Sleep and Mood Imbalances Resolved in A Few Weeks

Even people living a “healthy” lifestyle sometimes struggle to feel their best, those feeling of imbalances. Pam came to e3 Energy Evolved as an avid Cross-Fitter and healthy eater, but something didn’t feel right. She listened to her body and knew she wanted to do something about it.

Pam came to e3 Energy Evolved feeling bloated, with extreme anxiety and stress, and feeling depressed, not wanting to do anything on certain days. Her sleep and mood imbalances were impacting her life, and she began to notice big changes after beginning her e3 Restore program.

In just a few weeks Pam was less bloated, had more energy, had fewer digestive issues, and had people noticing some immediate changes in her appearance. Her changes were recognized and appreciated by so many. Just a few of her other improvements include:

  • Asthma eliminated
  • Tolerance to cold vastly improved
  • Improved sex drive
  • Edema eliminated
  • Improved energy & ability to exercise
  • Hair no longer brittle & no more hair loss/ healthier
  • Nails healthy
  • No more night sweats
  • Sleep improved
  • Skin rashes eliminated
  • Improved mental focus & clarity, ability to concentrate & memory
  • Anxiety, depression & sadness eliminated
  • Insomnia eliminated
  • Vastly improved motivation
  • Improved mood
  • Seasonal allergies eliminated
  • Bloating, gas & constipation eliminated
  • Improved digestion

“I sleep better, I deal better with my two year-old better each day, and I’m no longer on any medication for anxiety or sleep. I told myself if I want to feel better and take care of myself and feel better, I’m going to DO it.”

Reach out to our customer service team if you’re not feeling your best and want to take positive action toward healing your body, mind and spirit.
Your first step is scheduling a Functional Health Assessment with our professional two-practitioner team, Heather and Damian. Have questions about how e3 Energy Evolved can help? Contact us here.
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