Do You Know Your Body's Fat Loss To Do List?

Do You Know Your Body’s Fat Loss To Do List?

Not moving the needle on your weight loss?

Feel like you should be getting more fat loss for the work you’re putting in?

Here’s the problem. Instead of seeing it how your mind sees it, try seeing it how your body sees it.

Your body gets up everyday with a “to-do list” & prioritizes that list by doing what keeps you safe, alive & running efficiently FIRST. Survival is its #1 goal.

Those allergy meds & prescriptions you’re taking, your body cares more about removing them than metabolizing your fat.

That injury you have, well, that’s going to require energy too from your body to heal & it comes before your fat loss.

Oh, and the alcohol you had last night & the heavy metals in the cosmetics you wear, those concern your body more than you losing weight, frankly.

And maybe your HIIT cardio over-extended your adrenals, now your energy balance sheet is tipped in the wrong direction.

Changing the human body is really not as simple as some of the fitness industry makes it yet; it’s not just about what we intake and what we burn, calories or numbers alone.

There are so too many other factors that affect your weight loss results – your hormones, your stress levels, your rest & recovery activity, your health imbalances, immunity, digestion, toxins, your lifespan, stressors in your location, and so on. We need to consider our own bodies bio-individual situation to build an approach that meets our own bodies unique needs.

Let go of the notion that body you live in, an integrated unit of amazingly connected & interacting systems has a Dr. Suess bodybugg-type “ticker” inside you deciding your results because it only holds your back from improving the level of natural health & fat loss change you could be getting.

Your bodies systems are working as a team referring to their total to do list & the longer your list, the less fat loss you may be enjoying for your hard work.

What do I do then, you’re probably saying… here it is: learn how to SHORTEN your list!

This is “e3 Energy Evolved” living. Damian and I are most definitely now “reformed human body list shorteners” after beating metabolic damage, Hashimoto’s disease, and adrenal fatigue, and now there is literally nothing on our daily list for the most part except health maintenance and natural fat loss, and no imbalances disrupt our health or life so we can keep up with intense work and life demands, running our own business, serving numerous distance and in person coaching clients, while tending to our own health goals and building e3 Energy Evolved educational products and programs to share with you soon!

Natural healing and balance will always precede fat loss on the bodies to do list, so once you start working in harmony with it’s goals, you’ll improve your own as well!

For  more learning & support to get a better result from your body, become a part of our e3 Energy Evolved community & you’ll also receive our free e3 Energy Evolved recipe guide, as well as our new “Redefine Your Energy” Guide we’ll be sharing soon that includes tips to top natural health & fat loss results through building your skills using the 3 levels of our unique e3 Energy Evolved system – your energy in, your energy out, and your energy environment.

Author: Heather Dubé, HHC, AADP, ACSM CWC, NASM CPT, NC Cand. & BA Psychology, is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, US National-Level Natural NPC Figure Bodybuilding Competitor & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with 24 years experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System.

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  1. Never ever, in all my years (HA), thought about it this way and it makes so much sense. Now I need to keep that make sure I keep that in mind when I am making my day-to-day, moment-by-moment health decisions. THANKS!

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