Is Your Doctor or Practitioner Still Missing Something?

Is Your Doctor or Practitioner Still Missing Something?

I guarantee that in most cases, the answer to the question above is a resounding “YES!” If you feel like awful, and your doctor tells you that your test results are “normal,” and/or suggests you will feel better by taking these medications, then he/she is likely missing something. He/she is likely missing that you are hypothyroidal.

A perfect example is if you go to your doctor with hypothyroid symptoms, and the tests come back normal, then you’re sent on your way.  News flash, if you have hypothyroid symptoms, you’re hypothyroidal.

Another example would be if you go to your doctor and the only test run is a thyroid panel, which comes back with T4, T3 or TSH markers out of range, so you’re sent on your way with a toxic drug like Synthroid, or even NatureThroid. So rather than figure out why your thyroid isn’t functioning properly, you’re just given a synthetic hormone to make you “feel better.” Hey, if you feel better for the time being, then you must be cured, right? Not so much.

The same holds true with digestive issues, energy issues, arthritic symptoms, and in most cases, even depression.

Now, it’s not that your doctor is just plain stupid, after all, he/she did spend six or seven years studying an extremely intense curriculum. It’s more likely that the medical system’s focus is stupid (sorry, single focused), or corrupt due to its affiliation with Big Pharma. Basically, your doctors just aren’t trained to think outside of the box. They’re trained to read and treat test results, with no regard for what’s going on in other areas of the body.

What’s missing from my test results? 

There’s not any single test that will paint a full picture of what’s happening within your body. Just because your T4 or T3 numbers are high or low, it doesn’t mean that your thyroid is the main issue. Even if your T3 is high, it doesn’t mean that your cells are absorbing the hormone. If you just look at the test result, one may determine that you’re hyperthyroidal, even though you have serious hypo symptoms.

A better indication might actually be looking at your calcium and potassium levels, since the thyroid helps to regulate calcium, and potassium helps to sensitize your tissue to the actual thyroid hormone. To simplify, if your bioavailable potassium is low, your cell’s ability to absorb the hormone may be impaired. Here’s the caveat though, a low potassium level doesn’t necessarily mean you should supplement with potassium, which is what your doctor would likely suggest. There are other minerals that when out of balance affect how your body utilizes the potassium. The same holds true for calcium, and magnesium, and zinc, and copper, etc. Oh, and regarding calcium, those levels can indicate digestive issues and an imbalance in stomach acid and digestive juices.

Another thing that’s not considered by your doctor is how your intestinal health affects not only your thyroid, but every other system within your body. Unless you have some serious GI symptoms, your doctor may not even order a lab to look at your intestines. Ironically, even if they do, many times, the tests come back with a false negative, meaning that even though there’s no confirmation that a yeast or fungus is present, it doesn’t mean that a yeast or fungus isn’t present. However, if the test results come back with a negative for yeast or fungus, your doctor won’t even consider the potential that it’s there. But, there may be markers from other labs that indicate otherwise, like an imbalanced zinc and copper. The same holds true for leaky gut (intestinal permeability), liver function, digestion, etc.

I’ll just ask my doctor to run additional labs…

Well, in a perfect world, that’d be a grand idea. One of the problems is that due to the way the medical system is set up, your insurance dictates what labs your doctor can and cannot run. If you don’t have serious digestive symptoms, the insurance won’t approve an intestinal scan.

Even if insurance did approve the additional labs, or even if you decided to pay for it out of your own pocket, your doctor doesn’t have the training to interpret the test results properly. As mentioned earlier, most doctors, as well as ND’s, DC’s, etc, are still taking your test markers at face value, treating your test results, and not you as an individual comprised of multiple systems, with a very unique lifetime experience. It’s because of this that many of you feel stuck, with very little hope of healing your body and feeling great again.

So what should I do?

My answer to this question would be the same thing that every one of our e3 Energy Evolved members have done; reach out to us with an open mind. There’s a method behind our proprietary e3 Energy Evolved System’s madness.

Every one of our members have been in the same place, a feeling that something’s being missed. Even though they’d been to several, or even dozens of practitioners in many cases, had felt a slight bump in energy or sleep or mood or digestion, they all knew that there was something being missed, just not sure what that something was. They came to us to help piece it together, and create an all-encompassed, individualized program to bring their bodies back to balance, so they don’t have to live their lives on medications, missing their child’s soccer games, friend’s parties, etc. We’d love to help, but like all of them, the only thing we ask is that you take that leap of faith.

Ready to take that leap? Sign up here for a 45 Minute Functional Health & Nutrition Consultation.

Author: Damian D. Dubé, FDN, NASM CES; BS, Exercise Physiology and Fitness Management is a Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner,  former NPC Bodybuilding Competitor & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with 24 years experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System.


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