Thyroid & Fatigue Freedom: CJ at 71 years old

One of our 71 year old E3 Energy Evolved e3 Restore Clients in our Facebook Community had severe fatigue & sleep issues for decades. She also had severe constipation her entire life, among other things.

As a result, she has suffered her entire life.  She’d sought help from conventional doctors as well as functional doctors, with no positive results to speak of. 

Today, she is celebrating freedom from fatigue & a lifetime of constipation!

Before e3 Restore: tired, weight gain, sleep issues, lifelong constipation

In the past, every time she was prepping for her colonoscopies, the bowel preparation solution her doctor instructed her to drink prior, which is designed to trigger bowel-clearing diarrhea, had no effect.  She would still be unable to have a bowel movement.

Just weeks into e3 Restore: more energy, rested weight loss, restful sleep, elimination of constipation

In our reassessment call with her the other day, just a few weeks after starting her bio-individualized e3 Restore program, she reported the following:

  • ⚡️More energy throughout the day
  • ⚡️No afternoon crashes
  • ⚡️Sleeping much better
  • ⚡️Down 4 pounds while resting (no exercise)
  • ⚡️Constipation – completely gone
  • ⚡️Having regular bowel movements at least daily

In our clinical opinion, the elimination of her constipation is the biggest win of all. It is something she’s suffered for her entire life, as mentioned above, now completely gone

“I’ve suffered from constipation my entire life. Even the solution they’d give me prior to my colonoscopy would have no effect on me.  For the first time in my life, I’m having regular bowel movements. I feel lighter and more comfortable in my clothes. I didn’t even realize how much discomfort I was experiencing until it went away!”

CJ, e3 Restore Program Client – 71 years old

Healthy digestion is key to a long, well life

A well-formed bowel movement at least daily is one of the primary ways the body removes toxins.  When you’re not able to have 1-2 bowel movements per day, that toxic buildup can have a profound negative impact on the body’s ability to restore its function. 

In many cases, its due to some sort of infection that’s either been mis-diagnosed or just not effectively treated. It’s not surprising that when her constipation subsided, so did her fatigue and sleep issues.  Way to go CJ!!

End your health struggle in weeks

If you’re struggling with severe fatigue, sleep issues, or constipation, click this link to book a call with our team to learn more about our e3 Restore Program, and start celebrating your own thyroid & fatigue freedom.

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