EMFs: The Invisible Energy Pollutant Keeping You Sick & Fatigued

No one can argue that the technological advances this country has seen over the past century are anything short of remarkable. Several decades ago, you’d be deemed as a witch if you said you were able to, in the middle of the Mojave desert, make a phone call, watch the NCAA basketball tournament, send someone a quick note, pay your …

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Why You Won’t Heal Your Thyroid & Fatigue With a Few Supplements

Do you know somebody who’s taking six, eight, or ten different medications?  I know people who fit this description, and it frustrates us to no end. When you ask them what they’re for, they respond, “Well, this is my thyroid med, this is to lower my cholesterol, this is for my joint pain, this one’s to help me sleep, this is …

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Ayurvedic Approach to Natural Fat Loss and Energy

Ayurvedic medicine believes the answer to healing is quite simple: harness your body’s natural ability and internal power to heal itself. They believe that personal health is an evolutionary, creative process that we must be engaged in at all times to create our best health and life through balance. Ayurveda suggests that it is best to eat according to foods harvested in a respective season. It also makes suggestions on when to eat and how to eat.

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Diving Into The Dairy Debate: Is Dairy Good or Bad For You?

For years, our homes have been pumped full of misleading information regarding our “need” for milk and dairy by the dairy industry, their lobbyists, the federal government, and the food pyramid. “Milk, it does the body good” is what they’ve told us – but does it really? The human race is the only species on this planet that drinks milk …

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3 Quick Lifestyle and Nutrition Tips To Boost Glutathione

  A primary concept of natural healing and the human body that many aren’t aware of just yet is regeneration; the human body is constantly regenerating itself at a cellular level. When we focus on learning various ways we can support our bodies to better regenerate themselves naturally, we can and often do experience positive shifts in our health. Whether …

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The Secret Triggers Keeping You Fat And Sick

Toxicology… the study of adverse effects of chemicals on the human body organism. Get to know this word if you truly want excellent health, improved metabolism, year round fat loss, and balanced health with no health issues. The vast amount of toxins your environment, house products, & beauty products bombard your body organism with, ramp up its toxic load to overbearing levels, weighing down …

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Sleep Hydration Tip to Improve Detoxification

An e3 Energy Evolved™ “Extra Edge” Fat Loss Tip straight from our camp. Ever thought of your pre-bed and morning hydration as potential game-changers to help you improve your metabolic health or fat loss? Try drinking a 16 oz glass of filtered water as soon as you wake up and another 16 oz glass just prior to bed. Water should …

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Choosing Vegetables For Fat Loss & Metabolic Health

  Sure, just getting more daily vegetable intake is a step in the right direction, but not all vegetables are equal in the game of improved natural fat loss, energy, & metabolic health where the human body is concerned. When you make choices that improve numerous areas of metabolic function you engage ALL of your fat natural fat loss & energy …