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The secret to your energy freedom… [hint: the energy you create]

Hi Heather,

Pardon the sacred space + silence. :)

I’ve been in deep study, meditation, and yoga practice.

I’ve recently enjoyed a beautiful week completely offline for a business trip in my joy, expanding my Energy Medicine and yoga studies, collaborating with beautiful beings & one of my spiritual mentors.

Coming back to the office and logging back in, its so apparent to me why I always feel my best & happiest when I’m off the internet & social media.

It has a way of scattering us mentally, spiritually & energetically.

When I returned, my heart fell with what I observed. If you are connected with me in any “sacred space” online, you may notice that I never post politically, ever, and I won’t.

At 45, this is deeply intentional.

It’s not because I’m a private person, although I am in many ways.

It’s not because I think many things people share on Facebook are too sacred for “social media”, although I do.

It’s because God designed me & called me to be a loving servant, leader & mentor, along with my husband Damian, to free numerous human souls through thyroid, autoimmune & fatigue recovery now in over 14 countries.

My soul’s purpose is clear & focused: To create a world free of thyroid & autoimmune dis-ease, and, in doing so, to deepen the human understanding of the infinite powerful connection between the physical world (our bodies) & the spiritual realm.

To do that, we gift our creation E3 Energy Evolved to the world, and I model what that relationship with ones mind-body energy looks like, including where I create or negate stress in my own life.

This is taking personal ownership for the life & health path I am creating for myself & others.

When we put things into the energetic space that we all share to “add to” collective stress, we are consciously adding to dis-ease.

When we put things into the energetic space that “detract from” collective stress, we are consciously healing the collective whole, including ourselves.

We have a conscious choice each day to see ourselves as divided in a physical world or united in the spiritual one.

When our commitment is to being in the “fight” no one wins, including our body and spirit. (Fight or flight)

When we seek what connects us vs what makes us different, peace is possible.

And only one of those choices leads us ALL to our heart’s ♥️ desire: healing and freedom.

For deeper insights to Mind-body Energy & Stress Recovery for empowered whole-healing results, be sure to connect with our entire e3EE team LIVE in our free Facebook community: http://bit.ly/2s5BXTn ✌

We always love to hear from our Energy-tribe Members in there, sharing their latest in their healing journey – and, we’d like to hear your voice too.

With great love & empowered healing, Heather.

Heather Dubé
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