Two Weeks, Zero Exercise, Seven Pound Weight Loss

I wanted to celebrate our new patient’s immediate restoration results!

In just two weeks, Kristal has experienced seven pounds of weight loss while resting (no movement or exercise), and working on fatigue reversal, appetite restoration, and digestion correction. Many things to to celebrate.

She came to us as an airline stewardess with:

  • Constant fatigue
  • Inability to regulate energy or digestion
  • Thyroid issues
  • Inflammation
  • Inability to eat (she wasn’t sure what to eat that wouldn’t trigger her fatigue and autoimmune responses)
  • No appetite

She also couldn’t work out much anymore due to how her body was responding to exercise, even though she loved to; she felt trapped.

Kristal had been to two other California thyroid/nutrition professionals in the online space prior to seeking us out, one of whom started using the word “restoration” all over their marketing as soon as we launched our flagship bio-individualized clinical nutrition program “e3 Restore”.

Both programs didn’t get her any corrective results or changes in her body. Sometimes she even got worse. You can copy someone’s marketing, but you can’t copy someone’s RESULTS.

She joined our high-end clinical bio-individualized e3 Restore program hesitantly, given her experiences with other professionals in our space. She felt we were her “last hope” and took the plunge.

Good thing she did!!

Only two weeks into her bio-individualized e3 Restore program (which we designed with our strategic diagnostic approach and our E3 Energy Evolved methodology), Kristal is now down seven pounds while resting (yes, no exercise or movement), which as she put it, “is unheard of”. (yes, we agree!)

She’s also excitedly reporting she’s FINALLY experiencing increased and sustained energy throughout the day to better handle her busy job and airline customers, and her digestion is vastly improved – in fact, “better than ever”, she reports!

She’s eating again, looking forward to eating again, and actually hungry now that she has leadership and direction on what to eat specifically for her body’s course correction.

Results can happen so much quicker than you think in thyroid, autoimmune, metabolic and fatigue correction.

Two weeks. THIS is what the human body is capable of, and how badly it wants to change and heal for you.

It may be that you’re simply on the wrong path to results, or you’re with the wrong guide.

Outcomes don’t come from social media followings, speaking gigs or list sizes. They come from strategy, methodology, education, research, mentorships and experience.

Tired of no measurable outcomes from your doctor, nutritionist or natural practitioner?

Apply for enrollment to our e3 Restore Program and experience our life’s work and celebrate healing results.

We enroll one new student per month when we’re not on wait list. Learn more here.

Have questions? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you; just click here.

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