Why You Should Throw Away Your Supplements

Why You Should Throw Away Your Supplements

I just finished my working on my new article “Common Nutrient Deficiencies” for the May issue of OnFitness Magazine and was enjoying diving back into some of my micronutrient curriculum from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition & Healing Arts for some of my article.

It’s amazing how misunderstood the supplement industry still is.

It’s important to understand that you cannot isolate a micronutrient compound chemically in a lab using forms of processing that destroy nutrient properties, sell it as a singular vitamin compound, and expect that this altered synthetic vitamin will produce the same results in the human body biologically as a micronutrient does in its natural form.

It’s just not possible, and here’s why: micronutrients have co-factors, enzymes, etc. that interact together in unison to ensure absorption and efficacy.

The human body is an ever-changing biochemical environment where nothing happens with one singled out nutrient as the catalyst, it is the unison of many nutrients that drives internal metabolic actions and processes.

The supplement industry is a billion+ industry making money selling “isolated” synthetic vitamins (not nutrients!!) in pill form that often do little other than generate more nutrient deficiencies in your body because of how they’re produced.

We began evolving our micronutrient approach when we worked on naturally healing of my autoimmune disease and metabolic damage in 2008 and began to learn more during that process about the science behind different forms of micronutrients available to consumers and their production processes when I returned to holistic nutrition school.

Just as with your food, when it comes to your vitamins (micronutrients), quality is always the single most important factor towards your results, no matter whether your goal is to naturally heal, balance or build the body. We always advise our clients you’re better off to invest in one quality potent therapeutic-grade whole food form nutraceutical or nutraceutical blend, than invest the same in many poor quality synthetic consumer-grade denatured vitamins.

You want to seek our micronutrients in their pure, potent whole food form, preferably therapeutic level from a qualified healthcare practitioner, in the right combinations for absorption and efficacy. These are truthful nutrients vs. what products are available typically at consumer retail supplement chains.

This is an area Damian and I are both really passionate about helping others to improve their skills in to get a better result our of their health and body experience in an individualized way. When you do potent, quality nutraceuticals in a made-for-you way, you can improve many human body processes naturally, including sleep, hormone balancing, fat loss, digestion, energy, mood, immune strength, skin health, injury recovery, and so on, when combined with a potent functional nutrition approach to your food as well.

To get a better metabolic result from the human body, we need to give it the potent tools, or catalysts, in the right combinations and quality to create those results we’re looking for! Many people are taking the wrong types of vitamin, poor quality lines, not pairing them properly, under dosing what they need, and just overall ill-prepared to know how to negotiate the world of supplements/vitamins/nutraceuticals. And these mistakes all contribute to why they may not be feeling better, healing quicker, getting better natural fat loss.

Expect to see more education and support from us this year on micro-nutrients from our E3 Energy Evolved lifestyle and we will also be sharing with you on our website our own practitioner-grade nutraceutical line that we support our distance and in-person clients with.

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Author: Heather Dubé, HHC, AADP, ACSM CWC, NASM CPT, NC Cand. & BA Psychology, is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, US National-Level Natural NPC Figure Bodybuilding Competitor & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with 24 years experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System.

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  1. How do you feel about Isagenix vitamins? I’ve been using those, but I’d sure be interested in what you guys use. I’ll check your website, thanks for the great info, I’m glad I found your site!!

    1. Hi Dawn, that’s a great question, thanks for your feedback on our site. We would not recommend the Isagenix line to our clients in general. Our company as a rule of thumb steers away from multi-level marketing product lines. We don’t agree with attaching that philosophy to human body health. That is just what works for us, although we have peers who recommend their line. Additionally, reviewing their ingredient labels on some of their products, there are still more quality lines that will not contain fillers like caramel coloring or fructose, that will get a better result, and those are the ones we recommend. Our position is – we’d rather have a client investing in 1 optimally produced nutrient that is the most bio-available to their body, then investing in 5 products that are less bioavailable & include ingredients that can disrupt other internal function. Also, while their website offers a good amount of information on how to become financially successful selling their product, they don’t disclose consumer information on their product manufacturing processes, where their nutrients are sourced from, whether they’re whole food, bio-identical, or synthetic. When a company doesn’t address those topics, it’s typically because they don’t want to. We are not saying that is their intent; we are saying that as a general rule. We use & recommend a few different lines that are all therapeutic grade practitioner nutraceuticals, meaning they’re accessible only through holistic healthcare practitioners with specific credentials. We’ll be sharing the nutraceuticals we recommend on our website soon in the lifestyle/shop section. We’re still in the early stages of launching our e3 Energy Evolved website. Thanks for your patience, Dawn. Hope that helps you. Stick with us. – Damian, e3ee

      1. Damian, thank you sooooooo much for that info, I was actually looking for a valid reason to cut the cord with them. I also did not like all the ingredients in their shakes….for a company who is supposed to be so healthy, shouldn’t the ingredient list in “food” products or meal replacements, have fewer ingredients to be healthy? I do not make money from Isagenix, most of my friends cannot afford it and I want something that I’m getting the most health benefit for my buck.. I will patiently await more info about your recommendations. Again, I love you guys and the info you have shared so far!! I also sent an email, looking for fee info on on line training, It’s something I honestly cannot afford right now, but might want to pursue down the line, gosh I wish you guys were near me!!! Have a great day and thanks again for the info!!!

        1. Post

          Hi Dawn, glad it was helpful. We support online clients everywhere, so we’d be happy to support you in your health or fat loss goals in a safe, balanced & effective way, whenever you’re ready. Our distance client list is limited based on availability at time of application since we’re a small team yet, but our support team can help you with all those details. Keep up the great work. – Damian, e3ee

          1. Hey Damian, just wanted to check in and see when you think you will the info up on which vitamins/suppliers you recommend? Can’t wait to hear your recommendations, thanks much!!

            Also, hope you are feeling better :)


          2. Post

            Hi Dawn, I’m so sorry we’re just getting back to you, but I know Courtney replied to your question above that you also shared on our e3ee facebook page. Thanks so much for your support & interest! We really appreciate it. :) – Heather, e3ee

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