Why This New Years Has Me Teary

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Dear 2013,

You have no idea how long we’ve waited for you. I am overwhelmed to tears knowing you are finally here.

Tears of overwhelm, tears of utter exhaustion, tears of joy, tears of peace, tears of pleasure, tears of gratitude for what’s to come in 2013, and the opportunity to give back greatly to others, tears of finally being able to begin to rebuild and return to our lives as we envisioned on our wedding day, before auto immune illness & metabolic imbalance came into our lives and we were tasked with the long, and not easily answerable goal of learning how to heal my body naturally drug-free.

It’s been 5 long, hard years of unexpected & constant challenge and change since our battle to heal my auto immune, adrenal fatigue, and Hashimoto’s disease naturally in 2008-2009. Job loss, home loss, chronic illness, relocation, and on an on. If anyone had told us in 2007 the battles we were about to go through for our first 5 years of marriage, neither Damian or I would have believed them.

In 2006, I came off the altar with a solid marketing communications job doing nutrition marketing in the agriculture / grocer industry, an amazing new home and husband, our nest egg built, and dreams of starting our mini-athlete family, and all of that was taken away from us in an instant.

Only those closest to us know all we have fought through and continue to still, related to my 3 year battle with metabolic damage and auto immune illness.

The  total out-of-pocket costs it required of us to heal the level of illness we were subjected to because doctors repeatedly misdiagnosed my endocrine/digestive/immune imbalances for over a year is something we will never know for sure, and in the end, it doesn’t matter, other than that we strongly believe that people need to understand how life-changing and challenging this form of illness can get if it’s not taken seriously, even if you’re experiencing any form even minor endocrine or immune imbalance.

Also, they need to know they don’t have to accept living with these conditions, or drugs and surgery as the only “solutions”. They’re being sold a hill of beans by not being educated on forms of natural healing that can completely eliminate and reverse these health imbalances naturally and safely with no risk. And what we see so sadly and repeatedly today is people putting off their symptoms, and not thinking their anything much to care about or take action on, or just taking what their doctor says is the only “truth” mistakenly.

After the 3 years of my illness was mostly over and I was fully recovered, we had the arduous task of catching up on all the things we got behind on in life while I was chronically ill and unable to function because my energy was so low and my body was in such disarray. After catching up on four tax years in months time, it was estimated our out-of-pocket costs to naturally heal my auto immune illness was $35-40,000.

I became so ill I had to leave my job, while my husband lost his three times due to the economy. With no health insurance, and the fact that most natural healing treatments that actually WORK to eliminate a condition are not covered by health insurance quite intentionally, who can plan effectively for the $35-40,000 of out-of-pocket costs we had to battle to save my life from doctor’s errors? NO ONE CAN.

While we’ve been fighting all of this in the background and restructuring our lives, we’ve been so disgusted with what happened to us so needlessly, we knew this should never happen to anyone, ever again, so we’ve been patiently building oheather-v7ur mission, e3 Energy Evolved, to pay it forward for the world.

People that are very outwardly positive focused people often get assumed to be people with no struggle, when in fact they’re often some of those battling the greatest struggles of all, quietly, privately, resolutely, while giving back to others in need. Beating auto immune illness naturally while beginning a mission to share and educate others has been the hardest thing Damian and I have ever done in our lives, but, as such, it has yielded the greatest most positive rewards.

From what we learned and implemented in energy, nutrient, and environment lifestyle changes to heal my illness, not only did we beat my auto immune illness and metabolic damage drug-free, we were able to unexpectedly also naturally eliminate all health imbalances both Damian and I had in our bodies from all 30 years prior, from lactose intolerance, to cold sores, to athletes foot, to colds, allergies, and headaches. All gone, naturally & drug-free, through wellness changes to our lifestyle through holistic nutrition, our environment, stress management, and energy use.

Thru it all, Damian and I have remained determined to create E3 Energy Evolved, our mission to educate others on natural health & healing from what we returned to holistic nutrition school to study & learn, to create something positive out of negative, to make natural health & healing an expected standard in this world, and to prevent the loss that happened to us so needlessly through repeated medical misdiagnosis from happening to others.

We are both very different people today from all we’ve made it through together, we know our marriage as husband and wife will make it through anything, and we are incredibly grateful for the gift of parents who taught us to expect the fight in life, to handle it with grace, belief, and positive attitude, and focus on finding the good in all of life’s challenges & what you can learn from it, vs. choosing to have an attitude of “why me”.

We are both now very ready to return to what we intended for our lives to be as “newly marrieds” in 2006 after a journey of deep, long sacrifice.

2013, you are the year we can finally close the door on the chaos having to naturally heal Hashimoto’s disease, adrenal fatigue, & full-blown auto immune illness rebellion in my body created for us & stop being forced to fight backwards.

Now we will finally be able to fully focus every last bit of our all our energy forms (mind, physical, time & money) FORWARDS to helping others through our new e3 Energy Evolved mission.

So we are not at all surprised you arrive toting a “3” with you, bringing our 5 year journey of challenge and our e3 Energy Evolved journey and mission for this world full circle.

But as we close the door on this part of God’s path for the last five years of our lives, know this – Damian and I will NEVER forget what it was like to almost lose my life in the human body, to be completely out of control of its internal systems and how scary to watch that transformation take place over time at the hands of multiple doctor’s misdiagnosis.

We will never forget what it felt like to know the day I turned the corner back to creating and restoring life in my body naturally through broad-sweeping energy, nutrient & environmental lifestyle changes, or our daily committed work and learning these natural human body management over the next year and a half through investing in multiple forms of education and study on that journey to heal, what it required of us, and of our families, or what it almost took from us.

We will never, ever forget that hundreds of thousands of people are still needlessly going through what we went through today, misdiagnosis and mistreatment of digestive, immune & thyroid/endocrine system imbalances, being labeled with the wrong conditions, being told that “drugs, synthroid or thyroid surgery are the only answer” and losing years of their life, time, money and energy needlessly for it, as well as suffering needless health & body consequences for it.

We will now use the fullest extent of our strength to create and share knowledge, in an effort of prevention, so the natural human body health and healing truths that it cost us both so much to learn outside of the Western medicine community, that should be available to everyone freely, are made instead to be just that: common natural human body knowledge.

Let’s do this. Let’s awaken as many people as possible in this world to the natural health & wellness that the human body offers all of us.

2013, you are the year of e3. We are out of the eye of our 5 year sh*tstorm…be ready world, we are coming, we have a message, it’s going to be a LOUD one, and WE WONT STOP TIL IT’S HEARD.

Stick with us, it’s going to be an exciting year!  Become a part of our e3 Energy Evolved community by signing up for our e-newsletter, gifts & giveaways. If you’re experiencing endocrine, immune or digestive health challenges and need support, contact us to learn more about our e3 Energy Evolved Energy Restoration & Metabolic Recovery Programs offering individualized holistic nutrition &  health consulting support.

Author: Heather Dubé, HHC, AADP, ACSM CWC, NASM CPT, NC Cand. & BA Psychology, is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, US National-Level Natural NPC Figure Bodybuilding Competitor & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with 24 years experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System.

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  1. Incredible inspiring article, Heather! This is such a beacon of hope for those who struggle! Thank you for sharing so candidly, and for reminding people that positivity isn’t the result of a challenge-free life! It’s more often a hard-won mindset!

    1. Post

      Thank you so much, Aimee. Means so much coming from you. There is so much to be learned in human body challenge and imbalance, it’s honestly taught us more about the bodies natural desire & power to be wel, than anything else we’ve ever done. You are so right, it is about belief, patience, and giving a darn about finding the solutions, and trusting your intuition. This was, in the end, the hardest thing Damian & I have ever done in our lives, and that is why, it also have given us the greatest gift and reward of coming to live in our bodies at a whole new level, we never existed knew the 30+ years prior. So excited to work with you in 2013 & spread natural health education around this world together! XO

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