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Magic in Sedona: Trust your soul’s journey

I’m overwhelmed and crying in front of Crystal Magic in Sedona.

I walked up to the counter to ask about a particular crystal property after browsing for an hour, Celestite which relates to spiritual development and divine wisdom,

The one crystal I was drawn to energetically in 10s of thousands of amazing crystals in this shop that would lead to this moment ..

Robert explains to me its one of the most delicate crystals, giving pieces of itself away ..

I lightly joked back with a gentle smile saying, kind of like me .. an overgiver,

And he immediately looked at me with these big ocean deep blue eyes and said, ..

“No, you’re Bodhisattva,

I felt you when you walked in…”

I said, “that’s Sanskrit .. what does it mean?”

He said, “you’re the Awakened hero, the Awakening being, it’s one who walks through the world and gives of yourself to ease others suffering.

Translated it also means a Buddhist worthy of nirvana who postpones it to help others.”


I immediately put my hand over my heart  to fully receive his gift, welled up with tears and thanked him with deep gratitude for seeing & reflecting my soul so purely, big being to big being.

In this moment… another awakened soul felt and reflected my soul so deeply for the first time in 45 years, …it moved me to tears of joy and gratitude, with what this journey has been,

Someone saw past my structure, to my whole spiritual essence, for who I came in as, and who I’ve always been at my core truth,

To fully understand the depth of what this soul expressed to me, one would need to know all that we’ve walked through over the past 11 years to arrive here, and the 34 before that, and how much surrender and stepping into conscious living it required w/ great courage,

Consciously walking through a medical bankruptcy to serve and save others, willing to lose our home and possessions, relationships, both my & my husband’s former careers, our financial saving, our safety net, our chance to become parents, all to stay the path to complete whole healing,

I wasn’t even supposed to be in Sedona on Tuesday…

We were to leave Monday, but my soul told me to remain still so I honored it.

The timing of how and when I ended up in Crystal Magic at this moment was universally coordinated , … there was barely anyone else there and the energy was potent and peaceful.

The man who offered me this gift, wasn’t even the man I was originally speaking with… in the last few minutes I was there, the universe would have a beautiful pair of Indian women walk in and distract the man I was checking out with, and this big soul would walk over to me…

The point is, Heather, miracles are everywhere when we choose the path to heal ourselves, our bodies, our souls, fully, wholly

Thank you, Robert.

Trust your soul’s journey.

Bodhisattva. ✨✨✨

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