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️;classroom downstairs, also for seminars.

They had 1 office left with a massive window looking out over the Scottsdale mountains. We needed this for filming training videos.. and in 12 hrs the final office was ours.

It would in fact be the Ajna chakra room which is third eye 👁.. Strengthening of the mind. 🧠 So perfect! 👌🏻 A return to my education roots which began in Psychology, and expanded into Energy & Positive Psychology.

e3 Energy Evolved as a whole hub-wife team would be the final practitioner team to bring the office to wholeness. We will return to our soulful patients what felt right in my body as wholeness. As an example of possibility to other souls seeking wholeness, 🙏🏻 we dedicated our lives to walk in this world of physical and spiritual wholeness.

Our new programs & events coming soon…

We will be announcing our opening date soon, & sharing more about our new upcoming e3 Energy Evolved seminars, events, advanced yoga & breathwork classes. We also be offering 2-day healing retreats for our local & distance community! Similarly, our leadership functional & metabolic nutrition correction of thyroid, autoimmune and fatigue conditions that we have offered through our flagship e3 Restore program online for years will be available for application and consultation at our new center as well, among other services and offerings.

Our e3 Energy Evolved programs and services at Shantiful will be offered by appointment & scheduled event only.

After many years in the online wellness space, we look forward to meeting many of our patients and online community of followers in person, in addition to the many doctors, nutritionists, practitioners and health professionaks that follow our work.

Come PLAY with us in our new sacred space at Shantiful. Expand your peace ✌🏻, and receive the pure joy & freedom of advanced integrated whole-healing. 💛⚡️🙌

Massive GRATITUDE to the expansive Energy souls who the universe used to bring this to us!!

May we continue to expand a world for all truth-seeking souls; who refuse to settle for less than a whole experience.

Excited to share all that e3 Energy Evolved stands for & teaches in Science, Psychology & Energy Medicine, expanding our services in our newly expanded space!! Join us in welcoming a new era for e3 Energy Evolved!

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