Why You Need a Plan to Achieve Your New Years Resolutions

Why You Need a Plan to Achieve Your New Years Resolutions

Well, it’s that time of year again, January the start of the new year.  A time when we all look back on the previous twelve months and think to ourselves, “Wow, where did the year go?”

Yep, time to start that new year’s resolution.  By now, your inbox is likely getting filled up with all the “New Year’s Resolution” emails.  So tell me… what’s  your resolution this year?

To make it back to the gym?

To start that new diet you’ve seen on the talk shows?

To finally lose that pesky weight?

We have good news; this isn’t going to be one of those. Why? Because New Years Resolutions don’t work.

If they did, you wouldn’t be recycling them from year to year.

If you’re like most Americans, your New Years Resolution likely revolves around losing weight.  We’re not going to lie to you and tell you that this new fad diet is your answer to losing that 20 pounds by the start of bikini season, nor is hiring that personal trainer.  Or that this 21-Day Detox is the path you need to take.  Or any other quick fix. Or, that your Paleo plan is going to resolve your weight loss blocks, if you have a thyroid imbalance because it never will.

The truth is,  losing weight and keeping it off will not happen until you have a plan to first restore your inner wellness; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We’ve coined the phrase, “You’re not sick because you’re fat; you’re fat because you’re sick.”  Body fat and weight loss resistance are nothing more than a symptom of poor health, just like fatigue, a sub-functioning thyroid, elevated cholesterol or rheumatoid arthritis. If someone is telling you that the answer to your problems is a “diet” or “detox”, or generalized nutrition plans, then I’ll say it again, they’re sadly wrong.

Back to January.  January is a fantastic time for two things.

First, to reflect back on the prior year and determine what has worked well for you, and what hasn’t worked well. If you’ve been investing months or years and thousands of dollars, going to countless doctors and natural practitioners who’ve been unable to restore your thyroid wellness and weight loss simultaneously, you’ll want to add that to your list of “what’s not working well for me anymore” that I need to let go of as a mindset of what’s going to resolve my health issues permanently.

Second, to set your goals for the upcoming year and develop a plan to achieve those goals.

We don’t believe in or teach “resolutions” in our camp because they are a form of limited human body thinking.

Resolutions are focused on outcomes rather than actions.  It’s like putting the cart before the horse.  Too many focus on the outcome, with absolutely zero regard for the strategy or steps necessary to achieve that outcome.  Proper action steps, done in a strategic manner, are what get you to that end goal successfully over time.

That’s why in our private e3 Restore Member Programs, as their practitioners in human body change leadership we never have our client take action or invest themselves into a process of our programming, until we first identify the individual strategy & plan to get their body to their individual results, otherwise all you’re doing for that client is guessing and wheel spinning, which is what most doctors and practitioners are doing, sadly.

Why? Because taking actions that aren’t focused on a goal and controlled by the strategies and map to get to that goal is futile and ineffective – and, this is why so many people are frustrated, because they’re making changes with zero strategy or plan necessary to focus those changes on meeting their thyroid health & weight goals.

Successful businesses do a great job at this; figuring out what has and hasn’t worked the prior year.  Then, setting up goals for the upcoming year and determining the best course of action to achieve those goals.  I’ll say it again, a goal cannot be achieved without a proper plan.

Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Make your goal realistic.  Losing 50 pounds by spring, though may be attainable for some, is not realistic for most, especially if you want to achieve that goal in a healthful manner.
  • Make your goal a “want” instead of “should”.  “Should” goals are negative, surrounded by shame.  “Want” goals are goals you actually care about.  “I should quit smoking this year” versus “I want to quit smoking this year”.  If you set a goal because society is telling you that you should, it’s much less likely to be attained than if you actually WANT to quit smoking.
  • Set smaller, easily attainable goals, that will add up to your end goal.  “I want lose 20 pounds by spring, so this week I’m going to remove all gluten-containing foods from my diet.  Next week, I’m going to increase my water intake by one liter per day.  The following week I’m going to increase my veggie intake by two servings per day, etc.
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to seek out assistance from a professional who has a track record of helping people create effective, strategic plans to reach your goals.  If you’ve attempted to restore your thyroid function in the past year or  more, but have yet to found success, it may be time to take a hard look at the time, money and risk you’re costing yourself treating a clinical professional job as a do-it-yourself project, or looking to resources that lack results.

What we at e3 Energy Evolved do teach is success based thinking.  This is why our e3 Restore Members see such drastic physical measurable change in both their wellness and weight together with no movement at all within weeks, safely & effectively. Because our e3 Restore Programs are based on high-level human body change STRATEGY & MAPPING, which are both foundations & principles of human body change success, that we were practiced in as high-level competitive athletes before our own personal battle to beat Hashimoto’s naturally.

It is true that before you take action, you need to determine your strategy and your map to your goals.  But, without an effective strategy and map, your goals will never be met, and you’ll be shopping natural practitioners and doctors forever.

Good luck with that. Costly, frustrating, and a great way to permanently interrupt your ability to live your life fully & joyfully, focused on your purpose.

The problem we see time and time again with most doctors and natural practitioners is that they’re not strategizing, and they’re not capable of doing so either since that area of our professional expertise and work comes from our background as national-level athletes and pro athlete coaches, successful at producing potent, fast, effective and natural human body change.

They’re asking what your symptom(s) is/are, and treating you the exact same way they treated the patient just before you who had that symptom.  They’re just taking random actions instead of strategizing effectively up front, then building a map from that strategy, and then taking the action steps to put that strategy in place.

Here’s what you need:

  1. First, find someone who’s been exactly where you are.  Someone who truly understands your challenges, not because they’ve read it in a book, but because they’ve lived it him/herself.  Of course, you’ll want to make sure that person is not still in that place physically. You never want to take tax advice from someone who’s been audited a dozen times, or weight loss advice from someone who’s overweight, or advice on how to restore your thyroid function if he/she has thyroid disease.
  2. Second, make sure that person can be a mentor to you, someone that can partner with you and help map out your strategy.  That strategy needs to be for you, nobody else, just for you.  That mentor needs to map out how you get from point A to point B, broken down into actionable steps, and help walk you through the process.

    As you’re experiencing change, that mentor needs to be by your side step by step, constantly assessing and reassessing, tweaking and re-tweaking.  If change isn’t happening, there needs to be more reassessing and tweaking in order to create change. This is also known as “bio-individualization” which is what a leadership practitioner does for you to produce human body change more effectively, using applied sciences as an art form.

  3. Lastly, make sure that your mentor has case studies, with proven physical measurable results in set periods of time so, to back his/her claims, so you can see where they have capabilities to take you and you’re clear on what you’re getting.  It drives us crazy when we see practitioners claiming to be able to reverse thyroid disease with absolutely no real-life case studies of measurable physical results in the human body.  Or when those case studies are, “He’s such a nice guy” or “She really cares”. Being nice and truly caring are essential, in my opinion, but it’s not enough to get you the results you are investing in.  I’m a pretty nice guy (most of the time), and truly care more than anybody, but I don’t want you to work with me for those reasons alone.  I would hope that the results we achieve with our clients, as indicated through our Case Studies, is the reason you decided to partner with us.

The reality is, you don’t necessarily need a doctor, so let that limiting human body mindset belief system society has blocked you with go for the new year.

What you need is a Functional Nutritionist who is a leader in producing the outcomes you desire proven to be accomplished at mapping & managing strategic human body change plans, as well as getting their clients to the end goal, because they know how to put the right steps, in the right order, at the right times, in the right combinations for RESULTS.

We are actively seeking for the 1% of people who are ready for and desire this level of life-changing thyroid health and weight transformation to unblock their mind, body, and spirit for the past year.

If that’s YOU, and you’re finally done with the guesswork, the wheel spinning, and doctor or practitioner shopping, and you’re ready to get on a rocket ship to move FORWARD fast, instead of going in circles or treading water, please go to our contact page now to request a Functional Health Assessment.

We would love to hear what your goals are for the new year and if you have a plan to achieve them.  If you’ve set that goal in the past and had fallen short, feel free to share what you feel was missing.

Please comment below.

Hoping you have a Happy, Healthy & Peace-Filled year!

Damian Dubé
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