Stepping Into Your Power Through Choosing Transformational Healing

Stepping Into Your Power Through Choosing Transformational Healing

I’m just going to say this authentically, because it’s been on my mind a lot lately.

There are a lot of options for women to work on their wellness out there when I look around our industry, and there are a lot of different philosophies. 

And, that’s okay – because not every path to results or transformation is a good fit or “comfortable” for everyone.

However, there are not many options frankly like ours at e3 Energy Evolved that we see around the industry that offer women very potent, comprehensive wellness and metabolism [weight loss] restoration at the same time.

I look at websites and I see testimonials of others clients that frankly are very general and elusive. They don’t cite any actual physical or measured human body change in terms of the human body, metabolism/weight loss, or the time it took them to create that human body change for the client. Their testimonials are just “I learned so much about my wellness or food” or “the recipes I got were terrific”.

But, the truth of the human body is, creating freedom from your spirit from all the out-dated ways of approaching the body, requires that we actually step into and experience MEASURABLE transformation physically, mentally and spiritually.

And, why would you not want physical measurable transformation, for your invested time, money & energy & actively seek that out?

This is the part I find most fascinating, having a background in psychology.

I think the truth is that when our “self” sees physical transformation happening in other beings, we desire it for our self/spirit, but our “ego” holds us back because the prospect of changing scares most women to death. Because you can’t step into physical change if it’s done without facing spiritual and mental changes. You’re going to have to confront and address things in your life maybe you’ve been holding onto as well.

Choosing physical transformation requires that we choose courage, that we peel away layers, accept FULL and complete ownership for the “reality” of our bodies, and that we’re willing to evolve our “self” and stare our deepest secrets, hurts and desires DEAD in the eyes and be fully ready to experience & move past them. Be ready to step into your own power.

When we take on the responsibility of and acceptance that we can and are fully capable of physically transforming our wellness and our human body reality, we are showing deep courage and willingness to step past and confront all our mental, emotional and spiritual fears.

I think honestly, most women are scared to death of stepping into and accepting their own power through choosing physical transformation.

Are you ready to take control and step into your healing power?

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