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[VIDEO] Food Elimination Diets for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis & Rheumatoid Arthritis

Our second episode of our exclusive e3 Energy Evolved “Nutrition Truth or Trend” Tuesday for our weekly e-newsletter subscribers is here, once again!

Big thanks to our e3 Energy Evolved e-newsletter readers for submitting your great questions to our team every week through our e-newsletter “Nutrition Truth or Trend Tuesday’s | Ask Us Your Questions Now” section.

This week we are addressing a great question from Cindy in Itasca, IL who is confused about how to make sense of protein powders she can consume, and the food elimination diets she should do, while struggling with her Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, both auto immune conditions.

Cindy wrote us….

“I have Hashimoto’s Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I am on intensive drug therapy.  I have tried food elimination diets, but found that between the two disorders’ “don’t eat this” lists, there was practically nothing I liked left and I was always starving. (Sorry that my grammar on that sentence is frightening.) 

In your opinion, what are the necessary foods to eliminate with these disorders, besides the obvious sugar & white, processed flours/grains?

Also, what is your take on Isagenix?  Could the high whey protein be what has me in this flare?

Thank you so much for your time if you do answer these questions.”

Really great question, Cindy! We have 5 e3 Energy Evolved Re-DEFINE Your Wellness & Metabolism Tips in our video below for you.

Isagenix for our readers is a commonly used and suggested protein powder product in and around the fitness industry. It is a consumer retail sports nutrition product vs. a non-consumer practitioner-grade nutraceutical level product, which is the level of nutritional healing lines we share with our private e3 Energy Evolved distance members in diagnostic nutrition practitioner support for their superior level of nutrient-quality, efficacy, absorption and ability to cue specific human body systems for more targeted work and results.

It is not easy to make sense of food elimination diets when you have multiple imbalances in your body, because the problem remains this is trying to think “how do I individualize my nutrition further to my bodies needs”, yet still using generalized nutrition approaches like a food elimination diet which aren’t enough for what your body needs to restore wellness and function naturally, or to get you back to eating a normal diet of all the whole foods you’d like to be eating which is a more sustainable way of living with food and our bodies.

This is something we commonly see in our online distance e3 Energy Evolved members that come to work with us online.

Most often they will be self-educating on removing foods in a generalized manner, but missing the human body nutrition truth that our nutrition is simply unique to each of our bodies.

At specific times in our lifespan when our bodies may be overtaxed related to health imbalances, certain whole foods that would normally be “healthy” or “permissible” to our bodies or even on a food elimination diet, can still be upsetting your immune system vs. someone else’s.

We’ve supported women who were eating very healthy, whole foods, and yet their body was reacting to a specific nut such as almonds, or a specific vegetable such as celery, and we supported them to not only properly identify all their offending foods, among other offending concerns in their lifestyle & environment, but to also make the appropriate nutrient timing, source and pairing adjustments so we could get their digestive system function improved, calm their auto immune function, and return them over time to being able to eat many foods comfortably again with no wellness backlash for consuming them.

You can watch and read their stories in our e3 Energy Evolved distance member case studies.

Until we ask our own bodies through science using lab-based functional nutrition, we can remain blocked from moving past our health imbalances, stuck living with limiting and frustrating health symptoms that we don’t need to be living with, and leaving ourselves no options but to take medications to mute symptoms which will only cascade into further health concerns tomorrow for us to address, while we may be forced to eliminate entire food groups forever [which is simply not a feasible way to live or enjoy life] unless we take our nutrition up another level to identify our unique nutritional needs today and address them in a renewed outcomes-based manner.

We have successfully supported many of our distance e3 Energy Evolved members to restore functional endocrine, digestive, immune wellness naturally with our e3 Energy Evolved System through their participation in our bio-individualized functional lab-based nutrition & lifestyle distance programs, so it’s very much possible!

You can go here to schedule a complimentary Re-DEFINE Your Wellness & Metabolism assessment & consultation with our industry expert team if you would like to speak with us to learn more about our unique online programs and fast, effective, and transformative results for the women & few brave men we serve around the world.

In the meantime, click on the video below to view our team’s 5 Re-DEFINE Your Wellness & Metabolism Tips for Cindy regarding her nutrition to see what we suggest she considers to get started on improving her current human body experience outcomes naturally, while lives on intensive drug therapy for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis & Rheumatoid Arthritis.

And, if you’re struggling with similar health concerns, please post your comments & questions below so we can help you as well. We love hearing from all our e3 Energy Evolved readers!



Author: Heather Dubé, HHC, AADP, ACSM CWC, NASM CPT, NC Cand. & BA Psychology, is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, US National-Level Natural NPC Figure Bodybuilding Competitor & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with 24 years experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System.

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