The 3 C's of Successful Change

The 3 C’s of Successful Change

Every challenge or problem I’ve successfully solved or created a new result for myself in my life and health was a journey of success that first began in my outlook. There is a psychology of change I’ve always utilized to be successful at beating health circumstance naturally most still say or believe is “impossible”. But, our human mind is an extremely powerful, yet sadly under used tool today.

I have never chosen to commiserate about my problem or health issue, focus on it, or congregate around people with my same problem in “support groups” that have nothing to offer me, but more “talking about” and “magnified focus on” a problem I’d like to get rid of.

People that sit around and talk about and “relate” about the same problem don’t have your individual solution, let alone their own individual solution, the only thing they have to offer you is an opportunity to “stew more” in your problem which only skews your mindset even more towards … you guessed it, believing you “have to have” a problem, and OH GOSH look at all these people around me with this same “impossible to solve” problem that’s weighing thousands of people down, how will I ever get past this when all these people around me can’t get past this either. How does doing this to your mind lead you towards creating a renewed outcome or SOLUTION? It doesn’t, it prevents you from it!!

Instead, I’ve very intentionally moved away from things like “support groups” because what we choose to focus on & put ourselves around magnifies & grows, I’ve focused on seeking out best-in-class professionals and specialized experts out with the proven solution I desired to create and getting around them as much as possible to learn from and mentor with them, even if that meant opening up my search to travel to work with professionals around the country online or in person, looking for that 1% of successful professionals or game changers who demonstrated their own success I could learn to emulate, and if I couldn’t find those with the solution I needed in the time-frame I needed, well then I just decided to work my tail off to become the professional myself to create my own renewed solution & result. My husband Damian Dubé is the exact same way.

I’ve had to figure out outside the medical system twice in my lifetime how to beat not one, but two rare health circumstances naturally & drug-free — a lifetime neurological movement disorder, & my battle with Hashimoto’s, chronic fatigue, auto immune disease, candida, toxicity and partial Lupus in my early 30’s.

But, most people will not do these things, they make the mistakes of gravitating physically & mentally to more of the existing problem they have & lack a solution for. They focus on “why is this happening to me”, they focus on what they “can’t do” vs. what they can, they focus on wanting someone else or insurance to fix it for them, which it never will.

“Change” is not a result or action… it is first & foremost a DECISION.

Nothing changes until we CHOOSE change for ourselves first, and how we allow our minds and eyes to focus when we have a problem or challenge is definitive to whether we will ever successfully get past it in our lives.

When I was young my parents would take me downhill skiing. One night in the freezing temps of Vermont, I was hitting the bumps with my step-father, and I was tired, but he wanted to keep going. I must have been only 8 years old or so. Shortly, I fell and face planted in the snow, I was covered in snow and freezing, and I just wanted to go home, and I started bawling. I recall this moment as clear as day, it was one of the most definitive mindset shifts for me in my lifetime.

I fell, I was down, I was uncomfortable, I wasn’t getting what I wanted in that moment, so my mind’s natural immediate reaction was to sit there stuck where I’d fallen and feel despair, and emotionally cry, because that is what the human brain will do typically.

And here was my parent standing over me, and instead of consoling me, he asked me dead serious, “Why in the world are you crying? Get back up, wipe off the snow & let’s go ski some more!”

From the outside this may seem completely uncaring, and yet it’s a lesson I’ve since taken for 30+ years with me that I’ve used to generate tremendous strength through challenges to create a boatload of life, career, athletic & wellness success when life has since knocked us down, repeatedly. Because in that moment, I had the empowering realization from his question, that my reaction was always my choice — it was MY CHOICE to stay down after I’d fallen, it was MY CHOICE to see it as something to cry or “emote” that way about.

Instead, if I wanted to, I could tap into what I didn’t know at that time is a psychology term known as my “locus of control”, and I could alternatively choose to stand back up, dust myself off, be grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the amazing scenery and mountains around me, even though I was a little tired and cold. So what? I could focus on finding & seeking the positive or the solution vs. the negative or the problem. And, that’s exactly what I did in that moment & I’ve never looked back since after that AHA-moment.

We are constantly in control of where we allow our minds to go & to not go, despite our circumstance, which is the lens that creates our “reality”. And where we allow our mental focus to go can either lend to, or completely block us from moving forward in a positive manner in our lives or our ability to create positive change.

Life is hard for everyone, but those who successfully move past lives greatest challenges to create new results are those who are willing to take their outcomes into their own hands regardless of “why” something happened to them. They don’t really waste their thinking or energy on all that other stuff; they focus on what will move them forward & doing that over & over above all else. And, they surely don’t hesitate when change knocks on the door or slaps them in face, they run as fast as they can directly in its direction. They’re movers & shakers, and they don’t question or allow fear to stop them from stepping into change when the proper resources, professionals & mentors that can help them tremendously come across their paths, just as we’ve never done in our lifetimes, which is why we’ve been hugely successful on multiple paths of transforming our results.

There is a great quote…”The 3 C’s: Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE or your life will never CHANGE.” …and this is always been how we’ve lived, and why we’ve successfully beat rare health issues, and successfully created other areas of transformation in our lives like beginning a successful business to help others do the same today also while fighting tremendous challenges like a medical bankruptcy, chronic illness, and dual career changes mid-life.


This is my professional approach to the psychology of change, and psychology and coaching psychology are part of my education background:

  1. Move AWAY from others with the same problem you’re trying to solve vs. moving towards them; hanging out in these “support groups” is one of the absolute worst things you can do, all it does is keep you stuck – seriously? Why are you hanging out with the people that have the same results you have that you DON’T want, and how does that help create different results? Think about it. Research consistently proves who we allow around us, and who our closest friends are, has a direct effect on us & our results.
  2. Stop focusing your mind and emotions more on the problem; talking to others with the same problem about how rough it is, sitting in fear, depression, panic and/or problem-centric thinking does nothing but magnify your problem and block you from change.
  3. Seek out professionals who have proven to achieve the results repeatedly that will solve your problem & learn from them as mentors as much as you can, at as high a level as individually as you can – mentoring works & leads to fast, potent transformation, period.
  4. If you can’t find them, choose to become the professional yourself to solve your problem through investing in formal education to become the actual professional that can create your own solution.
  5. Be willing to make #3 or #4 a priority above other things in your life at least temporarily to invest your effort, time and money in them until you have created the solution you desire, or don’t bother with steps 1 through 4 because you’ll never solve your problem then anyway, sorry to say, but appreciate the honesty, because the reality is TRUTH is the ONLY THING that can move you forward.

Powerful solutions & new realities exist for all of us; it’s just most people are keeping themselves from them because they lack making the right heather-v7CHOICES, in the right order, on the journey that lead to powerful CHANGE.

If you’re tired of “spinning” in circles, and ready to take control of your outcomes with professionals with a proven track-record of repeat, powerful & fast transformation results, then you’re in the right place & we are excited to partner with you as our newest distance member in our bio-individualized online lab-based functional nutrition & lifestyle mentoring programs as a team to generate your new human body reality through our unique, comprehensive form of progressive natural wellness & metabolism restoration approach.

Most of our e3 Energy Evolved distance members we are humbled to support online in their natural wellness & metabolism restoration change process, are shocked to realize how quickly their bodies can change for them in a way they’ve never experienced before. There are just human body natural transformation truths so few have ever been exposed to yet.

The cool thing is you can schedule to have a powerful “change” conversation with our team right now & take the first step to create forward movement out of the human body circumstance you’ve been stuck in.

So, where have you been making mistakes that have been holding your change back, in trying to create a different result in your wellness, or life, that you can possibly see now through my “psychology of change” recommendations above?

What changes will you take away from the above that you’ll begin implementing today?

Share with me and Damian in the comments box below.

Author: Heather Dubé, HHC, AADP, ACSM CWC, NASM CPT, NC Cand. & BA Psychology, is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, US National-Level Natural NPC Figure Bodybuilding Competitor & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with 24 years experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System.

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  1. All the way from Cancun eh? Wow, working on holidays? I’ve been there, and back when I went, the beach was gorgeous, pristine, and that was 1981. Good memories.

    Thanks for the advice, I didn’t know hanging around with people who had also gone through my type of life was a bad thing, it’s okay though, because I left some of them behind 16 years ago. As for finding a health practitioner, it is impossible at this time, unless we suddenly inherit 10 million dollars or some other currency. All is in the hands of God I think. And no, I do not think I am God like some who follow in the footsteps of Satan. I am glad you have found your way to health, and I am on the pathway of finding my way also.

    Have a nice time in Cancun. I got really sick there, and had to go to the hospital. But it was a beautiful trip that I will cherish the rest of my life. You know, that pesky gut microbiology!

    1. Post

      Thanks, Heather! We have a great team of professionals that work for our company to support our e3 Energy Evolved mission, so we were not working on our vacation. It takes a village of people to share our mission that shares life-changing healing with our online community and our private members around the world.

      We don’t get sick, as professionals today. We haven’t since prior to my illness. So we get the financial, time and energy savings benefit of never having to have illness disrupt our focus and lives anymore, in return for our actions & investments we actively make in our bodies today, and teach our clients, to prepare our autoimmune system at all times to fight off concerns. So we do not concern ourselves anymore with those worries, or allow them to clutter our mind space with fear.

      So some wisdom from deep success for you, personally, and also as a professional in this work, greatly transforming the lives of others.

      You are wrong – it is not all in God’s hands – it is in YOUR hands & He’s watching you to see how you’re choosing to honor his gift to you or not.

      God didn’t heal me. We healed me, by the combination of our faith + the actions we proactively chose to take, including investments we made in creating my results.

      I did not “find my way to healing”; we invested ourselves greatly and made massive broad sweeping changes in our lives, work, finances, values and priorities in order to shift our time, focus, energy and money to invest it all towards creating greatness in our health to thrive again.

      God is looking for those who are what we refer to as the “less than 1%”.. these are those who act in great faith plus combine it with the will to take on massive action & make great sacrifice together simultaneously in acts towards massive creation of healing, which is what is the only path to manifesting receipt of our greatest gifts He has waiting for us all.

      He rewards those who choose to show up honoring his greatest blessings to us, including our body, the vessel for our spirit, at another level than most people know, understand or will sadly ever attempt, which is why everyone is living needlessly on medications and sick.

      There is no easy path, that is short in time, energy, money and focus, to any form of greatness in our lives, including health, for anyone. And anyone that tells you different is blocking you from your greatness & potential healing.

      The biggest mindset mistake most are making, is the mistaken thinking that God just gives us our greatest gifts & that we should experience them in greatness, without having to invest ourselves in them greatly through our money, time, energy and focus over extended periods of time. It’s truly silly thinking, if you sit down and consider these very limited belief systems. That’s not how anything works in life, so why should how we experience our body, one of his greatest creations & gifts to us, be any different?

      Our decision to decide wrongly earning a thriving body should be cheap, vs. being willing to find a way no matter what it takes in our ives to give more to ourselves to receive more, seals our fate that we will always receive a cheap experience of our body which includes dis-ease, which is exactly why so many are stuck & sick.

      And, our online private members who invest in our leadership to take their lives and bodies back from dis-ease to thrive in a way they never experienced in their lives as a possibility before experiencing our e3 Restore Program, surely don’t invest $10 million dollars for our leadership. In fact, they invest a small fraction of what it cost us to create my own potent dis-ease healing naturally in terms of time, energy, focus, money, and two lifetimes of human body education.

      You need to let go of that thinking – it’s not serving you physically or spiritually on your path to growth. That’s your inner ego / fear voice talking, about a possibility you haven’t even explored for yourself yet by contacting our staff for help, so you can’t even know. So you need to ask yourself – why are you CHOOSING to make assumptions? Are you afraid of knowing yourself at a much more fully healed & actualized level, because choosing knowing our greatness requires great courage?

      Thanks for your well wishes, we wish you the same! – Heather, e3ee

  2. I love your quote about how change is a decision. That applies to more than one field of endeavor! I appreciate it so much!

    1. Post
  3. This all sounds great accept that all of this is so exspensive.All of the natrupath, and holistic doctors, charge insane amounts of money.I have had no results and spent a fortune.I have a goiter and no weight issues, and no diagnosis, I keep being told I am fine and I am not.I am in perimenpause and my hormones are making me crazy.

    1. Post

      This is common. What you should do is choose a leader & practitioner who showcases proven physical measurable results in their case studies. Please go review our case studies on our “work with us” page. The common error people are making, is they’re not selecting a leader who showcases results, before they hand them their time and money. Every one of our private clients had your story, before they came to us and we transformed their outcomes in weeks. Best to you. – Heather, e3ee

  4. Love the ideas, i will take away from you the idea of not hanging around in the same,,support ,,group how they call today ,my big challenge is getting pregnant so i was in the wrong group of reading and talking about struggles, so i will go to a pregnancy group and new moms :):). i found my professional person that i start to work with and is very successful in what he does was a long search but worth it.And like yourself since so long ago i took care of my own health issues and solve them in the best way with the best info possible.Doctors in general have very little knowledge and only they study one field,and nowadays people are more holistic and have any perspectives,so i think stick with one who see with one eye, does not sort out anything, cause see only a pice of puzzle not the whole picture.Thank you so much for your advises.

    1. Post

      You are correct, they don’t – because it’s not in their formal education, training or experience. Contact our company for our support services for a holistic functional nutrition, metabolic stress, and mind-body approach to restoration and results. We are a team of professionals in functional nutrition, diagnostics, psychology, and natural healing – not just a person who went through personal health issues & naturally beat aggressive disease. It is our professional backgrounds combined, that led to my transformation. You’re most welcome!! – Heather, e3ee

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