[VIDEO] Repurpose Your Nutrition & Fitness for Natural Fat Loss

Today, Team e3 Energy Evolved had the opportunity to share some of our unique e3 Energy Evolved_How To Repurpose Your Nutrition and Fitnessfunctional nutrition & fitness philosophy in a “Repurpose Your Nutrition & Fitness For Better Natural Health & Fat Loss Results” segment on ABC15 Arizona’s “Sonoran Living” Live tv show.

We talked about common errors people tend to make with their nutrition & fitness approach that hold them back from creating & using better energy with their bodies, so that they are often frustrated and lacking better natural health and fat loss.

We shared some quick & easy nutrition & fitness tips you can focus on trying in your own home to create better natural energy to rebalance your health, change your body & live the fat loss lifestyle.

e3 Energy Evolved on ABC 15 Sonoran Living Live with Hosts Terri & Susan

Having a blast with Hosts Terri and Susan of ABC15 Arizona “Sonoran Living Live”

We had such a fabulous time today on live with hosts Terri & Susan, and felt very blessed to be here today with them. What a great pair of hot stuff ladies who know how to make life fun and high energy. (I so fell in love with Susan’s hot gold pants today on this episode!)

Here are today’s segments for you to take a peek in case you missed this mornings episode or are not local to Arizona.

To download the original e3 Energy Evolved recipes from our upcoming cookbook that were all featured in today’s segment, go to our gifts page, enter your email in the box & they’ll be delivered to your email inbox instantly!

“Repurpose Your Nutrition For Better Natural Health & Fat Loss” Segment

[youtube width=”450″ height=”300″ video_id=”yld-g5TEcoE”]

“Repurpose Your Fitness For Better Natural Health & Fat Loss” Segment

[youtube width=”450″ height=”300″ video_id=”iBcGMRhZlVA”]

Share your comments or questions below regarding the e3 Energy Evolved tips & recipes we shared in today’s segments.

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