Why You Won’t Heal Your Thyroid & Fatigue With a Few Supplements

Why You Won’t Heal Your Thyroid & Fatigue With a Few Supplements

Do you know somebody who’s taking six, eight, or ten different medications?  I know people who fit this description, and it frustrates us to no end. When you ask them what they’re for, they respond, “Well, this is my thyroid med, this is to lower my cholesterol, this is for my joint pain, this one’s to help me sleep, this is for my heartburn, this is to help my mood…” This was never how we were meant to experience our bodies.

The ironic thing is, if a doctor prescribes a plethora of medications, most people don’t question it, they just take them without any regard to what those medications are doing to their health or body in the short and long-term.

On the flip side, if that same person is asked to take that many supplements, they question it. “Why do I need to take all these?”  “Is this really necessary?”  “This can’t be healthy.”

Well, if you’re buying your supplements from GNC, Walmart, CVS or Amazon, they may not be healthy.

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What if a More Targeted, Potent Nutrient Plan Would Create Thyroid & Weight Loss Improvement For You in Weeks

But, what if I told you right now it’s possible the only thing stopping you from ending your thyroid disease or chronic fatigue was ONE thing: a much more potent individualized nutrition plan that gives your body more targeted nutrients to create more change for you?

Would you be willing to embark on that path?

The fact is, when you’re in a dis-eased state, you are not drug deficient, but you are nutrient deficient.  Each system and/or organ of the body requires different nutrients in order to perform its tasks.  Many organs require the same nutrients.

For example, the mineral selenium is needed by the liver for detoxification, aids in oxygen transport by red blood cells, necessary for pancreatic function, protein synthesis and by the thyroid for the formation of T4 and conversion of T4 to T3.  These are just a few critical functions in the human body of selenium.

Since the liver is arguably one of the most vital organs in the body (without proper removal of toxins, we cannot survive), its requirements take precedence over less vital functions.  The liver needs selenium for the production of Cytochrome P450, an enzyme essential for the removal of excess estrogen, drugs like synthetic hormones and other prescription meds, heavy metals, and other toxins from the environment and metabolic waste.

Because most people’s bodies today are completely overwhelmed with toxins, much of the selenium stores are used up by the liver, leaving very little left to perform other functions like those of the thyroid. Yet we wonder why more than 20% of our population suffers from thyroid disorders.

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It’s not just selenium. Chromium is needed for glucose regulation, protein and cholesterol synthesis, zinc is needed for acid-alkaline balance, endocrine function, the digestive tract, reproductive activity, etc. The list goes on.


Yeah, But I Eat Healthy Food; I Don’t Need to Take a Lot of Supplements

This may have been true 150 years ago, when there were very little environmental toxins, much less stress, crops were rotated, grown locally & seasonally and not genetically modified or sprayed with pesticides, and animals were raised eating grass and bugs and not pumped full of hormones.

The nutrient content of food today, even if organically grown, is nowhere near what it was a century and a half ago.  On top of that, our nutrient demands have increased over the last 100 years to deal with the onslaught of chemicals in our environment and our homes and the increased stress in our lives.

In order to make up the difference between the nutrient content of then versus today, we need to supplement with quality, potent vitamins and minerals.

This holds true for everybody, including the “healthy” because nutrients are what actually create your health.

However, if you are one of the many who suffers from adrenal fatigue, thyroid disease, digestive issues, seasonal allergies, skin rashes, emotional instability, brain fog… (I’ll stop this list now, otherwise I’ll lose the attention of those with brain fog), then your bodies need for micro-nutrients are far greater than just a multi vitamin-mineral complex, or just a few adrenal support supplements, melatonin, and maybe fish oil, if your goal are to reverse your thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic health imbalances naturally.

In fact, one of the biggest errors we observe when going through a consultation with someone who comes to us for help as they’re still not getting results with their doctor or practitioner, is people are often lacking a more effective micro-nutrient plan from their current advisors that will create more change for them functionally and metabolically in their body for improved thyroid function and weight loss.


It Can’t Be Healthy to Take a Lot of Supplements

Often someone will mistakenly assume it can’t be healthy to take more than just a few supplements. Let us squelch this informed argument right now. I’ll address this by asking a couple of questions.  “How’s your health now?”  “How’s the health of those sitting next to you?” On average, everyone has disease and health imbalances, and one of their many common denominators that makes them all the same, is they don’t give their body enough nutrients.

If you have a thyroid disorder, your thyroid is likely not the primary issue.  It’s just another symptom of malfunctions happening systemically.  Why would just taking a supplement to “support your thyroid” be the only thing your body is asking for?

You may not be digesting your food properly, which may require supplemental assistance.  Your intestinal tract may be overly permeable, which may require supplemental assistance.  Your adrenals may not be firing properly, which may require supplemental assistance.  Your phase I or phase II detoxification may be sub-optimal, which may require completely different nutrients.

Your kidneys may be overwhelmed. You might have dysbiosis, infections, or several other imbalances within your body. Does it make sense that you’d only need a multivitamin and fish oil cap to restore all these functions?

Maybe to most practitioners it would, but for complete restoration from our personal and professional experience successfully and powerfully reversing Hashimoto’s disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it makes absolutely no sense, and our personal transformation proves it. If you expect your body to do more work for you, and create more change for you, then one of the many things you need to do is giving it more to work with in the form of micro-nutrients, or work with a leader who knows how to do this for you to guide you to effective results.


How Do I Know What I Need To Restore My Health?

You probably don’t.  Heck, most doctors don’t even know.  The best way to know what your body needs to restore function, in my experience, is to peel each layer and look deep inside your body at multiple areas of function.  This would best be done through several different labs (not the labs you might find on Theranos, I’ll write about this another time).  More importantly is finding and working with a practitioner that can properly assess those labs on a multi-functional level, and create a restorative program for you, such as our online e3 Restore Program.

It is critical that your practitioner can offer you leadership in functional nutrition, views the body in a holistic manner, and has proven to produce the results in themselves and/or their clients that you’re seeking.  Nutrients are going to be the most powerful tool to help restore your thyroid, so going to a doctor who has extremely limited education in nutrition, doesn’t make much sense.  Especially when much of what is taught in that single nutrition class is inaccurate information influenced by the medical establishment and food companies themselves.

That practitioner should also have achieved good health in him or herself, and have patient/client case studies reflecting his or her capabilities through the results showcased.


Can I Continue Eating Less Than Healthy Foods If I Take More Supplements?

Quality food in the form of macronutrients is critical to producing wellness as well, so the answer is no.  Quality food will help transport nutrients and allow your body to assimilate them.  Eating processed, refined, conventionally grown and raised foods will prevent your body’s ability to restore, even if you’re taking a lot of supplements.

You still need to eat your organic, grass-fed, free range meats, and organic veggies, nuts and seeds. Yes, I left out “fruit”.  That wasn’t an oversight.  If you’re in a healing crisis, “healthy” fruit may not be “healthy” for you for many reasons at this point in time of your journey.

Though it is our philosophy at e3 Energy Evolved that nutrients are what restore function in the body (not drugs), if you are taking medications, do not discontinue their use without consulting your medical doctor.

However, if you’re looking to restore your thyroid, autoimmune, and metabolic health naturally, we can help you by designing a powerful, individualized food & supplement plan, as well as education you on how to implement it, while managing it for you over time, so you can take your health back from thyroid and autoimmune disease, as well as weight loss resistance, quickly & efficiently at the same time.

What we’ve discovered through personal experience, as well as professional experience as Functional & Diagnostic Nutritionists, is that sadly the most important key to successfully beating these functional health imbalances is still missing from many of the resources people are accessing, and, that’s a practitioner who has proven experience in applying nutrients in both macro & micro-nutrient form to the human body in a potent, individualized and programmed manner to effectively produce physical measurable human body transformation functionally & metabolically.

We have created our e3 Energy Evolved online programs and our mission to powerfully transform your thyroid health & weight loss resistance online, help you reclaim your body from years of wasted time, travel, money and focus instead of endlessly chasing down these frustrating, costly chronic health imbalances that we experienced, where so many other paths & resources we see are sadly failing you and countless others.

No matter where you are in the world, right from the comfort of your own home. Contact our customer support team for more details.*

We custom-design the “map” for our online e3 Restore Members, using our strategic labs process, so you know exactly what food & supplements your specific body needs each & every day to generate potent change over time in a targeted, strategic approach.

No guessing, no general & often ineffective functional nutrition recommendations like “remove soy, dairy and gluten” or “remove nightshades” or “try autoimmune paleo”; just what YOUR bodies personal nutrient solution is, no one else’s, that will clear a path for it to finally produce more powerful change for you &, better yet, sustain that change for you once & for all.

*Our online e3 Restore Member Program has limited enrollment availability year-round. 

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