“What I learned from you was revolutionary & I thought I knew something about nutrition”

Busy mom in 40’s shares how her families life changed with unexpected gifts of energy, fat loss & natural healing.

CLIENT: Diane Nishwitz, age 40’s        INITIAL GOAL: Weight loss


  • 8 lbs weight loss
  • sustained her new fat loss lifestyle with ease
  • max energy, enjoys consistent morning workouts now because she has the energy for it
  • every single one of her health imbalances have naturally healed: mood, clarity, energy, hormonal/irregular menstruation, skin (eczema & dandruff), ganglion cyst
  • husband’s back pain, headaches & night sweats have all healed as well as a by-product of her program; he’s been able to return to running pain-free

Read her moving story of discovering a new way of living …..

“I feel awesome compared with where I was a year ago. I no longer feel fatigued through the day and consistently have mental clarity.

I actually have the energy to regularly workout now and really enjoy it. I look forward to working out first thing in the morning. A surprise to me.

I felt like I was clawing my way back to health until I worked with you.


Scott & Diane Nishwitz

I came to you for assistance with improving my weight loss, but I received more than I could have ever imagined, what you offer is about so much more than just a number on a scale, although that’s part of it.

Unexpectedly, all my health annoyances are gone as a result of the e3 Energy Evolved system. I no longer have dandruff or a troubling ganglion cyst in my wrist. My eczema is completely controlled now.

I would go 3 months without periods; doctors kept telling me I would need drugs to get pregnant. Now I have a regular period with no side effects.

I have maintained my fat loss with little effort besides the effort it takes to implement what I have learned from you. That has never been possible for me before. I understand how to manage my body so differently now, in a healthful way.

I don’t seem to have depressive symptoms anymore, either. And since having my Mirena IUD removed, I have regular periods with none of the expected “side effects” of a period.

In fact, I’m often surprised when I do start my period because I have no symptoms to warn me!

It should be noted that I have never had regular periods (would go up to 3 months without one), to the point that the doctors thought I would need drugs to get pregnant. Apparently in truth, I’ve discovered through the e3 Energy Evolved system that I have no to problem making babies.

Worth more than I could have imagined for not just myself, but for my entire family.

Knowing and experiencing what I have this past year after learning from you, I can’t imagine ever returning to the way I used to view nutrition or my health.

Some people will inevitably question or tease, or say I’m eccentric when they observe my new lifestyle habits.

I’m fine with that knowing that all aspects of my health have greatly improved and they are simply missing out on their own possibilities.

It was an act of faith and trust when I contacted you, and it was worth more than I could have imagined for not just myself but for my entire family.

My husband has even improved his health and is on his own journey, through the e3 Energy Evolved system.

He no longer gets headaches, or night sweats. He has finally discovered from your guidance & mentoring that his debilitating back pain has always been a direct result of his sugar intake.

What I learned from you was revolutionary & I thought I knew something about nutrition.

It’s actually kind of funny. He can eat a slice of cheesecake in the evening now and wake up with pain bad enough one would think that he injured it.

This only happened after he was willing to make nutrition changes with your program to a point that he could decipher these subtle differences in his nutrition (or lack thereof).

Mentally for him this has been huge. It was extremely demoralizing to feel like his body was failing him when he enjoys being active so much. He has even been able to run some again!

Even when I lost 15 pounds before working with you, I had issues with my insides not matching my outsides, if that makes any sense.

Outside, I may have felt I looked good, but on the inside I felt depleted from the bed rest, c-section recovery, and just surviving the day-to-day stuff of having 3 under the age of three. And that was 8 years ago. I felt that I was clawing my way back to health until I worked with you.

I’ve maintained my fat loss with little effort since, and there is no feeling of deprivation.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to lose weight. There was no deprivation, like I had felt when I cut calories before.

What I learned from you was revolutionary and I thought I knew something about nutrition.

My inside now matches my outside. I no longer feel like I don’t deserve the praise that I once got. I earn what my body does for me every day, inside and out, by making the choices I make. It has been a long road for an Air Force wife, home school mom of 3 boys, two of them being twins.

While I lost 8 pounds with the e3 Energy Evolved system & met my original goal, the greatest gift I received from you was the knowing now that it’s not about weight loss. Energy is everything in health, fat loss just comes with it.”


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