Understanding food elimination diets & when you need one

Understanding food elimination diets & when you need one

When our bodies are out of balance internally & need our help to heal nutritionally to restore health & well-being, often we have to run clinical lab tests to identify what things we are internally over reacting to, and go on a temporary food elimination program, as one of many parts of our healing process.

A food elimination diet is the process of going through accurate testing with a form in integrative health practitioner or diagnostic nutrition professional who can appropriately identify for you what types of foods and food elements your body is over reacting to in that given moment in time, so you can remove them until your body essentially systemically calms down, restores function, and they can be integrated again at a later date once retesting confirms you’re ready for them.

A food elimination diet is not the same thing as testing for and having food allergies.

A food elimination diet is also not about finding a general food elimination diet online and trying it on your own.

A food elimination diet consists of clinical testing for and identifying all the unique and current food sensitivities only your body has at that unique moment, regardless of reasoning, and helping your body address them until it gets well, and we can never know this unless we test with a qualified practitioner using the appropriate forms of testing and interpreting them well.

If you’re having chronic, frustrating and/or recurring health symptoms you can’t beat, struggling to keep weight and fat off, and/or showing other signs of metabolic imbalance or damage, you may be a good candidate for this form of practitioner-based testing and nutrition programming work.

If you have more questions on this type of professional diagnostic nutrition practitioner support, visit our FAQ page  and send our team a note on our contact us page for further information on our e3 Energy Evolved clinical nutrition & lab testing distance support program options.

Part of how I healed my thyroid, adrenal fatigue & candida drug-free, was an individualized food elimination program that I received through appropriate testing, although I went through many failed tests first to find someone doing the testing right.

The human mind tends to knee jerk first always into the mindset of “I can’t”; we all struggle with this being human.

But, I made very important choices at that time in my life to put my bodies restoration first & I simply decided “I could” put my healing at #1 everyday above everything else because I chose to, and that’s what got me well completely & effectively without medications.

My elimination diet for the first 90-120 days consisted of only 4 food items I could consume & I did it 100% because I wanted to feel alive, healthy, in control of and in a balanced place of wellness with my body again. I wanted to have the energy again to be myself, to be an athlete. I wanted to save my life and I didn’t want to use medications as a false means because I no longer believed in a symptom-focused approach to the body.

So when I hear people express their concerns about nutrition being tough, it can be hard for me to relate because I had a long period of time in my early 30’s that I literally had to eat to save my life, and that is a fairly challenging path.

I didn’t go out and drink on the weekend, I didn’t have sugar here or there, I didn’t eat a piece of cake “because it was an occasion” that day, I didn’t consume anything that my body told me it needed to be freed up from for that period in order to get well, and I did it without frustration or deciding to be angry or selfish about it or my own needs or perspective vs. the human bodies perspective, or needing to know when I would be able to stop, or using having to bring food with me when I was mobile as an excuse to not stay committed to what my body told me it needed from me at that point in time.

I just did it day in, day out until my body restored function.

Facebook FramesOur level of commitment is a non-negotiable piece to how quickly nutritional healing will work for us, just the same as level of commitment to a fat loss nutrition plan effects how quickly it will work for us. There are no magic pills & short cuts to changing the human body with nutrition.

We can choose to place our focus on what’s hard & make it harder, or we can choose to place our focus on the learning, being grateful for our bodies & honoring them deeply for a temporary space of time for all the work they do for us day in, day out & get rewarded by getting well. But, we get to choose where our actions & minds go daily.

And let me tell you, being completely honest, if you ever go through a nutritional healing  plan like I did, following a fat loss nutrition plan seems like NOTHING afterwards.

Which is why I was able to return to competing nationally after my illnesses, and truly find joy in every single aspect of experiencing my body at that level with gratitude and 200% commitment to my goal for two years of being on my training & nutrition program. So much of our ability to commit and be successful to our goal begins in how we decide to see what it is we’re doing. We 100% get to control our mind, always.

If we need to be on a food elimination diet temporarily, can we get well if we don’t commit 100% everyday to our plan in the beginning? Most likely, however, just know it will create a longer path that costs you more time, energy and money to recover. Once we understand the consequences of our choices, then we can at least know the outcomes.

We recommend when you’re working through an elimination diet to do your best to commit 90% or better to your program, 100% being optimal and most effective, until function is restored and your health or fat loss challenges are resolved.

Author: Heather Dubé, HHC, AADP, ACSM CWC, NASM CPT, NC Cand. & BA Psychology, is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, US National-Level Natural NPC Figure Bodybuilding Competitor & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with 24 years experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System.

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