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Ayurvedic Approach to Natural Fat Loss and Energy

Ayurvedic medicine believes the answer to healing is quite simple: harness your body’s natural ability and internal power to heal itself. They believe that personal health is an evolutionary, creative process that we must be engaged in at all times to create our best health and life through balance. Ayurveda suggests that it is best to eat according to foods harvested in a respective season. It also makes suggestions on when to eat and how to eat.

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The real story is Superwoman is fat loss resistant and sick

I may take some heat for this one, but it needs to be said. Is this you? Are you a type A personality woman? The “I can do it all perfectly” wife, woman, girlfriend, partner and/or mother? Here’s our human body reality check though. You want more natural health &  fat loss? Then you need to create the space in …

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Honoring the ebb and flow of the female body

Lets be honest, it’s not the same in a woman’s body as a mans, it’s just not and it never will be. As women we are simply built to be and function differently as a human body. I have an amazing husband who supports me 200% in my goals and motivates me to no end with his example of natural …

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What Napping & Fat Loss Have In Common

Recovery (sleep, naps & rest activity) improves not just human body, but brain function. How we use our energy throughout our day carries over to our cognition, motivation, focus, creativity & mood. “What do Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali, and John F. Kennedy all have in common? All of them were brilliant thinkers and leaders, and all of them …

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Less Fitness Means More Fat Loss

Aren’t we funny how we assume if we’re not getting the natural fat loss results we want, we must not be doing enough fitness, so we’ll just do more? And when the fat loss results still don’t come, we get frustrated and move from “I’ll do more” to “why I am bothering” & stop altogether, stumping our ability to progress. Where …

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How Your Lack of Rest & Recovery is Blocking You From Better Fat Loss & Health

One of the issues making people struggle with fat loss, improved healing and metabolic health imbalances, is lack of integrating recovery more effectively into your lifestyle & fitness approach, or program design. Living a lifestyle of constant, endless stress, OR over training your body in a state of constant stress, actually can keep you from living a fat loss & …

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Choosing Vegetables For Fat Loss & Metabolic Health

  Sure, just getting more daily vegetable intake is a step in the right direction, but not all vegetables are equal in the game of improved natural fat loss, energy, & metabolic health where the human body is concerned. When you make choices that improve numerous areas of metabolic function you engage ALL of your fat natural fat loss & energy …